Tuesday, January 29, 2008

~Stay Away From Me and My Children~

Concerned after a conversation with her ex-husband Elizabeth arrives at his home to discover Jason Morgan ex girlfriend at his home alone carrying Jacob Martin in her arms..Elizabeth infused with the memory of her setting her and her children up to be terriorized by armed thugs and her watching as Jake was kidnapped consumed and ignited a fiery retort and words with this woman consumed by revenge of Jason.

Elizabeth takes her child from her arms suddenly she feels dizzy as she continues her verbal confrontation Elizabeth collapsis..A supposedly concerned offers help....Elizabeth refuses however blood is pouring from her legs....her stitches have re-opened..

Lucky arrives to suggest that she continues to watch over Jake while he takes her back to the hospital .....He doesn't know the past nefarious deeds of his new love intrest who began an affair with Elizabeth's ex-husband for revenge.

Meanwhile across town Jason Morgan prompted by call for a clandestine meeting, enters Kelly's Diner to hear a scream he runs towards the sound to discover a dead body hanging from the rafters and an open window ......

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