Sunday, March 2, 2008

Desparation on Hangman's Bridge.

Elizabeth comes face to face with the a killer of four. A struggle pursues and Elizabeth awakens handcuffed inside a car....she learns the identity of the man who murdered her best friend, Dr. Emily Quartermaine, Diego Alcazar....she asks why and "because she is Jason Morgan's sister in revenge for him killing his father." Notorius international crime lord Lorenzo Alcazar.

Elizabeth retaliates by striking him they crash through barriers and the car hangs in balance over the rushing cold river. Elizabeth takes advantage of Diego's unconciousness successfully retrieving the keys to unlock her...the car teetering on edge she about to escape but muffled noises from the trunk startles her; as an enraged Diego pulls her back in she then realizes her arch enemy is in the trunk...

Lucky Spencer is driving on the bridge sees the teetering car, calls it in and steps out, he is immediately shot....

Jason Morgan is appraised of this situation after finding a cell phone with the recording Sam McCall being taken and his top Lt Max call to him murmuring only "Elizabeth."

Prince Nikolas Cassidine informs him after his death seizure in order to remember who the TMK from the Black and White Ball informs Jason that it is Diego Alcazar...A killer is in hunt of his prey, the killer of his beloved sister. Jason Morgan is on the move.

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