Friday, September 5, 2008

Who 's running it while smug in your own superiority?

Still being held, speaking with Carly; now its about her cousin...he explains how LuLu killed Logan Hayes. After that, another visit from Claudia who got in saying they were "smitten" with each other. She's heard from her brother. Yet again, desparate ..."I need you to help me find Johnny"

He advises her not to take a chance just wait for his call..she can't wait.

"Would you just write off someone that you love that easily, just accept that you would never see them again for the rest of your life and just walk away without a second thought?"

He believes that sometimes the hardest thing is accepting that you're no good for people you love. He thinks of his life that escaoes him.

Next in a parade of vistors enters Maxi Jones, the police commissioner's daughter bears news from Scott Baldwin. "How can you help him locked up in here?"

"I never said I could"

The ex mob lord of Port Charles, offers help, as his friend and mentor, he feels Jason's business is at risk and he's vulnerable to rivals. You can't hold your territory. He speaks about leverage..He feels no one is "handling things" while he's detained.

"Who is running things while you are locked up?" Jason explains himself, that there is nothing to worry about..."Sonny, do you want the business back?"


Finally, Jason is released and heads straight over to Claudia Zacchara's where he has another encounter with his nemeses of sorts. Rick Lansing speaks to him of loyalty. Heated words are exchanged then he drops a bombshell.

Sonny is working with Andre Karpov. Claudia sighs. Jason shows no emotion.

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