Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Let It Rain Down"

Jason and Elizabeth continue their separate lives.

Elizabeth who has been accused and written up for not dispensing medication to a patient. Jason at Michael's bedside as he is being prepared to be moved to a long term facility remains comatose.

Jason is in pain over his nephew's condition even more distraught and guilt ridden he believes he has set this all in motion with his violent lifestyle by not keeping him safe. He continues rehashimg the what harm he caused Michael Corinthos.

They meet by chance in the hospital Jason says "Elizabeth, I can't do this." She catches a glimpse of his pain....nonetheless, he is determined to find more about the shooting of Michael.

Elizabeth takes Cameron to a sleep over she gets a flat tire on the roadside with her keys locked in the car she gets out to check the tire in the downpour Elizabeth is locked out, in a rain storm. Stranded, she hears a sound, a motorcycle there is a headlight and there he is Jason Morgan. She runs to his arms.

"How did you find me?"

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