Saturday, February 16, 2008

"You oughta know"

Alas, Elizabeth was able to see and hold Jason Morgan on the roof top of the hospital; there she admitted she almost told Lucky the truth.

But a bitter Spam McCall will not leave Elizabeth alone she hobbles up to the front desk for more petty confrontation. She spends energy after being ran over trying to dissect Elizabeth motives not understanding that Elizabeth has been married twice to the same cop and twice to the same lawyer who is now district attorney. However, Elizabeth is not deterred by her not so veiled threat to have Lucky look further into the advice she gives Prince Nikolas Cassidine in regards to his confessing he may be the hit and run driver....

Elizabeth recognized did not back and immediately stood toe to toe with the con-artist, thief and prostitute who is now a Every Day Hero.
and stood toe to toe and didn't back down.

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