Saturday, July 12, 2008

In Good Company, You're the only one...

Jason doesn't trust the woman whom he has been quarantined with and has made it clear, deflecting all her advances of help.

"Stay away from me, leave me alone, don't touch me, you can leave now" were lost on her.

Spinelli continues to champion a woman he's known less than 24 hours but Jason doesn't indulge her or waiver, his position is clear. She continues her flirtatious Florence Nightingale attempts to sponge bath him, to feed him soup, to wipe his brow. "No, no no"

She got it and threw in the towel.

Finally, his fever breaks, no secrets revealed, quarantined lifted. Just as he thought he could be rid of her. Spinelli falls to the fever while babbling he is rushed to General Hospital.

Elizabeth Webber is on duty. The very family that is keeping them apart she sees them not only together but in public. Perplexed, she only stares. Its obvious, she is hurt, but assists, explains that all is well with his protogee.

For a moment in time she can freely go to him after learning he too was felled by the fever. They sit and speak of only him. Unlike Claudia telling him about himself, he welcomes her voice, her touch as she strokes his brow, he doesn't pull back, repelled but leans in. She shares a dozen words with him. Her voice, the familiar touch has a calming influence on Jason who is of few words but says words she longs to hear.

"The only one that I want, can't come near me, I'd rather be alone."

Its been nearly two months since the cabin in the woods.

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