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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tea and Sympathy Excerpt III

In this excerpt,  Model Dave will call upon Angela to get her take on why Elle refuses go out with him.  She'll reveal more than she should.  The setting is New York, New York.

As you probably guessed by now my favorite romantic themes are repressed love, or/and unrequited love.  I'm also interested in men who are in love with the woman they are pursuing but not aggressive where it would be categorized as threatening stalkerish... This excerpt should be up soon. Again I can't emphasize enough this is not an Elizabeth Webber as in General Hospital.  In the meantime their story begins here:

Chapters: 1. Tonight , 2 Zero Thirty

Saturday, November 22, 2014

My inspiration for this story is basic,  I didn't want Jamie stuck married with children its that simple.  It follows the theme of the show but a little bit different.  I wanted to include all the characters from Season 1 and  trying something new to challenge myself, 

My first attempt to blend hood fiction (aka Urban fiction) with my favorite dream couple.... Elizabeth and David will serve as plot points to help drive story.  I'm pretty nervous about this one hope you like it I'm publishing the Elizabeth/David centric chapters here ... And yes they will have a spin off fiction of their own. Where Jamela will serve as plot points...CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM WELCOMED!   Its the only way to make the story better.  
The story can be read directly@ BooksieSilk website or as a PDF   Also RSS feed is available at  Booksie.   Zoom your browser window 125% if the font is too small.

This is gritty urban fiction based on Starz' Power so its a lot of cussin' and fussin' explicit sex scenes OK? So if you're not into that genre of storytelling this isn't the story for you. 

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Chapters:  1 - Tonight, 2 - Zero Thirty, 3 - Here's the Boss, 4 - Memories of  Us,  5 - All Hands on Deck,  6 - Dream Catcher,  7 - So You Really Want to Party?  8 - The Road Not Traveled,
 9 - A Matter of Time, 10 - Ice, 11 - Lover's Holiday, 12 Cookies and Milk

Coming Soon Chapter 13 - Rain

Music Sheet:  Chapters 1-4 and Chapters 5-8  Chapters 9-12.   For those of you who live outside of US and can't get Spotify  like Latoya from Jamaica three of Ch 9-12 songs are here on the mix.