Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Missed Kiss"

Elizabeth and Jason continue circling around the Hit and Run....Elizabeth is increasingly guilty about it not a malicous person she wants to step forward but is honoring Jason's wishes to wait until he can uncover more information. She speaks with her colleague Epiphany about her heart attack, the death of her son and how much she is missed. Her concern for the murderer of her best friend as well as Prince Nikolas seizures and declining health..she is concerned as Jason on many levels uppermost the fear she will be facing time away from her children.

Jason Morgan her handsome mob enforcer lover too is overwhelmed, navigating a brewing mob war, the murderer of his sister, trying to continue is calming influence on Sonny Corinthos increasing demands, and to clear the mother of his child. He and Sonny are becoming more and more at odds. Now his nephew adopted son of Micheal "Sonny" Corinthos is missing...More and more evidence seems to imply that the text message killer is not all what it seems to be despite several suspects who have yet to pan out.

Jason and Elizabeth almost kiss in the hospital was just missed by financeer corporate raider Jasper Jax. It seems they can not contain this love. Still being Elizabeth stands at the door of her enemy the woman she may have hit as her door opens; Elizabeth comes face to face with a predator of women....the "text message killer"

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