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Real Drug Dealers
Rothstein, Chalky =@Tumbler 

"I'm not a gangster, I'm a businessman"  Arnold Rothstein


Stories by GirlTalk
2011 Stories

1. Silver Heart » by nikitafanx

How will Alex cope now that the secret's out? They are trapped inside of Division but will the disappearance of a body make it a whole lot harder to get out? Malex is reunited and will finally make it worth the wait and Nikita is falling for Owen... R&R.

Rated: T - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 37,693 - Reviews: 77 - Updated: 1-3-11 - Alex & Michael

2. Secrets Unknown » by tamilnadu09 reviews
"Sometimes, someone comes along and shows us who we really want to be. Who we should be." As Alex struggles with keeping her secrets, Amanda and Percy become increasingly suspicious. Set after 1x06-Michael/Alex centric. Slight Mikita & Thalex. Spoilers.
Rated: T - English - Suspense/Angst - Chapters: 21 - Reviews: 251 - Updated: 1-3-11 - Alex & Michael

3. The Results of Betrayal » by Lucy Freebird reviews
Stung by Michael's betrayal Alex decides to use his kind nature to her advantage in her mission to bring down Division. Things don't go as planned though as Alex's feelings for him start to become real. Rated T, some chapters M. R&R
Rated: T - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 17 - Updated: 1-3-11 - Alex & Michael

4. Friends and Enemies » by Mochi-girl reviews
Post-Ep 1x09. It may have been foolish but she let her heart make the call. Walking away was not an option, and all it took to convince her was remembering the excruciating pain in his eyes. She would do whatever it took to help him...
Rated: T - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 8 - - Reviews: 45 - Updated: 1-2-11 - Michael & Nikita

5. About a boy by Flor do Mal Owen's rambles about Nikita.
Rated: K - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Published: 1-2-11 - Owen & Nikita -

6. Scar Tissue » by jyorraku reviews
Michael and Nikita together again as they try to keep a black box from falling into the hands of mercenaries. But it all goes very, very wrong. Spoilers through the latest episode.
Rated: T - Angst/Suspense - Chapters: 25 - Reviews: 330 - Updated: 1-2-11 - Michael & Nikita - Complete

7. The Moment of Truth by TwistedSky reviews
Alex and Nikita plan a New Years get together to celebrate Alex's new life on the outside. Michael gets in the way. Alex plays therapist, and a new year begins. Spoilers for 1x11. Happy-ish.
Rated: T - Romance/Family - Chapters: 1 - Reviews: 11 - Published: 1-1-11 - Michael & Nikita -

8. Waiting by lylesogurrl reviews
This is a One-Shot that includes Michael and Nikita.
Rated: T - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Reviews: 3 - Published: 1-1-11 - Nikita & Michael

SuperReal  @LiveJournal

..Here '

Author's Note: LittletonPace

It's based around my original character for my Supernatural fanfiction, Andie Morgan, played by Emily Blunt. You can read the fics if you want to here on

Counting Down The Days (season 3):
We Fall Down (season 4):

But all you really need to know going into the vid is that Dean and Andie were together and then he was sent to Hell; so this video is based on what happened in those four months without him. Her best friend Cassidy (Kristen Bell) also features in the video as she was an integral part of Andie's recovery in my story.  

I’d Kill to Love You (Damon X Elena)
Your beauty casts a spell on me;
You are the only one I see.
Darkness takes control of my heart
I’d kill to love you
And I’d love to kill you
Desire courses through my every vein;
You’ve driven me to become insane.
Lust is filling up my heart
I’d kill to love you
And I’d love to kill you
I felt nothing but a bitter envy,
For the one who stole your love from me.
Jealousy thrives inside my heart
I’d kill to love you
And I’d love to kill you
I was annoyed when you fell in love with another,
But I exploded when I found out he was my brother.
Anger burns inside my heart
I’d kill to love you
And I’d love to kill you
Innocent blood shall continue to spill;
From all of those that I kill;
And it shall never stop until;
I have you in my will.
For I would kill to love you
And I would love to kill you.

Second best   by Heidi Mae © 2010 Summary: Post finale: A shocking secret is revealed changing Elena Gilbert's world forever. But she's not in it alone. Damon realizes just how much being her best friend means to him as he helps her pick up the pieces. But who will she turn to when she's whole again? T for now may change later. Takes place 2 weeks after the events of founders day. Center focus will be on the S/E/D triangle with some outside interference.  

Stories @

Just Around the River Bend » by fic-philic'chick

The aftermath of Gram's death, the teens of Mystic Falls each go through their own turmoil and the result is a great friendship between Bonnie and Stefan and a new love for Damon and Bonnie. What happens when Elena and Damon start having an affair?  Rated: T -  Romance/Drama


Accident by hargiteam42

This is a Grey's Anatomy site with a bit of a twist,  specialize in fan fiction about unconventional Grey's couples. Its fun to imagine Shonda shaking up the canvas a bit, right? But don't worry!  Also have forums for classic couples so you can post and read all types of Grey's fan fics to your heart's content.

Grey's Anatomy Fan Fiction (Delicious Infatuation)

affiliated with the Yahoo Groups Amorous Intent, Amorous Intent Adult, and Romantic Intent, fanlistings for those who love to watch Law and Order: Criminal Intent and who enjoy reading about romantic relationships among the main characters. Friendship and general fiction are welcome as well. Criminal Master

Where characters do what we want them to...

Delicious Infatuation 
Bones Fan Fiction 
Brothers and Sisters Fan Fiction  
Roswell Fan Fiction

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Eric Northman Stories

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Eric Northman Gifs
Fiction@ Archive of our Own 

2012 Stories: Kiss Me Undead by XGorgeousNightmareX

Anikka came from a royal family, always having anything she ever wanted she never needed to worry about lack of food or a place to sleep for the night. Until the day her perfect world came crashing down around her.

An arranged marriage has been formed with someone she can not stand. Her teacher has fallen madly in love with her and to top it all of she is dealing with a Viking Vampire named Eric who wishes to make her is. The life she knew is far from perfect now, and to get through it all she will need the help of her new friends.

Swedish Meatball, For all things Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd   ASkarsgasms

Dennis O'Hare's Russell Edgington at his best  Season 5 
"Like sucking on heaven...."
 I am 3,000 years old, I'm stronger than all of you combined."
The Scene: Excellent Acting all around...reactions from the actors the finest! 

Alexander Skarsgard and True Blood @ The Dome
Featuring Reese Witherspoon as Sookie Stackhouse

Shitheel  Death’s Door  Precious  Breathless  One Shots

Piece of Glass
 After Sookie has rejected Eric's love, he has chosen to end his immortal life. Will she go back to the Viking era and save him from meeting his true death? This is how I think S4 should have ended. Written by the author of "Bound to the Prince".

Deep down below the world, in a place long forgotten, a sinister, old power awakened. It reared its ugly head and sniffed the moldy air, blindly searching for something in the heart of the darkness where it dwelled. Feeling an instant, excruciating hunger, the thing tried to scream out with pain, yet only uttered dry, croaking sounds of desperation. It had slept for a very long time and, without nourishment, its senses didn't work properly. Writhing and cringing with need, it didn't even know what it was that it so urgently craved. But after a while, the presence began to feel that something was moving outside, far above the vault where its corpse had been rotting for over a century.

There were beings moving up there in the light, on the other side of the thick walls that surrounded the prison of this presence. Living, breathing creatures. The thing felt a sudden overwhelming hate that returned to its mind like an old friend. It could hear them suck in the air greedily, so determined to continue with their worthless lives. It also heard the steady thump, thump, thump of the hearts that pumped the essence of life through their breakable bodies. The presence began to shiver with anticipation as it imagined how it would rip those delicious organs right out of the creatures' bodies with its sharp claws. It would eat their hearts and indulge in the taste of their living bowels, drinking their warm, red blood while they were still dying and watching.

Unexpectedly, a single ray of light broke through a crack in the old walls, and lighted up a small spot on the floor, not far from the place where the thing meandered on the floor like a blind, dried-out snail. It tried to get to the light, instinctively moving towards the seductive source of energy. Choked, agonized moans came from its throat and echoed in the emptiness of the vault. A trail of slime and decay was left on the floor where the thing had crawled. Finally it reached its goal and raised a trembling, withered hand into the sunbeam, bathing in the glorious warmth of the light.
It was back, soon to rise to power again. And this time, it would kill them all.

Ohva's Spare Time, A Handsome Devil with a Cigarette, Santress, Way of the Guns, Of Sabres and Swedes, Trueblue, Blue Butterfly

Eric and Sookie Lovers  

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True Blood Final Season


Annabelle "Genie" DePriest is struggling to make ends meet with her low paying job. So to get more money for the custody battle against her ex-husband she gets an unconventional night a phone sex operator. Now all she has to do is get the best attorney her money can buy. Max Richardson is living the dream. He's one of the top divorce attorneys in the city, he's got more money that he could spend in a lifetime and could make the panties fall off of any woman with just a smile. Yet his family curse has sent more women running than he'd care to remember. But the sound of one woman's voice has him yearning for more.
 by The Muses

Disaster follows best friends Eric, Jason, JB and Hoyt whenever they party together. They have ruined every wedding they have ever attended, so the decision is made that they are banned from attending Alcide's wedding unless they can find girlfriends ... 

Alcide @

A retelling of Saints & Sinners from Alcide’s perspective. The family man struggles to get his life back together.


Beautifully Broken  Author: [info]spirited_lizard Character(s)/Pairing: Eric/Sookie, Sookie/Alcide, some OCs in the background 
NC-17   Type: Het  Warning: violence, sexual content, implied sexual assault, language

Summary: Eric Northman is confused. Confused by the feelings he has for Sookie Stackhouse. His mind is playing games on him and lets him dream and fantasize about her all the time. But there’s no easy way to make Sookie “his”. First, she hates him, it seems. And second, there’s other trouble with the name of Alcide Herveaux. When a new werewolf pack comes to Shreveport, Louisiana they make two mistakes – they underestimate Eric, and threaten Sookie.    Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3

My Night with Alcide M Eric's invitation has been rescinded and he departs through the window leaving Alcide and Sookie to contemplate timing again.
 Author: FreyaWarriorMaiden  Sam Merlotte  Jason and Jessica

                       Hoyt and Jessica

Gone, Gone Gone..

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Old Primetime Fiction. Obsession Confession Tara's Tales

 Tara Thornton is Sookie's abrasive best friend who's never been able to shake her troubled youth. Though there's pain and rage within, it's her loyalty and love for Sookie that ultimately puts her life in danger.

Tara Thornton Gifs

Psyche Paradise ( Loic Vanpoucke Mix) by Claude Challe on Grooveshark Yes, she has fans with Pamela, I don't like her as a lesbian but whatevah!  I support Rutina's staying on the show so there you have it.  However, many Rutina fans miss Sam and Tara because she is getting shit this season. There is nothing for her other than following Pam around in her madness over Eric. No wonder she wants Tara back with Sam. They have a large  an of lesbian shippers  starting from season 5 they call themselves Tamela True Blood - Pam and Tara; It's canon, bitches. Plus any other non-canon subtext chat
1. Epic Love Story: A Pam and Tara Novel » by Divineress reviews
Pam and Tara find true love and in the process save the known universe, become goddesses, create peace and harmony and sunlit dreams for us all, and live happily ever after, all with a crazy cool soundtrack playing in the background; and it was totally epic. This is a True Blood Parody. True Blood - Fiction Rated: M - English - Romance/Parody - Chapters: 15 - Words: 340,461 - Reviews: 78 - Updated: 7-4-13 - Published: 3-16-13 - - Pam/Tara T.
2. Terms Of Endearment » by Lady Dudley reviews
A series of drabbles about the different names Eric has had for Pam over the years. *NEW Chapter Added* True Blood - Fiction Rated: K - English - Humor/Friendship - Chapters: 14 - Words: 3,643 - Reviews: 39 - Updated: 4-16-13 - Published: 9-30-11 - - Eric N./Pam - Complete
3. Love Song of Separation by psychedoubt reviews
Pam sent Tara away out of fear. Their bond had grown and expanded to a level that Pam no longer knew how to face. /With what heartache do we know that lets our feet walk us in circles back to that which makes us weak?/ True Blood - Fiction Rated: M - English - Romance/General - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,146 - Reviews: 9 - Updated: 4-11-13 - Published: 4-11-13 - - Pam/Tara T. - Complete
4. Somewhere a Clock is Ticking » by Ly Merrick reviews
Quinn finds herself jealous and confused when her former best friend becomes Rachel Berry's protector and confidante. Faberry w/ Pezberry Friendship Glee - Fiction Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 13 - Words: 105,720 - Reviews: 252 - Updated: 1-13-13 - Published: 7-18-11 - - Quinn F./Rachel B. - Complete
5. We Were Always Meant To Say Goodbye » by Crazeeee reviews
'You can't undo anything you've already done but you can face up to it. You can tell the truth. You can seek forgiveness.' When Rachel returns to McKinley High after summer break, she finds that Quinn Fabray has changed in more ways than one. Glee - Fiction Rated: M - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 24 - Words: 127,412 - Reviews: 453 - Updated: 12-9-12 - Published: 2-5-11 - - Quinn F./Rachel B.
6. Family by frostingdoodle reviews
Some months after the Authority's downfall, Pam comes to realise something. True Blood - Fiction Rated: T - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,533 - Reviews: 11 - Updated: 9-22-12 - Published: 9-22-12 - - Pam/Tara T. - Complete
 FanForum -  True Blood - Pam and Tara;
It's canon, bitches. Plus any other non-canon subtext chat

Gold & Ebony

Pamela carried herself with a cold, regal air. Gold. She was pure gold. Her lover was the polar opposite for Tara was ebony and like a black panther, she prowled. Her hooded gaze never wavered from her prey as her lean and powerful body that had been kissed by the night vibrated with a potent need. A need for her Maker. She pounced.

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Pam & Tara T. - Words: 1,551 -  Published: 09-13-13 - Status: Complete -

2013  --  Stories 
Instead of Pam coming to Tara's aid, that fateful night Debbie Pelt shot her, Bill and Eric get to the scene. And only one of them is able to become Tara's maker. Guess which one of them? Hint: which vampire does Tara hate more...
 Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Drama - Chapters: 35 -  Updated: 4-12-13 - Published: 2-15-13 Tara T. & Eric N. - Complete
Tara Compton: Vampire Queen of Louisiana 
In the sequel to 'True Tara', Tara and Bill are now married but hardly settled down, as Eric Northman bides his time until he can force Tara, and the babies, to be with him. And Alcide has a surprise or two up his sleeve as well, with regards to winning Tara's love.
Northman Vs Thornton » reviews
In the final story of the 'True Tara' trilogy, Eric Northman finds a way to bind Tara to him forever, but as per the norm with this couple and their lives, that will be the least of their problems. A violently jealous ghost, a poisoning and a few misdeeds from the past, threaten to derail Eric and Tara for good.
Trueblood@Tumbler @ Wiki » True Blood » Stories @ Archives of our own
Author: Franklin's Muse  1. Strawberries, Red Wine and Blood is could be considered an extended version of Chapter 3 Formidable Flower. Rated: M - Published: 8-24-10 - 2. Formidable Flower I'm certainly going a different direction  so you could call this a remake of S3.  Rated: M - Published: 8-20-10 3. Meet Franklin Mott   This is my attempt to give the intriguing character a background. Even if he does not live on the show, he will live on in my work. Hope you enjoy...  Rated: M - Published: 7-14-10 4. Franklin and Tara This is my extended version of the night at Merlotte's when Franklin and Tara meet and have there "mind blowing" encounter.  Rated: M 5. Flight Risk Tara tried to escape from the lonely and obsessive Franklin only to be captured and brought back to him by a werewolf named Cooter. This is my spin on the season 3 episode called 'Trouble'...Genre: Erotica  Warnings: Strong Sexual Content
Dialogue/Pictorama of Franklin and Tara Many Roads to You, Tara Obsesssion Confession A community for Franklin/Tara fiction @
True Blood fic @ LiveJournal Sam Merlotte and Tara Thornton Stories
The Hurricane meets The Tornado by FranklinsMuse  Rated: Mature Content [Reviews - 2]
Summary: Franklin is smart, successful and sexy. He is also, violent, obsessive and lonely. Tara is witty, beautiful and resourceful. She is also erratic, impulsive and self destructive. What will happen when the two storms meet? This is my own spin on what happened the night Tara and Franklin meet at Merlottes in the episode titled 'Beautifully Broken'
live What's In Your Life For Me? by PriscillaPal Rated: Mature Content starstarstarstarstar 
[Reviews - 48] New!
Summary: Tara Thornton is trying like hell to ease out of Vampire Franklin Mott's bed and life. But the incident that brought them together, coupled with secrets from the recent past, won't let her slip away that easily. Warnings: Strong Sexual Content  Chapters: 8 Table of Contents Completed: No  Word count: 22622 Read Count: 3148  Updated: 08/17/10
There are people dead and alive that would love to find peace in Louisana and those people will try anything to get it. Even a very unlikely pair. (Tara/Eric) Classification: Alternate Universe Genre: Drama, Erotica, Horror, Romance, Science Fiction Warnings: Adult Situations, Dark Fic, Strong Sexual Content Chapters: 12 Table of Contents Completed: No Word count: 9940 Read Count: 8837
Tara's Pretty sure that whatever this is won't end well...
PenName: LadyOfSpring Characters: Tara Thornton Classification: Alternate Universe Genre: Horror, Romance Pairings: None Warnings: Dark Fic, Dubcon, Strong Sexual Content
 What if Franklin had bitten Tara the night they had sex? Unfortunately, Franklin takes things a bit too far and now Tara must deal with the consequences. Will she ever forgive him now that she is cursed with immortality? Can centuries of waiting and separation be overcome to reunite theseestranged lovers? Massive AU. True Blood fic.
Characters: Tara Thornton Classification: Alternate Universe Genre: Drama, Erotica, Romance Warnings: Dark Fic, Strong Sexual Content Challenges: They're Playing Our Song Challenge Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Completed: Yes Word count: 4416
As an adult she'd gradually lost everything, including her free will and the only man who loved her as she was. Now there was a vampire with a hard-on for violence calling on her. Whatever happened next would involve a lot of blood." Characters: Tara Thornton Genre: Drama  Pairings: Male/Female Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Completed: Yes Word count: 1372 Updated: 06/27/10
A Christmas Kiss can be as deadly as a Christmas Wish. Jason Stackhouse discovers this the hard way. Classification: Supernatural Genre: Horror Warnings: Extreme Language, Strong Sexual Content Challenges: The "All I Want For Christmas" Challenge Chapters: 2 Table of Contents Completed: Yes Word count: 4398  Updated: 12/11/09 October 2008  Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t  Author: kereia Characters/Pairings: Jason/Tara  Rating: R Word Count: 2670  S1x04 “Escape from Dragon House” Warnings: explicit sexual situations, swearing Summary: Tara finally gets what she wants, only to realize that she doesn’t want it at all.
 Fan Art Gallery@Wiki: Rio Collection  Welcome Home Tara Thornton by handleit Stories by Kendra.
Torn for Two »   by Kendrat 199
She will be his undoing, and he, hers. A Franklin/Tara story with all the other characters of Bon Temps mixed in. Every genre will be mixed in, so hold onto your hats. Follows season 3 and will sometimes leave a set path due to my imagination. R&R
Rated: T -  Mystery/Romance  Published: 6-30-10

Tara and Eric.
Rated: T -  Drama/Romance Published: 4-30-10
4. Souls are for losers » by Ififall
Franklin's thoughts about helping Tara fight back.
Rated: T -  Published: 7-4-10
5. Walk me at midnight » by Ififall
Sam and Tara decide to try to have a "normal" relationship but has Sam ruined his chances when she finds out his secret?

Rated: T - Published: 7-6-10
6. Stranglehold » by Mary Jane Parker 
A short look at Tara, Sam, and Maryanne written before the S2 premiere. Rated: K+ -  Angst -Published: 1-1-10
Tam Shippers A Community for fans of Sam/Tara

Author: vampirelissy14  Franklin/Tara Just a Taste  Rating: PG-13 Summary: Tara makes an important request of Franklin. Leave This Mess Behind   Rating: R  S3x09, but takes an entirely different direction and goes AU. 
Summary: All it takes is a moment to change everything.
Author's note: Fic therapy. It was needed. An Invitation For Disaster" Rating: PG-13 S3 AU, vampire!Tara Summary: Franklin and Tara attend a dinner party thrown by Russell and Talbot. Mayhem ensues. Precious and Simple Things, Rating: PG-13,  S3 AU Summary: It's the simple moments that typically are the best. Don't Walk Away, Rating: Season3X03 Summary: What if Franklin went after Tara when she left the motel room? And what if he convinced her to come back? Warnings: Fluff. Not sure how I manage it with these two, but there you go. Then again I think everyone kind of agrees that Tara really *needs* fluff right now... Lavender, Rating: R  Spoilers: S3 AU Summary: Romantic moments between Franklin and Tara. The Best Intentions  Rating: PG13  S3 Summary: Sometimes a second chance is really all that's needed It's a Date Rating: PG-13 S3x02 Summary: In the aftermath of thier encounter in Merlotte's parking lot, Tara and Franklin get closer. A LOT closer.