Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Missed Kiss"

Elizabeth and Jason continue circling around the Hit and Run....Elizabeth is increasingly guilty about it not a malicous person she wants to step forward but is honoring Jason's wishes to wait until he can uncover more information. She speaks with her colleague Epiphany about her heart attack, the death of her son and how much she is missed. Her concern for the murderer of her best friend as well as Prince Nikolas seizures and declining health..she is concerned as Jason on many levels uppermost the fear she will be facing time away from her children.

Jason Morgan her handsome mob enforcer lover too is overwhelmed, navigating a brewing mob war, the murderer of his sister, trying to continue is calming influence on Sonny Corinthos increasing demands, and to clear the mother of his child. He and Sonny are becoming more and more at odds. Now his nephew adopted son of Micheal "Sonny" Corinthos is missing...More and more evidence seems to imply that the text message killer is not all what it seems to be despite several suspects who have yet to pan out.

Jason and Elizabeth almost kiss in the hospital was just missed by financeer corporate raider Jasper Jax. It seems they can not contain this love. Still being Elizabeth stands at the door of her enemy the woman she may have hit as her door opens; Elizabeth comes face to face with a predator of women....the "text message killer"

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tender Moments

Jason is engulfed with a lot on his plate and mob boss Sonny Corinthos increasingly dissatisfaction about putting "business first" as its always been. However, Jason has not found the strangler who killed his sister, his lover's hit and run accident. There were many drivers on Tuckerton Road she may not have done it. With the meeting of the five families, and a brewing mob war stirring the pot and Sonny' issues with his disgruntled son seeking revenge on killing his aunt (Jason's sister) and Leticia his beloved nanny. Jason is also overwrought..

However new details begins to unfold, Elizabeth while on duty speaks with Prince Nikolas Cassidine who then collapses in her arms. Locked in his seizure are the visions that hold the key to who murdered his fiance, her best friend, and Jason' sister become clear. Elizabeth shouts for help but wanting to find out who murdered her friend lets the episode continue after Nik urges her so he can see the killer. In the midst of this Elizabeth is reprimanded by an Oncologist that she is unprofessional and this seizure could kill him.... Dr. Ian Develin pontificates everyone involved.

Elizabeth cells her lover with this new information. Jason arrives, they talk and the question of them being together Elizabeth's ask. At that moment...Sonny beckons in concern regarding a situation rudely summoning him so Jason can't, Elizabeth understands and then he kisses her.

Their love story continues

Saturday, February 16, 2008

"You oughta know"

Alas, Elizabeth was able to see and hold Jason Morgan on the roof top of the hospital; there she admitted she almost told Lucky the truth.

But a bitter Spam McCall will not leave Elizabeth alone she hobbles up to the front desk for more petty confrontation. She spends energy after being ran over trying to dissect Elizabeth motives not understanding that Elizabeth has been married twice to the same cop and twice to the same lawyer who is now district attorney. However, Elizabeth is not deterred by her not so veiled threat to have Lucky look further into the advice she gives Prince Nikolas Cassidine in regards to his confessing he may be the hit and run driver....

Elizabeth recognized did not back and immediately stood toe to toe with the con-artist, thief and prostitute who is now a Every Day Hero.
and stood toe to toe and didn't back down.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

"He didn't do it"

Elizabeth is busy at work as her shift begins many things are occupying her mind. Her duties include the Jason's ex-lover as her patient. She tries to find some information that will help determine if she was the driver. Unsuccessful her ex who is no longer with Jason ex shows up.. Guilt ridden she starts to tell him that she feels she is at fault for this HnR.

Lucky Spencer tells her she is not to blame that it was he who catapulted her out the door and Text Message Killer chasing her is what caused the accident. Elizabeth still trying to clear her growing conciousness was about to tell him when he said he suspects Jason because he was at the scene without reason...Elizabeth defends her lover....

Jason is also at the hospital to speak to his ex who is still bitter about Jake and his secret of not telling her about he fathered a child with Elizabeth..He ask questions but unfortunately she is still holding a grudge he gets nowhere fast and was interrupted by a Dr who defends her and questions is right to be in her room harassing her...Jason leaves and later he and Elizabeth meet on the roof of the hospital...she tells him that she was about to confess to ex. Jason seemed relieved because he has more clues and knows now there were four drivers on that road and Elizabeth may not have been the one. They embrace warmly.....

Jason arrives at Jakes the place where he and Elizabeth first met there is a mystery woman who beckons him to play pool. Jason who is preoccupied first agrees to a challenge but Spinelli hastens him away and he leaves Jakes on his mission to clear Elizabeth's name. Now he knows the Text Message Killer is still on the prowl. Jason appears more concerned than ever.

Monday, February 11, 2008

"Good" Elizabeth honor's his wishes...

Jason convinced that Elizabeth was not the only driver on the road finds more proof that it is possible she was not responsible and is putting in all efforts to clear her. He misses a top level meeting with the five families and leaves it up to his top henchman and mob lord Sonny Corinthos for the meet.

Elizabeth returns home with her children after being informed the damage has been repaired after the fire and is pleased in that everything is the same all the damage was repaired. She spends time with her children when she receives a surprise visit from one of the remaining Musketeers and ex brother-in-law Prince Nikolas Cassidine. Fiancee of her recently deceased best friend and still in shock and grief he needed to see her as she is the closest he can get to Emily (Jason's sister).

They speak on his medical condition and Elizabeth is surprised that he has not had his operation nor has he scheduled it. She advises him strongly to get the operation to save his life for the sake of his son and questions his reluctancy. She says he is lucky to be able to be with Spencer.

He does not confide to her he can see, hear, touch and speak to her friend, that the removal of his tumor will also remove his visions and this ability to be withi Emily...Elizabeth urges him for the sake of his son to get treatment.

Jason called to speak to Elizabeth during this visit and she of course could not however he managed to tell her ex suspects him of the hit and run....Later he informs her of his findings and asks that she still wait before turning herself in. Elizabeth tells Jason, that Nikolas told her he to was on the same road during the time of the accident and he blacked out and couldn't remember anything.. Jason believes now more than ever that it is a possibility she was not involved in this accident.

She confides her fears of losing, her children and him...he suggest to pick up Jake and tell him how much he is loved.

they have become closer and more intimate as secret lovers

~Their Love Story continues~

I want to spend one more time with you

After being plagued by a recurring dream the night before their wonderful morning together Elizabeth and Jason return to their safe house after learning his ex was ran over by a car. Elizabeth visited the woman who terriorized her and her children at the hospital, put two and two together and realize she could have been the one who did it. She returns Jason's previous call they meet at their cabin in the woods to tell him unknowing that he already knows.

The lovers meet and Elizabeth wishes to step forward because of "so much animosity between us" but Jason after going to the scene wants more evidence to be sure it was her car. Jason uses his vast resources to know more information. He quickly learns of others who were on the same road one car is being repaired, one was abandoned, and another was stolen...
Jason remains convinced there are other possibilities...

Later accosted by Elizabeth's ex Detective Lucky Spencer after finding out he was on the scene, "what do you know about the hit and run? Startled Jason responds with his trademark chilling stare within a sea of blue.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just one touch

Elizabeth arrives to their cabin in the woods in a frenzy frantic to be with is raining snow tired and she felt drowsy and once closed her eyes. She runs to his arms happy to see him...she to clean up just to be safe in his arms away from the hospital and always he understands her need as he feels the same....and he comforts her and they fall asleep entwined...Jason fast asleep,
Startled Elizabeth awakens remembering her drive in...Jason fast asleep she nestles herself safe in his arms...

Elizabeth awakens refreshed anew, as she stares out of their safehouse window...lamenting on events of the night before when Elizabeth spoke of a middle ground..she wants to be with him and the children..they pay tribute to their history on this morn. Jason who rarely discusses his brain injury explains how he's wired...Elizabeth understands that his psychology is either or and but ask if there can be a way to be together is there middle ground.

Elizabeth calls her grandmother to ask of the boys...they are fine she stays longer with her lover. Jason returns from gathering wood to tell her there is blood on her car....

Monday, February 4, 2008

These Dreams...."I have to take this"

Jason continues to unravel the mystery of the man who called him then was found hung supposedly a suicide. Is he really the "Text Message Killer?" Jason remains unsure that Cooper is the killer..he notices the an open window. He soon arrives at the police press conference and looks around the room... Jason doesn't appear convinced.

He later meets up with mob lord Sonny Corinthos upon his return from New York. Jason has not dealt with young Johnny Zacchara. Sonny lashes out that he wanted him dead so why hasn't it been done....

Jason is still not convinced Johnny is the culprit who ordered two hits (misses on Sonny)...Jason diffuses his rant by explaining the situation of his adopted son Micheael Corinthos..Jason his most trusted confidente calms him down to deliver rather bad news...
Michael found his gun....

Elizabeth has had a time of it with her ex and his paramour. After being cornered in her hospital room she tells Lucky her misdeeds using revenge and spite to get back at Jason using Cameron and Jake as tools..... after more badgering he finally comes to the realization that he has been lied to she awakens to find him sitting nearby and they continue to talk and heal....he leaves to go home.

Everytime her eyes close she has visions of fire, then being taunted with Jake being held still unable to sleep...Elizabeth has a nightmare. Dr. Scorpio comes to her aid..Elizabeth says she must get some rest..and she wants to go home she pulls the tubes away and picks up her phone...

"I need to be with you"

"and I need to be with you too"