Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tender Moments

Jason is engulfed with a lot on his plate and mob boss Sonny Corinthos increasingly dissatisfaction about putting "business first" as its always been. However, Jason has not found the strangler who killed his sister, his lover's hit and run accident. There were many drivers on Tuckerton Road she may not have done it. With the meeting of the five families, and a brewing mob war stirring the pot and Sonny' issues with his disgruntled son seeking revenge on killing his aunt (Jason's sister) and Leticia his beloved nanny. Jason is also overwrought..

However new details begins to unfold, Elizabeth while on duty speaks with Prince Nikolas Cassidine who then collapses in her arms. Locked in his seizure are the visions that hold the key to who murdered his fiance, her best friend, and Jason' sister become clear. Elizabeth shouts for help but wanting to find out who murdered her friend lets the episode continue after Nik urges her so he can see the killer. In the midst of this Elizabeth is reprimanded by an Oncologist that she is unprofessional and this seizure could kill him.... Dr. Ian Develin pontificates everyone involved.

Elizabeth cells her lover with this new information. Jason arrives, they talk and the question of them being together Elizabeth's ask. At that moment...Sonny beckons in concern regarding a situation rudely summoning him so Jason can't, Elizabeth understands and then he kisses her.

Their love story continues

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