Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"I Want To Be With You." A Power FanFiction

My inspiration for this story is that I didn't want Jamie married with children its that simple.  It follows the theme of the show but a little bit different.  I wanted to include all the characters from Season 1 and  trying something new to challenge myself, 

 My first attempt to blend hood fiction with my favorite dream couple.... Elizabeth and David will serve as plot points to help drive story.  I'm pretty nervous about this one hope you like this chapter...CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM WELCOMED!   Its the only way to make the story better.

Video swiped from #Power Jamie and Angie

The story can be read directly@ BooksieSilk website or as a PDF   Also RSS feed is available at Booksie.   Zoom your browser window 125% if the font is too small.

Ch 1 - Tonight
Ch 2 - Zero Thirty 
Ch 3 - Here's the Boss
Ch 4 - Memories of  Us
Ch 5 - All Hands on Deck
Ch 6 - Dream Catcher
Ch 7 - So You Really Want to Party?
Ch 8 - The Road Not Traveled

Coming Soon Chapter 9 - A Matter of Time

Music Sheet for Chapters 1-4 and Chapters 5-8

Sunday, October 5, 2014