Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Nebulous Interruption

Jason continues to do best for those he loves no matter the cost. He excuses himself with a longing look to Elizabeth She then speaks to Robin about being in love with someone who can't give you a future and advises that "now is all we have."

Jason returns home to find Carly perched and ready with more ongoing drama, this time, on the worst night of her life. Jason can only respond, "What are you doing here?"

In his office with Spinelli; Diane later informs him of a murder. Logan Hayes who has a history of violence with Jason Morgan's organization is dead. Jason is promptly held for 24 hours and appears in a line up.

Again more Carly marital woes tells Jason her quest to humiliate the fiancee of her ex husband. Jason dismisses her then ask Spinelli for footage of the area in front of Nikolas's clinic; where Logan's body was dumped. Again Maxi is there and is asked to leave; Jason finds her busybody ways unsettling. He has an idea who murdered Logan. While investigating her car; Claudia Zacchara arrives pointng a gun at him...within moments he is re-arrested by the PCPD.

"I have nothing to say without my attorney."

Another 48 hrs, Claudia asks him to recommend her a lawyer.

He finds himself again sequestered with the woman who has been instructed to kill him.

Elizabeth can't forget his piercing stare, pale blue eyes on a moonlit night.

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