Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just one touch

Elizabeth arrives to their cabin in the woods in a frenzy frantic to be with is raining snow tired and she felt drowsy and once closed her eyes. She runs to his arms happy to see him...she to clean up just to be safe in his arms away from the hospital and always he understands her need as he feels the same....and he comforts her and they fall asleep entwined...Jason fast asleep,
Startled Elizabeth awakens remembering her drive in...Jason fast asleep she nestles herself safe in his arms...

Elizabeth awakens refreshed anew, as she stares out of their safehouse window...lamenting on events of the night before when Elizabeth spoke of a middle ground..she wants to be with him and the children..they pay tribute to their history on this morn. Jason who rarely discusses his brain injury explains how he's wired...Elizabeth understands that his psychology is either or and but ask if there can be a way to be together is there middle ground.

Elizabeth calls her grandmother to ask of the boys...they are fine she stays longer with her lover. Jason returns from gathering wood to tell her there is blood on her car....

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