Monday, August 25, 2008

The plot thickens in lock up and its about a blond...

Anthony Zacchara's employee Ric Lansing pays him a visit. Another Elizabeth ex husband, he tells this ex, if you want to help, get out....Next Anthony Zacchara pays the man who burned his house down a visit. After he threatens to kill him he's rolled away.

....Another guest, Claudia, comes with yet another request, this time, can she use his protegee's computer skills and reminds him of his promise to help her. Jason says no.

The escape of Johnny Zacchara and its best case scenario. His attorney explains that helping Johnny escape makes LuLu an accessory...Jason wants nothing told to the cops. It will remain as it is; she is a hostage, that's it, end of story. He'll cover for the people he cares about....

Jason meets with his attorney, again, who is trying to get his charges dropped. He learns of Sonny's meet with a woman at the Metro Ct..and Anthony Zacchara Diane feels these actions make little sense because of his Micheal's shooting ..

Meanwhile, Elizabeth learns of LuLu's predicament from Lucky Spencer, he knows his sister trusts her because of her situation with Jason. Elizabeth tries to comfort Lucky.

Later she visits the woman in behalf of the ex-husband she taunted to take away while still married to her. Now she goes to plead his case; overcoming their affair to champion their relationship. Lucky needs someone to help him during this time, while his sister is on the run...Elizabeth surprises herself in being there defending the relationship of a woman who terriorized her while with her children.

Jason has yet another visit from Claudia she has heard from her brother.

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