Monday, December 15, 2008

More Than This

Elizabeth now realizes there is more to this issue of safety vs danger; Jason feels unworthy of her because of the life he's chosen over her and his son. Still, he didn't renounce his love and that alone gives her a jumpstart in what lies ahead. She is willing to take that chance.

Jason after leaving her abruptly after their warm embrace and words of love knows they should be together, he loves her and they have a child together. But they can't be.

He returns to his office and promptly reads Spinelli the riot act and clearly re-expresses to his private information hosted online; he tells him not to do something but he still does it anyway...He is a mob lord whose profile can not be hosted for some "online dating." He asked if Maxi has something to do with it.

Poor Spinelli confesses she prompted him but it was his doing in hopes by informing Elizabeth of an untrue affair with Russian mob lawyer Sasha only would prompt her to act accordingly...Jason doesn't like this. He doesn't want her hurt in anyway.

He's furious with Spinelli and doeszn't hide it, he lights into his meddling. Spinelli defends himself with all good intentions to make him see that Elizabeth is indeed his perfect match, still upset he dismissess him yet with another warning of do not do not make his personal life his concern and then comes a knock, enters Kate Howard through his door

"What do you need?"

She extends an invitation to her wedding to Sonny Corinthos and points out his ambivalent feelings about her.

Jason refuses, "I can't."

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why the abyss?

Buttoning her blouse Elizabeth frowns she wants to make love with him and goes toe to toe with the mob lord. Not backing down, she pours out her heart for them to grab whatever happiness they can and be together however they can.

Her hopes and dreams have changed what she wants is him. Jason Morgan plain and simple, whenever and wherever she can for as long as she can. Those expectations have changed from hoping for a normal life and she has changed because of the path he's chosen those choices he made years ago before they met. Showing annoyance at an interruption at this crucial time of what is important to them...his cell rings again she now knows that he's expected somewhere else right away...He looks at her only to put up more defense.

"We won't be satisfied with what we've tried meeting in secret...Elizabeth still holds her ground. "I need you."

But needs to know if she's insane he assures her she is not...she wails "I need to know how you feel and its important" Jason again proclaims his love...he can't lie to her.

"I can not hurt you on purpose even its to set you free"

She thinks about the safehouse and when she could come to him. They'be held each other in this same place as they did nearly a decade before remembering times they shared and the moments they've lost missed she thinks of what the could have...and hopes he honors her request to let her decide what is best for her...He thinks about her falling asleep at the wheel. He won't risk her life he stands firm....

"You know I love you" Jason has more mob business to attend to
he grabs his jacket and leaves to meet Bernie there is a situation on the docks.

Elizabeth is alone.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I ache for you, I want us back

He's focused and doesn't respond to Maxi babbling about his personal business, he isn't answering not just because he's annoyed but in his profession this is what he has always done. With precision and speed, Jason Morgan is the best in the business. He tunes her out.

In the staff lounge Elizabeth is dispensing advice to Dr. Robin Scorpio, "Robin why do you really know it won't work out?" Dr. Scorpio is in love with Patrick and refuses to marry the dashing playboy. Robin is confused. Elizabeth sets her right,

"Go for it" Nothing is absolute, nothing is promised in this life, its a temporary assignment thinks Elizabeth...With her best surrounding her they urge Robin to take that leap. A stubborn Robin stands her ground and still is traumatized by last year's events when Patrick had a torrid affair with Nurse Leyla Mir. Elizabeth has already said her peace and excuses herself but Kelly and Lainey carry on..

Meanwhile, Dr. Drake is in discussion with his brother who believes his new patient had a reaction to bad medicine.

The next day, Jason returns to Port Charles, snd heads immediately to General Hospital after being summoned by Spinelli's friend. He learns his young protegee was hit by an unknown car, an unknown assailant. He leaves Spinelli to recuperate but this incident has only reinforced his beliefs that some things are not quite right

He rethinks the conversation. Spinilli was on to a shipment at his warehouse before he was hit and believes Karpove's attorney is some how involved. His nurse, Leyla, confirmed Sasha's visit his bedside. Why?

Elizabeth visits Spinelli and gives him a cactus. In return he gives her news that Elizabeth doesn't wish to hear and she reminds him of not discussing her lover Jason Morgan. Spinelli does not comply and tells Elizabeth "Jason is having an affair with Sasha." Elizabeth decides to go for it.

She request a meet with Jason at her art studio she puts her heart all out there....she is jealous of the time he can spend with Sasha without being concerned about safety issues.

Her answer to his protest,
"I have to decide my own risk...I'm walking through this life like a ghost. Unless you don't want to be with me and I won't stop you from leaving out this door" Just as she thought, Jason doesn't want to leave.

..unable to hold back Elizabeth kisses him once, twice and doesn't want to let go. She unbuttons his shirt, her blouse and they begin he's on top feverishly but he grabs her hands

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Little Trespasser, One Declaration of Love, Brothers

Spinelli arrives to hastily jump at a conclusion that Jason needs to explain himself...uncharacteristically, he does. After telling Sasha to leave and helping her back into a blouse he said she'd leave without; it only lends to Spinelli going on about her. Then he inevitably mentions the unmentionable.

..."Don't start talking about Elizabeth right now." Spinelli ignores him..

"Enough!" He needs him focoused to crack into Karpove's firewall not to waste efforts in his sea of mindless babble.

After a meet with Bernie, upon his return, his privacy has again been breeched despite his warnings. Spinelli must have waited less than a second before informing Maxi of Sasha in his PH. Again, she is privy to what she should not know anything of... "This is not amusing"

Increasingly more agitated than ever he realizes that having these two in his environment breaks a concentration on the international mob boss's next move to gain control of his territory. He can only assume "my personal life is off limits" has gone completely over Damian Spinelli's head, again. Jason remains unamused..

He's placed her in a part of him that he never allows himself or anyone else in without her presence. She is the only one who can get to him there. Now he can't help but to think of her in his here and now, something he has tried to avoid he says her name aloud "Fair Elizabeth."

At General Hospital, Elizabeth bears witness to the quite public proposal of her friend. With her hand on her heart, she watches as Patrick asks for Robin's hand in marriage. An overwhelmed Robin, refuses. Elizabeth silently agrees that it is indeed up to her friends to help her find her way to the love of her life. Elizabeth can only think of this irony of being in a so public display of love while the love she longs for is kept mostly private.

Jason is worried about LuLu Spencer and is at Shadybrook. He tries to convince her why its such a bad idea to help her in a break out to see her lover in jail for allegedly killing her other lover, the prosecutor's son. She pleads for her cause, explaining her mental state is all a jumble and seeing her dead lover. Jason still refuses. LuLu plays her trumph card; as Jason heads towards the door, he hears,

"If you had one chance to see Jake and Elizabeth if you had one chance to tell them that you love them, one memory that you would have to hold on for the rest of your life. Wouldn't you take it?"
He agrees,

and respects her choice. He made his choice to stay away from the loves of his life to keep them safe. So before she slips away into her world of hallucinations and catatonia, he managed her escape. On their way he felt the wind in a way he hadn't in a long time and for the first time today he is amused. He understands why he's helping her he pushes his motorcycle a little faster.

On his arrival at PCD he is confronted by Lucky Spencer and finds himself defending Johnny. He grabs Lucky's arm to halt his interrupting his sister with the son of the man who house he torched, after another heated exchange with the daughter of the man who house he torched.

Without being near she still with him, because for some reason this day is all about his unshakeable bond with Elizabeth.

Friday, October 31, 2008

PreEmptive Strike and the Path Chosen

A knock shakes Jason from his mantle looking at his nephew's photograph; he opens his door to Bernie who akcknowledges his state, "it looks as if you haven't slept all night." Jason recounts the events that put him in a situation exactly like his nephews with a child in the middle of his hit on Karpove.

He heeds the warning that in the long run not immediately dealing with Karpove may come back to haunt him. Bernie explains Karpove's pattern of taking out his competition. That it may only be a matter of time....Bernie advises him to make his move before Karpove gets a stronghold in Port Charles. Jason and Bernie goes back and forth he reminds him that "this is what Sonny would do"...Jason feels he can't establish himself as he did in Europe because he's not in the same position. Bernie reveals his findings on Karpove and urges Jason to strike because its only a matter of time before he gets in a position to take him down. It should be now because Karpove will start a civil war and its up to Jason to protect his syndicate.

Across town, Elizabeth follows up on the wounds of the woman who vowed her destruction, stalked her with her children and endangered them with thugs. She finds herself in the position of offering relationship advice...In the end, her ex asks her to stick around to be sure her patient stays put. She does and is thanked for her help, yet again. Elizabeth again champions Lucky because that is how she is, even to a sworn enemy who is now grateful of her awesome medical attention.

Back at Jason's Penthouse, Cody Paul answers a summons to begin a new assignment using his special skills to shadow Karpove and inform him of all his findings especially when he is most vulnerable.

Another knock interrupts them and brings in Karpove's attorney who states her client's case regarding his first expansion in the United States. Jason responds by asking why the big push since she is only repeating what he's already been told by Karpove.

She goes on about their truce that they can co-exist. Karpove is avoiding tension, especially after his defunct association with Sonny Corinthos. Jason repeats his position quickly, leave me alone, there won't be a problem.

He excuses himself turns his back to answer a call he learns his last two shipments arrived and that he needs to meet personally with his partners. Sasha believes they can mutually benefit each other outside of Karpove's expansion.

He turns around, she offers him a drink then removes her Russian red blouse.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Of profound importance, Talk to me...

She gazes and he in kind, as he speaks with Robin on her pregnancy. She thanks him because it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you. Elizabeth standing behind her station can't help but feel something when he presses his hand to feel her friends' baby ..looking at him she didn't feel jealousy. She knew instinctly that he needed her. She finds him the one place she knew he'd be. Even in the dark, his eyes are intense, there on the docks she saw his pain in them. Their hands did what their lips refused. "You shouldn't be here."

She implored him to need her, let her be there for him. It didn't take much prodding. She realized she was right to come to him. So he explains why he took over as mob lord for Carly...and how Sonny thinks he's turned against him. They speak again of Jake's safety and how he continues to do what is best for Sonny's son. "I miss him, I miss both you guys so much but its a choice I've made"...They speak about about Sonny's grief "Elizabeth, what do you think I should do?"

She advises him to swallow all pride, go speak to Sonny "so you know that you've done all you could."

Jason immediately heeds her advice and goes to Sonny about their situation. Sonny is open to discussion, he thinks he should have given him the benefit of the doubt to know nothing he's doing is to punish him. He should know why and its not for taking my children away. Jason listens intently the explanation of why he went to Karpove "to help you." The organizaton is running smoothly so why the need to protect me?

When Connie sees Jason in Sonny's parlor she immediately jumps to the conclusion that her fiancee' is taking over the organization and questions Jason. He tells her he's said what he's come to say and he won't be returning ever again.

Later that evening after meeting with his accountant and confidente, Jason decides to take Karpove out. Bernie suggests Cody Paul. But Jason insist on doing it himself. He finds Karpove on the docks speaking in his native dialect with his attorney Sasha. He carefully assembles his weapon and is all set to pull the trigger. With his target in sight, his high powered rifle aimed and ready as Karpove's young daughter runs into his arms....uncharacteristically he's shaken and aborts the hit. Jason remembers his nephew.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Russian Bullets with Sincerity

Jason has tried his best to take care of mob business, even though he's surrounded by interference: Carly, Claudia, Spinelli, the list is endless. In the cross fire, after following his ex lover of over a decade ago to Pier 52 he manages to convince them to "shut up" immediately their bickering stops.....

Further investigating this new attempt on his life ..... a bloody, expensive war is something to avoid and before he makes a move he needs to know for certain what is a threat.

The next day he learns about a shipment...and prepares for survellience. His protegy wants to accompany him to prove what he can do. Jason ponders.

Elizabeth is on Spoon Island, speaking of love. "Its hard to let go of someone you love" she tells Nikolas, who is still in love with her best friend who died for his love...he is trying to move on. She leaves him with "be truthful to your feelings." She knows only to well she waited too late to realize her love for a man she refused to admit love for...she feels time lost. She hears,

With Jason?

Yes Nikolas, with Jason.....there she said it...out loud.

Elizabeth's next day is at the hospital with Drs. Matt Hunter, Robin and Patrick they prepare for their ultra sound..she answers their question, beforehand, did she know her children gender...she didn't want to know but she thought Cam and Jake to be boys both times. Elizabeth reminices.

Meanwhile, Jason soothes confidence by taking his ego wounded protege in the field but nixes his request for a fire arm reminding him he shot himself in the foot.

Fainting from heat on the car stake out..Jason picks him up and brings him to General Hospital, where the love he denies, personified is in attendance...Fair,

Elizabeth Webber....

Friday, September 19, 2008

A matter of trust, loyalty and a new consiglierre

Jason thanks Diane for his release he wants to know her conversation with Sonny.

Again Sonny accusations, of not being realistic about the situation of his business, He wonders why Sonny keeps coming to him telling him this same thing surely he forgot who handled things prior to Michael's shooting when he was in New York then Benshonhurst wooing Kate. He listens to more of his accusations, not being strong enough to hold his territory... He thinks of Monica "You won't walk away from it."

Rick Lansing fills him in on Andre Karpove. While with Spinelli to find out information another knock on his door..Enters Claudia Zacchara "We need to talk." He learns more about Sonny's meeting. Jason wonders why she is telling him this since none of this concerns her and suggest she stays out of it.

Jason visits his mother to wish her well...she besieges him, "The mob is not a life sentence you can get out." She continues with hammering on his choice to be in and what it has cost him...She questions Sonny's honor and is he worthy?

Spinelli informs him of monies being transferred into Sonny's account. Later he asks his attorney why she hasn't informed him of Sonny's dalliances with the Russian mobster. Elizabeth spends family time with her exhusband. We have to talk Jason is at Sonny's house waiting when he arrives with his fiancee

Across town, Elizabeth goes to Nikolas to ask him to help Lucky and the woman who terriorized her,now his girlfriend. Nikolas questions why she wants to help is brother,

Because "they are good together"

Kate says he should have called ahead and he congratulates their engagement of he prompting. Sonny explans her behavior and why he is working with Karpove...I created you and the tools I gave you....Jason explains why he thinks Sonny's reasons and he isn't

Sonny gives him his word that his intentions are not to undermine him and its that he will never undermine his interests.

Jason isn't buying it and feels he should have been told the moment he was approached by the Russian mobster.

Cody Paul later meets in Jason's office with information he questions his loyalty. Cody answers Jason's skepticism. When asked if he could carry out a hit. He doesn't flinch instead he's offered a job in his organization as a driver for his accountant.

Cody has no problems with illegal. Cody leaves and
Jason looks at the picture of Karpove entering Sonny' home.

He speaks to Sonny's ex wife that he believes he is back in the business...she tells him he is working against Jason and should be eliminated. its an act of betrayal and he explains to Carly all details of Sonny's involvement with Karpove. If it comes to Sonny or you...Carly feels Jason should treat this as any business threat and he should make choices.

He asks Diane for a meet with Andre Karpov, she outlines the situation as she sees it and he meets with the Russian mobster and is introduced to his consul...Sasha

Alone with Karpov, he reiterates his position if any hostile action is taken against his organization. In the meantime they can coexist.

He dresses Carly down about getting involved with Karpove to help him because he doesn't want her help or her involvement in his business. Later they arrive at his office with Maxi and Spinelli in tow...Carly doesn't miss an opportunity to remind all of her station in his life. Finally he's left with Spinelli who is determinng what is on Karpove's PDa.

He heads towards Pier 52. And there stands Carly just as he suspected when she left his office. As they exchange reasons why she shouldn't be there Claudia arrives..


Unbeknownst to them, Jerry Jax is shooting at them,

Friday, September 5, 2008

Who 's running it while smug in your own superiority?

Still being held, speaking with Carly; now its about her cousin...he explains how LuLu killed Logan Hayes. After that, another visit from Claudia who got in saying they were "smitten" with each other. She's heard from her brother. Yet again, desparate ..."I need you to help me find Johnny"

He advises her not to take a chance just wait for his call..she can't wait.

"Would you just write off someone that you love that easily, just accept that you would never see them again for the rest of your life and just walk away without a second thought?"

He believes that sometimes the hardest thing is accepting that you're no good for people you love. He thinks of his life that escaoes him.

Next in a parade of vistors enters Maxi Jones, the police commissioner's daughter bears news from Scott Baldwin. "How can you help him locked up in here?"

"I never said I could"

The ex mob lord of Port Charles, offers help, as his friend and mentor, he feels Jason's business is at risk and he's vulnerable to rivals. You can't hold your territory. He speaks about leverage..He feels no one is "handling things" while he's detained.

"Who is running things while you are locked up?" Jason explains himself, that there is nothing to worry about..."Sonny, do you want the business back?"


Finally, Jason is released and heads straight over to Claudia Zacchara's where he has another encounter with his nemeses of sorts. Rick Lansing speaks to him of loyalty. Heated words are exchanged then he drops a bombshell.

Sonny is working with Andre Karpov. Claudia sighs. Jason shows no emotion.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The plot thickens in lock up and its about a blond...

Anthony Zacchara's employee Ric Lansing pays him a visit. Another Elizabeth ex husband, he tells this ex, if you want to help, get out....Next Anthony Zacchara pays the man who burned his house down a visit. After he threatens to kill him he's rolled away.

....Another guest, Claudia, comes with yet another request, this time, can she use his protegee's computer skills and reminds him of his promise to help her. Jason says no.

The escape of Johnny Zacchara and its best case scenario. His attorney explains that helping Johnny escape makes LuLu an accessory...Jason wants nothing told to the cops. It will remain as it is; she is a hostage, that's it, end of story. He'll cover for the people he cares about....

Jason meets with his attorney, again, who is trying to get his charges dropped. He learns of Sonny's meet with a woman at the Metro Ct..and Anthony Zacchara Diane feels these actions make little sense because of his Micheal's shooting ..

Meanwhile, Elizabeth learns of LuLu's predicament from Lucky Spencer, he knows his sister trusts her because of her situation with Jason. Elizabeth tries to comfort Lucky.

Later she visits the woman in behalf of the ex-husband she taunted to take away while still married to her. Now she goes to plead his case; overcoming their affair to champion their relationship. Lucky needs someone to help him during this time, while his sister is on the run...Elizabeth surprises herself in being there defending the relationship of a woman who terriorized her while with her children.

Jason has yet another visit from Claudia she has heard from her brother.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nirvana, Sonnets, the Crabby Commando, and a Russian Mobster

He isn't charged, this time; he takes off, arrives home to find his protege in a compromising position. Spinelli is making love with Maxi Jones.

Later the same night, Jason sneaks into his family's mansion to confront LuLu Spencer who lives there with her father, now married to Tracey Quartermaine. Jason thinks he can fix it. He knows LuLu murdered Logan Hayes in self defense and tells her so.

Next, he questions Maxi about what happened with Logan in Kate's office. She details the events as she knows them leading up, through, and after Logans' death. "I'm gonna try to fix this."

Unfortunately he arrives at the PCPD, at the exact time Johnny Zacharra is escaping from custody.

Again he's promptly re-arrested for aiding and abetting, obstruction of justice all because he deflected an aiming gun so he's charged as an accomplice to Johnny Zacchara's. He is questioned by Elizabeth's ex husband Lucky Spencer. Jason's attorney arrives, he explains himself to Diane Miller as best he can. Obstruction in the police attempt to capture an escaping murder suspect.

After his release, immediately another vistor. In his office,
Cody Paul tells him of happenings on Pier 17 and the business of a Russian mobster Andre Karpov. At first skeptical, Jason appreciates the tip and asks for any additional information that may deem helpful.

Jason gets a visit from a concerned brother his deceased sister's fiancee implores him, in Emily's name, to help find his sister. The gun was smuggled in by her for her lover Johnny Zacchara's escape which they could have planned. Jason advises Prince Nikolas Cassadine on her precarious situation. Jason is not done...he receives yet another visitor.

Jason as yet to catch his breath...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Nebulous Interruption

Jason continues to do best for those he loves no matter the cost. He excuses himself with a longing look to Elizabeth She then speaks to Robin about being in love with someone who can't give you a future and advises that "now is all we have."

Jason returns home to find Carly perched and ready with more ongoing drama, this time, on the worst night of her life. Jason can only respond, "What are you doing here?"

In his office with Spinelli; Diane later informs him of a murder. Logan Hayes who has a history of violence with Jason Morgan's organization is dead. Jason is promptly held for 24 hours and appears in a line up.

Again more Carly marital woes tells Jason her quest to humiliate the fiancee of her ex husband. Jason dismisses her then ask Spinelli for footage of the area in front of Nikolas's clinic; where Logan's body was dumped. Again Maxi is there and is asked to leave; Jason finds her busybody ways unsettling. He has an idea who murdered Logan. While investigating her car; Claudia Zacchara arrives pointng a gun at him...within moments he is re-arrested by the PCPD.

"I have nothing to say without my attorney."

Another 48 hrs, Claudia asks him to recommend her a lawyer.

He finds himself again sequestered with the woman who has been instructed to kill him.

Elizabeth can't forget his piercing stare, pale blue eyes on a moonlit night.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Perchance, Every Word

Jason buries himself in work. Now, its his organization, his "certificates of operations." But finds himself reflecting to whirlwind events. He realizes he has become all things to all people. Sonny, who offers his advice on shipments his help is refused. When asked repeatedly "do you want the business back?" No. I am only a coffee importer.

Spinelli's love infatuation has become a fixture in his usually serene penthouse. But its Carly's endless issues of a personal nature that concerns him the least. Whom she has sex with is not a conversation of a mob kingpin fending off rival forces in the midst of trying to co-exist. Her latest escapade is more than he has time for. Another "who is her baby's daddy dramas". She leans on him more than her husband; even Jason has limits. He tells her to take her preganancy test, reluctantly looks at her results after her insistence but issues a warning.

"Next time leave me out of your tangle web." As usual his words fall on deaf ears, his request is not respected, she only runs out of his penthouse skipping like a giddy school girl. Of course Sonny pays him a visit, questioning if he is the father of his ex-wife's..child. He learns he is more than resentful of his doing in signing over his rights of Morgan Corinthos.

No, I am not the father; I have a child so I haven't the time or the inclination to play daddy when I haven't to Jacob. This isn't twelve years ago. Like a bad penny, she only turns up again, this time, with Kate paranoia and her engagement to Sonny Corinthos.

What does she want him to do?

It seems these events relate to Michael in some way. He thinks of his nephew who he kept from his brother; his life, in a place far away he lies in a permanent coma.

Claudia, an ominpresent threat. wants a meet. She insists he thank her for helping him during his quarantine; he thanks her for helping Spinelli and walks away.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is with her colleagues and friends at work doing what she does best, refereeing, comforting.

Stilling Robin's doubts; her pregnancy could involve complications with her HIV status. Suppose she dies, what about her child? The irony of her friend's situation is not lost on Elizabeth. The father of Robin's child suing for parental rights. Elizabeth reassures to not dwell on her fears.

Later that evening, Jason encounters Robin Scorpio sitting in front of Kelly's Diner. His old friend, ex-lover. The one who introduced him to Sonny Corinthos and this life he leads. He listens, gives advice on impending fatherhood. He speaks of changes, being afraid of not being able to predict the outcome because people change.

Jason finds himself telling his own story then there she is

Fair Elizabeth.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Situation with Elizabeth, Hush now don't explain...

In typical Jason Morgan fashion he handles the cards thats dealt. Spinelli's babbling fever coupled with a clingy rival. Her premise? She has taken a liking to Spinelli and can't leave his side. She is too close to his personal life. Now he finds himself at the hospital with Claudia in tow. One excuse after another she continues her verbal assault. In a sigh of relief Claudia cell rings, she is needed elsewhere, she is unhinged and gone.

Elizabeth assured Jason that Spinelli will recover and he did.
Later, she sees a wheel chaired much better Spinelli stranded in the middle of the corridor; she can't help but recall his words. Claudia having feelings for Jason. Was Spinelli encouraging these feelings to Jason?

Not only that but her being seen with him in public. Elizabeth's only thought, all she desires was in their brief moment in time, alone, in happenstance. Their kiss proclamations of love forever more. What kind of love is this?

She snaps back to the present to aid his protege, leaving her station, after a brief exchange; He uses this opportunity to explain himself, again. As she rolls him back to his room, despite warnings, he continues to babble endlessly. The fiery Elizabeth returns from days gone by, "one more word about Claudia Zaccharia, I'll sedate you."

Spinelli is silenced, for the time being...

Jason picks up Spinelli for discharge and finds himself with Elizabeth. An over exuberant Spinelli hasn't given up; again, he puts it out there. "Stop." In his quiet way above a whisper Jason commands, Spinelli obeys. He looks at her.

Elizabeth's exasperation in a very uncomfortable situation has reached its peak, now she explodes "I get it, I get it, Claudia likes Jason, Jason doesn't like Claudia. It is of no consequence.
"We live separate lives."

Elizabeth leaves in a huff;
Jason stares in bewilderment.

Their pain,

Saturday, July 12, 2008

In Good Company, You're the only one...

Jason doesn't trust the woman whom he has been quarantined with and has made it clear, deflecting all her advances of help.

"Stay away from me, leave me alone, don't touch me, you can leave now" were lost on her.

Spinelli continues to champion a woman he's known less than 24 hours but Jason doesn't indulge her or waiver, his position is clear. She continues her flirtatious Florence Nightingale attempts to sponge bath him, to feed him soup, to wipe his brow. "No, no no"

She got it and threw in the towel.

Finally, his fever breaks, no secrets revealed, quarantined lifted. Just as he thought he could be rid of her. Spinelli falls to the fever while babbling he is rushed to General Hospital.

Elizabeth Webber is on duty. The very family that is keeping them apart she sees them not only together but in public. Perplexed, she only stares. Its obvious, she is hurt, but assists, explains that all is well with his protogee.

For a moment in time she can freely go to him after learning he too was felled by the fever. They sit and speak of only him. Unlike Claudia telling him about himself, he welcomes her voice, her touch as she strokes his brow, he doesn't pull back, repelled but leans in. She shares a dozen words with him. Her voice, the familiar touch has a calming influence on Jason who is of few words but says words she longs to hear.

"The only one that I want, can't come near me, I'd rather be alone."

Its been nearly two months since the cabin in the woods.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

After the Rain, Parallel Lives

Elizabeth is regulated to spending time single parenting with the man who is not the father of her children; who is romantically involved with the woman who won't leave her life

Her ex, ex husband's lover (as well as Jason). Elizabeth is forced in the position of dealing with this fallout, alone.

Her friendship with Robin Scorpio's is deepening into a profound one. They confide their innermost thoughts. Its seems refreshing to be able to speak on Jason Morgan without inhibition.

Robin calls Elizabeth to take part in her ruse. Elizabeth drops Jake by so Dr. Patrick Drake can get a dose of what caring for a baby is all about...he babysits Jacob. Elizabeth explains her rendition of parenting to her friends who are odds on his impending fatherhood.

When all is said and done Elizabeth is alone.
Jason Morgan's time is full. He has yet to tell Elizabeth. He is one of the most powerful men in the country.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fever, A Story of MonAvie

Jason Morgan has always been a fair enforcer, a defender, who only retaliates after attacks threatening his organization. Surrounded by his minions, weapons drawn, he recently came to the defense of his young protegee being badgered by a man who hurled racial slurs at a woman he was with he had Spinelli in a headlock, not knowing, that he found himself in a coffee shop front of one of the most powerful of the five families. Jason asked Sonny's father Michael on his gambling debt that landed him battered.

"Why didn't you come to me?" Jason Morgan takes care of people.

Claudia does not know a Jason she foolishly believes she does. He listens as she insinuates describing his life, in his space, wanting to play pool, flirting, telling him about himself. All the while, a no longer as drunk Spinelli is spewing out mob business. As she finishes her last morsel of pizza she is met at the door with papers by a hooded man. Jason Morgan finds himself now quarantined with Claudia Zacchara.

She ingratiates herself on his time, continuing verbal assaults, put downs, finally tripping herself up, she tells him she searched him on the Internet. Claudia does not know Jason Morgan as well as she thinks. She presents to him his life he reacts annoyingly dismissing her synopsis. He doesn't want to hear it, he knows the life he's lived. She brings up his brain injury and he tells her "I'm walking around" but Michael is not. For the first Claudia realizes she has overstepped.

Jason feels woozy and more uncomfortable being in proximity with this woman who refuses to leaves..he heads upstairs
wanting to be rid of her...he stumbles, collaspses at the bottom of his staircase.

Jason has the fever, a virus where he could babble his in innermost secrets he passes out as he enters a distorted reality.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just One Touch, Breaking Bread in Penthouse #3

Etched on his face are conflicting emotions; words he long to say. His new post commands all of him. He delivers Sonny's Father's day present from his comatose son, but again he doesn't acknowledge Jacob's existence...He issues a warning on the docks after stumbling upon two arch rivals. It seemes Diane's diatribe on what her father means to her on this day may have touched him in some way.

It's apparent that with each conversation Jason is increasingly uncomfortable with a decision he felt compelled to make; Lucky Spencer questions him about the fire in his office but adds how appreciative he is of the selfless sacrifice he makes in giving him his son. This moment of clarity when he saw his reaction to the shooting of his newphew. All the while, he continues to see Jason's ex-lover, the woman who hired thugs to terrorize his son , but he hasn't given her up. It seems after less than a year they who had affairs outside their relationship, will be taking Jacob and brother Cam to a carnivale in August. Elizabeth has forgiven her.

In another uncomfortable encounter, he is lambasted for giving up Jacob and not fighting for him or a life with Elizabeth. After issuing advice on her association with the son of his rival mob lord to another Spencer. Nut the Zaccharas only seem to make his bleak situation bleaker. He spends his time without her tending to a more needier than usual Carly Jax who seems to have forgotten she has a husband. After speaking with Michael, Sonny's father handling the loan shark by running him out of town.

He sees her, in her psuedo family setting, they speak briefly about their life he remembers. They look longingly, wantonly, as she passes him, he reacts instinctively by catching her hand she looks back to gaze into indigo eyes that say it all. Unspoken, all they miss, what they shared. And then she was gone from his touch to enter her quasi-life, without him in it, to a man she is not in love with.

Weary, Jason returns home only to find Claudia Zacchara in a compromising postion with his protege' and friend on his sofa. "Why are you here?"

Claudia explains herself that she brought home an inebriated Damien Spinelli. She uses this opportunity to further assess Jason Morgan. Although recently, so much so, she speaks as if she's known him for years.

She demands, insults, barks and Jason Morgan finds himself eating pepperoni pizza with a woman who is trying to kill him.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ruthless "I Will Protect what is mine"

But its all over her face,
not being with him, missing his touch, their words, "As soon as we get close something happens to tear us apart and you go away. I am in this life without you in it and its killing me."

What is she to do with this love? She asks not to make her love him even more when she can't be with him. She implores, "Don't do this." Elizabeth will do whatever he asks of her. So she continues her life without him in it, with her children, his son. As he without her.

Elizabeth visits her best friend Prince Nikolas Cassadine they speak of his beloved Emily. He has not fully accepted her murder and stuggles to find life without her. From the Black and White Ball, till now, Nikolas is not fairing well. His recovery from a life threatening brain tumor still he is not at peace. He can no longer envision her; he now misses her, even moreso. Once it was removed, he could on longer hallucinate her presence.

Eizabeth misses her too, her best friend gone. Jason gone. They speak of how to cope with their tremendous loss. She offers him a solace she can not find for herself.

Across town, in his office, Jason finds himself knee deep in the mob business. Sonny issues orders; Jason retorts. "I am in charge." Sonny dealing with his diminished power; as he watches on the sidelines as Jason becomes more powerful. Jason defends his protege Spinelli after Sonny antagonizes him. Sonny Corinthos continues his verbal attacks. Jason stone faced says time and time again, "this is what your wanted."

Jason visited his mother, who begged him to release hisself of all that is mobster in his life. He tells her he is head of one of the most important crime families in the country. Monica Quartermaine is devastated and not pleased until flashing her brilliant mind she assumes somewhat correctly the why of it all. He is doing everything to keep Sonny's life safe, in a word Morgan her grandson. Monica does not know about Jacob Martin.

He has killed Ian Develin and has delivered a personal retaliation to Anthony Zacchara. Elizabeth has yet to realize she is in love with a lethal mob lord.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

After the Rain "The Transfer of Power"

Jason Morgan is not only entrenched in an accelerated mob war. He is embroiled in it. As Elizabeth continues tending to her day to day with the circumstances of "bad medicine." Jason has been strained by a juggling act, and trying to keep peace between Carly Jax who places blame on Sonny for her son's condition she takes all the money from her hotel's safe...and plans to run. To prevent this an agreement with Sonny Corinthos to take over as King Pin of Port Charles is struck. Jason cunningly tells Sonny "if you sign over your his nephew; I will become mob lord." Jason hasn't had time to gather his wits not even to acknowlege "his son's" birthday in a meaningful way. He gives up any hope of claiming his son for taking on as being the head of one of the five mob families in the country.

All because of the tragic event of Sonny's life. His inability to keep his children safe he has asked Jason to give up all he holds dear to facilitate the life he chose as mob lord. Jason relinquishes Elizabeth and the boys to protect Sonny's life with a stroke of a pen.

It begins with a conference from his accountant Bernie, with a phone call to Diane Miller mob lawyer fashionista; she enters his office to present papers that will change his life. Despite her forewarnings, the papers are signed and Jason Morgan is the head of the Corinthos crime family. Its not like he hasn't done this before he' taken over but this time its different with Sonny wanting out.

But before the ink is dry; Jason is faced with his first challenge. In his now office, doing paper work, he learns from his henchman Max that his cargo has been hijacked by the Zaccharra crime family, an organization planning a take over of Port Charles. The shipment is burning in the harbor. Jason Morgan is not pleased.

After discussing the serious pitfalls of having Jason as top mob lord of the Corinthos organization with his consigiliere, and their sons, his inner circle; Anthony Zaccharra finds himself in his palatial estate alone returning to his sitting room, where he finds it smoking. His foot soldiers are nowhere to be found. As he calls out frantically a wheel chair bound Anthony Zaccharra finds his sitting room ablaze. He's wheeled outside, frantic, shouting about his home and his Maria's beloved rose garden. Slowly he turns his head to find Jason Morgan standing there.

This night, without a word, Jason has answered in his characteristic voice of silence the mob war is on!
Anthony Zaccharra watches 40 years burn into flames.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Let It Rain Down"

Jason and Elizabeth continue their separate lives.

Elizabeth who has been accused and written up for not dispensing medication to a patient. Jason at Michael's bedside as he is being prepared to be moved to a long term facility remains comatose.

Jason is in pain over his nephew's condition even more distraught and guilt ridden he believes he has set this all in motion with his violent lifestyle by not keeping him safe. He continues rehashimg the what harm he caused Michael Corinthos.

They meet by chance in the hospital Jason says "Elizabeth, I can't do this." She catches a glimpse of his pain....nonetheless, he is determined to find more about the shooting of Michael.

Elizabeth takes Cameron to a sleep over she gets a flat tire on the roadside with her keys locked in the car she gets out to check the tire in the downpour Elizabeth is locked out, in a rain storm. Stranded, she hears a sound, a motorcycle there is a headlight and there he is Jason Morgan. She runs to his arms.

"How did you find me?"

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jake's #1 --- Can't take my eyes off you

Since the derailment of their engagement Elizabeth and Jason has seen very little of each other yet it seems they are only a moment away from each other's minds...they go about their daily tasks...Elizabeth at General Hospital with a delicate balancing act...Jason deep in the throes of a no longer brewing mob war has killed the man who said he shot young Michael....Jason feels he was only the trigger man...

In all of this, Jason and Elizabeth encounter their love face to face at Michael's bed side. Their gazes of longing and yearning to discover what can be says it Elizabeth closes the door with a pained expression...Jason stumbles to recover words to Carly "do you need anything."

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Angst - What about us?

A distraught Jason goes through the blue doors. Elizabeth is aware of how much agony he'in but she is taken aback by "I just don't see how we can do this". A perplexed Elizabeth deciphers that Jason does not want to marry because he feels he can't keep her and the boys safe" Jason is defeated by the violence that he's surrounded himself by.

Elizabeth suggests moving away, another place, but Jason can't leave Carly and her son and Monica who rarely sees Michael over the years her only grandson shot and in the head he thinks of seems he has always sacrificed his for hers even now he puts Carly's needs above the woman he loves and their son.

"Let me get this straight, you choose that way of life, the violence over me and the boys" Elizabeth retorts. Jason speaks of the choices he's made before he ever loved her.

A rarity, Elizabeth shouts back at Jason why is it always me?
"Because you have the most to lose" Elizabeth still not caving she offers why can't we meet at the safehouse, Jason says he will be there but for her to think of the situation Michael Corinthos is
in...a defeated Elizabeth who has always respected his wishes
reluctantly agrees.

"I've loved you longer than you've loved me, and I've tried really hard to stop, but I just can't. Even now"

Amidst this trying time for Elizabeth she continues to think of him and what she can do for him..."Is there anything I can do for you"

At the blue door he asks Elizabeth to pray for Michael and he leaves Elizabeth again.

Kiss after kiss after kiss their love story continues.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yes, say it again

"Will you marry me"

A long road towards this proposal, for a moment it was a happy time, but the phone calls are not good news while they are in exchanging words of love

A shot rang out aimed at mob lord Sonny Corinthos his son...Michael lies in a pool of blood...he has been shot
and Jason arrives at the hospital overwhelmed by profound disbelieve and is visably shattered over the child he raised for the first year of his life. Jason again is overwhelmed with grief unable to feel emotion because of a brain injury...he seems confused and unable to handle the duality of these conflicting emotions...his brain only works on and off. Right now he appears to be off and unable to deal with happiness one moment and sadness simultaneously. Jason Morgan is again in a pain he can not really feel.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Their love story unfolds "Out of the box"

Elizabeth Webber pleasantly surprises Jason Morgan upon his return
from more hand surgery in Seattle. The surgery went well, the prognosis looks good no permanent damage. Unable to contain themselves they

It seems situations has presented Elizabeth with food for thought she has been pondering this sacrifice she has asked of Jason Morgan..She is in love with him but has to stay away from him for safety. She speaks with Dr. Robin Scorpio they are growing closer and Robin explains her time with Jason as his lover and friend...she also confides to Elizabeth of her time growing up in danger; her parents are spies and are and has always been in constant danger but she only remembers the love. Jason speaks his point of view to Spinelli the young man he has taken under his wing he has turned into more, a confidante, a close friend which is unusal for Jason to speak his feelings he is a closed man of few words.

While at PH#2, Elizabeth is interrupted by a phone call goes to the hospital and has to parlay her discussion with Jason even further...she arrives for an emergency. A little boy in a bike accident. She observes the father and evolves more into the realization that she can no longer accept the sacrifice she has asked the father of her son to make....

she returns to PH2, twice in one day, to tell Jason Morgan she can no longer lie to her children, the world and herself. With her heart on her sleeve she tells him again, "I am in love with you' and want to be with you." He ask if she is sure; Elizabeth stands firm. Nothing is perfect she's had enough she doesn't backstroke, no more unrequited love. She wants him to part of his son life. She wants him to raise his son.

She ask if he still wants a life with her..and

again he says the words she longs to hear
"That is all, that is all I want. I want a life with you and I want a family, with you."

On the other side of town, at the docks in his warehouse, mob kingpin Michael 'Sonny' Corinthos takes his girlfriend Kate along with his son
Michael Corinthos, Jr. to his coffee import business so Michael can see first hand that he is a coffee importer.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Elizabeth Laments

Jason deep in the throes of mob business trying to avoid a mob war within the five major families and in comfort mode to Michael Corinthos who has returned and his mother because she has miscarried. Elizabeth goes on with her daily life. She has speaks with Dr.Robin Scorpio on motherhood its pitfalls....Robin speaks of Jason Morgan, she who was his early love understands him perhaps more than anyone in the years after the accident that claimed Jason Quartermaine.

Robin and Elizabeth are and have always been on friendly terms; they seem to be increasingly friendlier and have kicked back shots of tequila on their "girls night out" junkets...since Robin is pregnant there will not be another for some time to come.

Elizabeth ask Robin to watch over her children for a moment and when she returns she confides to Robin that she wants it all and is that so wrong of her....

Later on Elizabeth visits Dr. Monica Quartermaine just released and on trial for the HnR. Mob lawyer Diane Miller is her attorney who was hired by Jason Morgan. Monica and Jason' relationship has taken a tremendous blow due to the death of his sister Dr. Emily Quartermaine. Things are not the same.

Monica speaks of Emily and that she thought Elizabeth was her; Elizabeth speaks of what Emily would want of her after their embrace these two women strike another bond...Monica is not aware that Jake is her grandson. Jason feels this will help bring her joy but Elizabeth is reluctant to let anyone else know of Jake....the more who know of this secret...the more dangerous it will become.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

~Trust Me~

Jason has exonerated Elizabeth they have shared sweet endearments upon his return...he says "I'll call you later" she says "I hope so." They are becoming more comfortable with their love...Elizabeth expresses relief that his surgery went well only to learn his mother is the HnR driver.

Jason goes to a bitter Monica who tells him like it is while drinking "you have put Sonny before, AJ, Alan, Me, and Emily...she orders him out. Jason goes to Elizabeth hinting at telling Monica the truth regarding Jakes paternity. To give her something to hold onto...Elizabeth questions with more and more people knowing about Jakes' paternity .... how can this secret be kept; how can he be kept safe? They are interrupted by a call, Jason returns to the hospital this time

Dr. Monica Quartermaine has been in an accident....again Monica drives drunk but this time she has been found out.

What is next for Liason?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Elizabeth stands her ground, Jason returns

A lot has been going on Liason is being boxed in a corner..The TMK murder solved, Lucky Spencer overheard endearments to Jason Morgan and Elizabeth's conversation re: the hit and run. Lucky has checked out her car and is sympathetic to Elizabeth's plight. However now it is the hit n run that is still unsolved and Elizabeth is all in it and Lucky puts himself back on the case

Elizabeth feeling increasingly more guilty confessed to Det Lucky Spencer that she may be the one. However her conversation is overheard and she is confronted in her home..Sam McCall hobbles through the blue doors.

La Liz goes toe to toe tit for tat..she is accused of destruction that a compassionate Elizabeth Webber is not known for...she gives as good as she gets and will counteract these false charges against her; Sam McCall says she will lie to say she actually saw Elizabeth hit her...

Liz checkmates with charges of her own she will lie as well to say she "saw" her kidnap Baby Jake....Elizabeth is nobody's victim.

On the other side of town Mob enforcer Jason Morgan returns from Seattle and a lot has been happening in his absence, the mob war with the Zacchara family and the shooting of Kate by Michael Corinthos,
Jason has not seen Elizabeth and has no idea of the events that has taken place because the mob war is escalating at rapid speed...he is all in it. Elizabeth sees him for the first time and runs in his arms they embrace and kiss she looks at his hands...she loves Jason Morgan....the speak of the Hit and Run he asks her to wait just a little longer....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

~There is nothing I wouldn't do for you~

Jason after surgery ordeal is escalating unable to use his hands he is rendered helpless not knowing the outcome of the surgery he remains his usual self...Elizabeth worried and unable to hide or concern has visited him several times....each time more revealing...she continues on with her life but spends more time in Jason's room...

After her confrontation with mob lord Sonny Corinthos who is unsupporting of Jason's condition says he is useless to him in this condition and that he should not have gone after the man who killed his sister but Jason too is growing as impatient with an unsympathetic Sonny Corinthos...

Elizabeth says to Sonny that Jason is healing from a delicate and serious hand surgery and can not go back to work now.. Sonny Corinthos is not willing to listen to Elizabeth's voice.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Grim News - When can I go back to work...?

Unable to stay away from his side Elizabeth is with him a sedated Jason he hears the results that his hands are severely injured with nerve and muscle damage, one finger hangs by a tendril. Jason requires hand surgery and some of the top hand surgeons will be called in via satallite to assist. Jason can see that Elizabeth feels guilty because he knows her....she feels because he saved her life this happened....She is also distraught and is visible shaken....but with a cool exterior...

He answers questions from a Detective and gives him advice on where to find the killer. A killer he won't be able to catch.....In serious pain from his injuries, Jason tells her that she doesn't need to stay....Elizabeth says I can explain that you saved my life....their love is showing for all to see, including Dr. Patrick Drake....

Jason is again vulnerable..

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Jason hears Elizabeth he stops suddenly from his pursuit of Diego Alcazar she climbs out of the top of the car as Diego scurries away. Elizabeth runs to the man she now loves as a friend and confidente Det. Lucky Spencer who is down with a bullet.

Jason tries to save the woman he no longer loves and no longer is friend but the car henged on the rail over a rushing river moves and he is thrown.... Elizabeth and her ex-husband watch as the car plunges over...

Elizabeth looks back and there he is again in the snow hurt....she races to she realizes then
her lover, his hands are severely cut....

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Desparation on Hangman's Bridge.

Elizabeth comes face to face with the a killer of four. A struggle pursues and Elizabeth awakens handcuffed inside a car....she learns the identity of the man who murdered her best friend, Dr. Emily Quartermaine, Diego Alcazar....she asks why and "because she is Jason Morgan's sister in revenge for him killing his father." Notorius international crime lord Lorenzo Alcazar.

Elizabeth retaliates by striking him they crash through barriers and the car hangs in balance over the rushing cold river. Elizabeth takes advantage of Diego's unconciousness successfully retrieving the keys to unlock her...the car teetering on edge she about to escape but muffled noises from the trunk startles her; as an enraged Diego pulls her back in she then realizes her arch enemy is in the trunk...

Lucky Spencer is driving on the bridge sees the teetering car, calls it in and steps out, he is immediately shot....

Jason Morgan is appraised of this situation after finding a cell phone with the recording Sam McCall being taken and his top Lt Max call to him murmuring only "Elizabeth."

Prince Nikolas Cassidine informs him after his death seizure in order to remember who the TMK from the Black and White Ball informs Jason that it is Diego Alcazar...A killer is in hunt of his prey, the killer of his beloved sister. Jason Morgan is on the move.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Missed Kiss"

Elizabeth and Jason continue circling around the Hit and Run....Elizabeth is increasingly guilty about it not a malicous person she wants to step forward but is honoring Jason's wishes to wait until he can uncover more information. She speaks with her colleague Epiphany about her heart attack, the death of her son and how much she is missed. Her concern for the murderer of her best friend as well as Prince Nikolas seizures and declining health..she is concerned as Jason on many levels uppermost the fear she will be facing time away from her children.

Jason Morgan her handsome mob enforcer lover too is overwhelmed, navigating a brewing mob war, the murderer of his sister, trying to continue is calming influence on Sonny Corinthos increasing demands, and to clear the mother of his child. He and Sonny are becoming more and more at odds. Now his nephew adopted son of Micheal "Sonny" Corinthos is missing...More and more evidence seems to imply that the text message killer is not all what it seems to be despite several suspects who have yet to pan out.

Jason and Elizabeth almost kiss in the hospital was just missed by financeer corporate raider Jasper Jax. It seems they can not contain this love. Still being Elizabeth stands at the door of her enemy the woman she may have hit as her door opens; Elizabeth comes face to face with a predator of women....the "text message killer"

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tender Moments

Jason is engulfed with a lot on his plate and mob boss Sonny Corinthos increasingly dissatisfaction about putting "business first" as its always been. However, Jason has not found the strangler who killed his sister, his lover's hit and run accident. There were many drivers on Tuckerton Road she may not have done it. With the meeting of the five families, and a brewing mob war stirring the pot and Sonny' issues with his disgruntled son seeking revenge on killing his aunt (Jason's sister) and Leticia his beloved nanny. Jason is also overwrought..

However new details begins to unfold, Elizabeth while on duty speaks with Prince Nikolas Cassidine who then collapses in her arms. Locked in his seizure are the visions that hold the key to who murdered his fiance, her best friend, and Jason' sister become clear. Elizabeth shouts for help but wanting to find out who murdered her friend lets the episode continue after Nik urges her so he can see the killer. In the midst of this Elizabeth is reprimanded by an Oncologist that she is unprofessional and this seizure could kill him.... Dr. Ian Develin pontificates everyone involved.

Elizabeth cells her lover with this new information. Jason arrives, they talk and the question of them being together Elizabeth's ask. At that moment...Sonny beckons in concern regarding a situation rudely summoning him so Jason can't, Elizabeth understands and then he kisses her.

Their love story continues

Saturday, February 16, 2008

"You oughta know"

Alas, Elizabeth was able to see and hold Jason Morgan on the roof top of the hospital; there she admitted she almost told Lucky the truth.

But a bitter Spam McCall will not leave Elizabeth alone she hobbles up to the front desk for more petty confrontation. She spends energy after being ran over trying to dissect Elizabeth motives not understanding that Elizabeth has been married twice to the same cop and twice to the same lawyer who is now district attorney. However, Elizabeth is not deterred by her not so veiled threat to have Lucky look further into the advice she gives Prince Nikolas Cassidine in regards to his confessing he may be the hit and run driver....

Elizabeth recognized did not back and immediately stood toe to toe with the con-artist, thief and prostitute who is now a Every Day Hero.
and stood toe to toe and didn't back down.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

"He didn't do it"

Elizabeth is busy at work as her shift begins many things are occupying her mind. Her duties include the Jason's ex-lover as her patient. She tries to find some information that will help determine if she was the driver. Unsuccessful her ex who is no longer with Jason ex shows up.. Guilt ridden she starts to tell him that she feels she is at fault for this HnR.

Lucky Spencer tells her she is not to blame that it was he who catapulted her out the door and Text Message Killer chasing her is what caused the accident. Elizabeth still trying to clear her growing conciousness was about to tell him when he said he suspects Jason because he was at the scene without reason...Elizabeth defends her lover....

Jason is also at the hospital to speak to his ex who is still bitter about Jake and his secret of not telling her about he fathered a child with Elizabeth..He ask questions but unfortunately she is still holding a grudge he gets nowhere fast and was interrupted by a Dr who defends her and questions is right to be in her room harassing her...Jason leaves and later he and Elizabeth meet on the roof of the hospital...she tells him that she was about to confess to ex. Jason seemed relieved because he has more clues and knows now there were four drivers on that road and Elizabeth may not have been the one. They embrace warmly.....

Jason arrives at Jakes the place where he and Elizabeth first met there is a mystery woman who beckons him to play pool. Jason who is preoccupied first agrees to a challenge but Spinelli hastens him away and he leaves Jakes on his mission to clear Elizabeth's name. Now he knows the Text Message Killer is still on the prowl. Jason appears more concerned than ever.

Monday, February 11, 2008

"Good" Elizabeth honor's his wishes...

Jason convinced that Elizabeth was not the only driver on the road finds more proof that it is possible she was not responsible and is putting in all efforts to clear her. He misses a top level meeting with the five families and leaves it up to his top henchman and mob lord Sonny Corinthos for the meet.

Elizabeth returns home with her children after being informed the damage has been repaired after the fire and is pleased in that everything is the same all the damage was repaired. She spends time with her children when she receives a surprise visit from one of the remaining Musketeers and ex brother-in-law Prince Nikolas Cassidine. Fiancee of her recently deceased best friend and still in shock and grief he needed to see her as she is the closest he can get to Emily (Jason's sister).

They speak on his medical condition and Elizabeth is surprised that he has not had his operation nor has he scheduled it. She advises him strongly to get the operation to save his life for the sake of his son and questions his reluctancy. She says he is lucky to be able to be with Spencer.

He does not confide to her he can see, hear, touch and speak to her friend, that the removal of his tumor will also remove his visions and this ability to be withi Emily...Elizabeth urges him for the sake of his son to get treatment.

Jason called to speak to Elizabeth during this visit and she of course could not however he managed to tell her ex suspects him of the hit and run....Later he informs her of his findings and asks that she still wait before turning herself in. Elizabeth tells Jason, that Nikolas told her he to was on the same road during the time of the accident and he blacked out and couldn't remember anything.. Jason believes now more than ever that it is a possibility she was not involved in this accident.

She confides her fears of losing, her children and him...he suggest to pick up Jake and tell him how much he is loved.

they have become closer and more intimate as secret lovers

~Their Love Story continues~

I want to spend one more time with you

After being plagued by a recurring dream the night before their wonderful morning together Elizabeth and Jason return to their safe house after learning his ex was ran over by a car. Elizabeth visited the woman who terriorized her and her children at the hospital, put two and two together and realize she could have been the one who did it. She returns Jason's previous call they meet at their cabin in the woods to tell him unknowing that he already knows.

The lovers meet and Elizabeth wishes to step forward because of "so much animosity between us" but Jason after going to the scene wants more evidence to be sure it was her car. Jason uses his vast resources to know more information. He quickly learns of others who were on the same road one car is being repaired, one was abandoned, and another was stolen...
Jason remains convinced there are other possibilities...

Later accosted by Elizabeth's ex Detective Lucky Spencer after finding out he was on the scene, "what do you know about the hit and run? Startled Jason responds with his trademark chilling stare within a sea of blue.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just one touch

Elizabeth arrives to their cabin in the woods in a frenzy frantic to be with is raining snow tired and she felt drowsy and once closed her eyes. She runs to his arms happy to see him...she to clean up just to be safe in his arms away from the hospital and always he understands her need as he feels the same....and he comforts her and they fall asleep entwined...Jason fast asleep,
Startled Elizabeth awakens remembering her drive in...Jason fast asleep she nestles herself safe in his arms...

Elizabeth awakens refreshed anew, as she stares out of their safehouse window...lamenting on events of the night before when Elizabeth spoke of a middle ground..she wants to be with him and the children..they pay tribute to their history on this morn. Jason who rarely discusses his brain injury explains how he's wired...Elizabeth understands that his psychology is either or and but ask if there can be a way to be together is there middle ground.

Elizabeth calls her grandmother to ask of the boys...they are fine she stays longer with her lover. Jason returns from gathering wood to tell her there is blood on her car....

Monday, February 4, 2008

These Dreams...."I have to take this"

Jason continues to unravel the mystery of the man who called him then was found hung supposedly a suicide. Is he really the "Text Message Killer?" Jason remains unsure that Cooper is the killer..he notices the an open window. He soon arrives at the police press conference and looks around the room... Jason doesn't appear convinced.

He later meets up with mob lord Sonny Corinthos upon his return from New York. Jason has not dealt with young Johnny Zacchara. Sonny lashes out that he wanted him dead so why hasn't it been done....

Jason is still not convinced Johnny is the culprit who ordered two hits (misses on Sonny)...Jason diffuses his rant by explaining the situation of his adopted son Micheael Corinthos..Jason his most trusted confidente calms him down to deliver rather bad news...
Michael found his gun....

Elizabeth has had a time of it with her ex and his paramour. After being cornered in her hospital room she tells Lucky her misdeeds using revenge and spite to get back at Jason using Cameron and Jake as tools..... after more badgering he finally comes to the realization that he has been lied to she awakens to find him sitting nearby and they continue to talk and heal....he leaves to go home.

Everytime her eyes close she has visions of fire, then being taunted with Jake being held still unable to sleep...Elizabeth has a nightmare. Dr. Scorpio comes to her aid..Elizabeth says she must get some rest..and she wants to go home she pulls the tubes away and picks up her phone...

"I need to be with you"

"and I need to be with you too"

Thursday, January 31, 2008

As far as I'm Concerned...

Elizabeth Webber lands back from the hospital reeling from her setback her wound from the fire reopens..She has an unexpected visit from the one person she dislikes most. There pleading her case it falls on deaf ears, Elizabeth wants her to stay away from her and her children during this exchange her ex-husband overhears her and insist that she tell him exactly what is being kept from him.

Elizabeth tells Lucky about the misdeeds and they speak of what might have been and what is and why...He understands why she does not want her children exposed to a plot of malice and revenge.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

~Stay Away From Me and My Children~

Concerned after a conversation with her ex-husband Elizabeth arrives at his home to discover Jason Morgan ex girlfriend at his home alone carrying Jacob Martin in her arms..Elizabeth infused with the memory of her setting her and her children up to be terriorized by armed thugs and her watching as Jake was kidnapped consumed and ignited a fiery retort and words with this woman consumed by revenge of Jason.

Elizabeth takes her child from her arms suddenly she feels dizzy as she continues her verbal confrontation Elizabeth collapsis..A supposedly concerned offers help....Elizabeth refuses however blood is pouring from her legs....her stitches have re-opened..

Lucky arrives to suggest that she continues to watch over Jake while he takes her back to the hospital .....He doesn't know the past nefarious deeds of his new love intrest who began an affair with Elizabeth's ex-husband for revenge.

Meanwhile across town Jason Morgan prompted by call for a clandestine meeting, enters Kelly's Diner to hear a scream he runs towards the sound to discover a dead body hanging from the rafters and an open window ......

Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Circle of Friends" "From the Shadows"

Earlier Elizabeth learned her friend Dr. Robin Scorpio's good news . After Robin addressed her concern in her inability to sleep; Robin who was a past lover of Jason's is now pregnant by an ex-lover. For the first time Robin smiled. He does not want children so she ask Elizabeth her opinion on keeping the paternity a secret. She responds concluding with "the truth has a way of coming out any way"

Elizabeth sketches in the waiting area where she speaks with her friend, Dr. Elaine Winters, Psychiatrist about the fire... Lainey explains its post traumatic and it is expected she speaks positively on Elizabeth' event of rescuing her son and to give it time. The are later joined by Dr. Kelly Lee. They notice a man approaching the front desk overhears his his name "Dr. Ian Devlin"

Elizabeth calls her ex-husband to check on the boys and hears him welcoming a visitor upon hearing the name; Elizabeth later arrives at the Spencer house letting herself in with a key she stands face to face with her arch enemy, holding Jake.

Meanwhile Jason has his hands full when he walks in Sonny' office to find Michael rambling in the bottom drawer to take a gun...Jason gives him a stern lecture and warns him of all its dangers. He wants revenge for the murder of his nanny since birth Leticia and Jason's sister Dr. Emily Quartermaine. After talking with him, Jason thinks he got through.
Michael returns later to break into the drawer. He abruptly stops mid way about to force the drawer open and leaves...Stepping from the shadows after he emerges after hearing his thirteen year old nephew close the door.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Stay With Me, Don't Stop"

Elizabeth Webber and Jason Morgan are becoming increasingly frustrated with the secret arrangement to share their love....After Jason heart wrenchingly divulge that he misses Elizabeth and Jake all the time...he thinks of what they are doing and wants to hold her be with them....Elizabeth still reeling from her unexpected visit from Jason's meddlesome ex-lover from over a decade ago...where she threatened to file for custody in behalf of Jason after learning of Jakes secret paternity from his recent ex-lover..Elizabeth wonders "Are you going to take Jake?" Jason doesn't know about this threat and wears his heart on his sleeve this night and tells Elizabeth how he feels and exactly what he wants...he seems to be waiting to hear something from her. He doesn't, Elizabeth although previously follows what they agreed upon...she says in heart she wants nothing more but her head tells her they made the right decision...she acknowledges the toll it has taken on Jason.

After staring at his beautiful little boy's picture, who has gotten deep into his heart a reflective gut wrenching moment it is clear where he wants to be.

Jason has a visit from his bosses new girlfriend. During their visit Carly who threatened Jake's custody to Elizabeth, barges in his office and immediately confronts her ex-husband's girlfriend, on several matters regarding her time spent with a missing Sonny Corinthos....during this confrontation an increasingly impatient Jason listens to her beratement ...After Kate leaves, Jason, uncharacteristically let's her have it lashing out in full force explaining his intepretation of her interference in other's lives including her obsession with Jacob. A displeased Jason Morgan tells her in no uncertain terms where he stands with her meddling, during this Jason says Me, Elizabeth, and Jake. She leaves in tears.

Jason visits the hospital he speaks with nurse Epiphany Johnson to learn Elizabeth is not fairing well she's recuperated however she is restless and can't sleep, besides that she is yearning to be with him

Elizabeth has dreams of the fire feeling she put Jake at risk she should have known better when Cam was playing with matches. Elizabeth unable to rest dreams of the fire she feels it is her fault she drifts off. Upon awakenig she finds a note with sketching supplies w/a note "Don't stop"

She smiles.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Jason Morgan

Yesterday, Elizabeth in the hospital recuperating from the fire that was started by her first born having dreams of the tragic event...with the boys safe and sound alone in her hospital room it is evident that she misses Jason....after a stressful visit with Carly Jax. Elizabeth begins to sketch later she asked Lulu for a very big favor....Lulu delivers the present to Jason at his birthday party thrown by the Jaxes, it is of their son....he is deeply moved.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Jason Interrupted

As he desparately seeks to gain entry into Elizabeth' hospital room Jason is interrupted by his Lt Max of a situation regarding the underworld activities of a top crime lord who is trying to take the Corinthos organization down, with Sonny out of down he must attend to the business of day to day operations; still , he comes back to Elizabeth' hospital room to find her w/Dr. Julian, so again, can not gain access visibly disappointed Jason backs away sighs and holds his head against the wall.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth suddenly responds to the door opening in her hospital room; perchance it is Jason Morgan the man she loves she knows he came to her however it is her doctor. Dr. Julian informs Elizabeth that she must stay in the hospital. He commends her on her bravery in saving her son's life
but informs her of the importance of not re-opening a wound that almost caused her to bleed excellent nurse she realizes he is correct and is concerned about who will take care of Cameron and Jacob during her recuperation.

Lucky her ex-husband who agreed to maintain her secret of paternity to keep Jake safe brings in Jake to see her who is fully recovered from his life threatening injury of smoke inhalation. She ask if he would take care of Jake and Cameron he agreed to take off a few extra days and care for the boys.

In the meantime, Jason "again" tries to gain entry but he is again stopped by Spinelli who tells him informtion regarding the kidnapping of Lulu Spencer, forced to leave visibly torn he longingly looks at the hospital door. Jason must leave to attend to the situation of a dire and quite serious nature.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


A distraught Jason Morgan is frantic to learn the condition of Jake and his mother Elizabeth...Elizabeth in and out of conciousness murmurs to save Jake as Jason approaches her hospital room he finds her ex-husband Lucky by her side

With a smile on his face he leaves silently. A master at approaching the unapproachable after over a decade in his business as a tob mob assassin,
the best.

The Romantic Fantasy of Jason Morgan and Elizabeth I. Webber

2008 -The Liason Love Story "Secrets - Their cabin in the woods"

Because he is a top mob cappo and is a dangerous enforcer the best in the country; Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber have decided to meet in private Because of thier growing intimacy and passion. However the safety of Elizabeth, Cameron, and Jacob, Jason has set up a rendevous safe one needs to know...


Elizabeth is overjoyed and thanked him "You've thought of everything, you don't know what this means to me"
Jason Morgan, "I had to be with you"
Their New Year's eve plans to be together were thwarted. Their rendevous was arranged and Elizabeth planned a romantic evening unfortunately because of a brewing mob war Jason cancelled to leave for New York....A disappointed Elizabeth surprised and overjoyed at his present of an easel and art supplies, begins to paint however, she abruptly stops, leaves...


Elizabeth's co-worker and friend Head nurse Epiphany is trying desparately to reach her son. She hasn't heard from him in quite sometime no calls during the holidays. Elizabeth listens in while during her long awaited conversation; it suddenly ends unsucessfully After an interruption in their phone conversation Epip is frantic. Elizabeth calls the police then chirps Jason Morgan.
and their love story continues...


A distraught Epiphany is inconsolable and is perplexed after listening to her son die...Elizabeth accompanies her to the coffee house to speak with the one person who can give her answers Jason Morgan...when they arrive they find Carly and Spinelli in attendance..Epiphany ask Jason to help find the murderer of her son because his world is out of her reach...Jason explains he hasn't heard from Stan and he stopped working for him awhile back..further perplexed Epip asks him to help her...Elizabeth vouches for Jason still in grief over the strangulation of his beloved sister Emily he silently agrees...during this exchange Carly is noticing their amazing chemistry she can see their love which they are still trying to hide for the safety of Elizabeth Cam and their son Jake
~Their Love Story Continues ~


It was touch and go lots of phone tag but Jason went to Elizabeth at the hospital to see her for the New Year and apologized for NYE. Elizabeth understood and said the champagn is still there...making arrangements for a sitter Elizabeth turns from her phone conversation to see Jason' bitter fatal attraction ex girlfriend who is romantically linked to Elizabeth ex-husband to plot revenge in "taking all that Elizabeth has" in another long series of stalking events and after her harassement. Jason arrives at the safehouse to find a sketch of their son and is touched...
Elizabeth arrives at the SafeHouse "You made it." She asks if he would sit for her to solve the problem of no one holding baby Jake in the sketch...later while sitting Jason says he' hungry...he runs over to sneak a peaka atthe sketch but Elizabeth quickly covers it "no peaking" He moves her hair away and nibbles i his feast of love.....he' famished...


Later at the safehhouse Elizabeth prepares to say goodbye to Jason they speak again of trying to keep Jake out of harms way...She says she is happiest when she is there with him and that she will come alone to paint...Elizabeth feels that Jason should be a part of son's life while showing him pictures she says "you should be seeing this part of Jakes life so maybe it wasn't a good idea to bring the pictures." He assures her that he is glad she did. Jason has been extremely affectionate with Elizabeth...always touching her. A last embrace they leave unbeknownst to them a picture of Jake fell to the floor.
Upon returning home Elizabeth readys her children for bed...Carly Corinthos arrives a woman from Jason' past who married Jason' mob boss (several times) now married to wealthy fiancier Jasper Jax..she had a visit from another enemy of hers and Elizabeth, Sam McCall, who spilled the beans re: Jason' being Jake' father. Carly confronts Elizabeth about the paternity of their son look and Carly says, its true...a heated exchange and a slap later Carly arrives at the office of her ex-husband to find Jason Morgan alone where she asks about Jacob Martin....
Their sexy love continues...and no one needs to know...
1.09.08Carly an old lover of a decade ago secretly is in love with Jason Morgan she expressed in the past she wanted to have his child....standing in front of Jason, Carly is supposedly very hurt that her now supposedly best friendship did not confide in her...his secret of his chld
Their conversation escalates into a heated exchange where Jason Morgan screams "this is exactly the reason why I didn't want you to know" more words however nevers satisfied she storms out of his office vowing to expose that Jacob is Jason's son so that he can share custody... despite his vehement disapproval....never respecting his wishes she storms back to Elizabeth's house for another ranting round where Elizabeth holds her own...understandably upset Elizabeth heads to the apartment of Samantha McCall where she lays it out and tells Lucky Spencer her ex-husband who has now been snared by Sam in her plot of revenge...That Sam has told Carly Jakes paternity..
Lucky takes up for Sam being attacked by Carly Sam lies explaining she was stressed out and accidently blurted it out...Elizabeth does not buy her explanation to Lucky who ask Sam can you explain it to me...Samantha plays victim but because her son' safety is in danger Elizabeth is not accepting Sams explanation.
After Lucky is called on police business Elizabeth remains to get some things straight with ex live-in lover...Samantha McCall.
Jacobs paternity is now known to one more threat Carly Jax the ex ho that won't go away.


Cameron Webber plays learned to play with matches from his friend...Elizabeth scolds him but he strikes a match Elizabeth commented that if you slam the door it sticks....Cameron strikes a match unknowingly he threw a lighted match in the trash...Elizabeth runs after Cameron after he runs out the door, the door slams.. Jake is upstairs napping and the house is filling fire and smoke, Cameron and Elizabeth is locked outside and the fire begins to spread...Elizabeth screams for Jake on the other side of the Blue Door...
The Lovers are becoming more exposed as their love grows ... they become more dangerously in love.


Jason learns of the fire and runs to Elizabeth's house at 145 and sees Cameron to learn Elizabeth has rushed their son to the hospital. She rushed to take Jake to GH only to enter a hostage situation. With her son' life at stake she pleads with a bomber who has explosives strapped to his body to let a doctor care for Jake...Sam her arch enemy who hasppens to be in the hospital assist...Elizabeth's son Jacob is attended.

Unbeknownst to Elizabeth she is bleeding profusely from a gash on her she collaspes from lack of blood Elizabeth request is "save Jake" drifting in and out of conciousness...Epiphany tells her Jason is here .Jacob Martin fights for his new life.

The bomber ask why is Jason concerned what does this mean to you. Hostages include his family, Elizabeth's colleagues are noticing the presence of Jason Morgan with quizzical expressions may be wondering the same thing....The secret lovers are becoming more exposed

"Liason on Fire"