Monday, December 15, 2008

More Than This

Elizabeth now realizes there is more to this issue of safety vs danger; Jason feels unworthy of her because of the life he's chosen over her and his son. Still, he didn't renounce his love and that alone gives her a jumpstart in what lies ahead. She is willing to take that chance.

Jason after leaving her abruptly after their warm embrace and words of love knows they should be together, he loves her and they have a child together. But they can't be.

He returns to his office and promptly reads Spinelli the riot act and clearly re-expresses to his private information hosted online; he tells him not to do something but he still does it anyway...He is a mob lord whose profile can not be hosted for some "online dating." He asked if Maxi has something to do with it.

Poor Spinelli confesses she prompted him but it was his doing in hopes by informing Elizabeth of an untrue affair with Russian mob lawyer Sasha only would prompt her to act accordingly...Jason doesn't like this. He doesn't want her hurt in anyway.

He's furious with Spinelli and doeszn't hide it, he lights into his meddling. Spinelli defends himself with all good intentions to make him see that Elizabeth is indeed his perfect match, still upset he dismissess him yet with another warning of do not do not make his personal life his concern and then comes a knock, enters Kate Howard through his door

"What do you need?"

She extends an invitation to her wedding to Sonny Corinthos and points out his ambivalent feelings about her.

Jason refuses, "I can't."