Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Elizabeth Laments

Jason deep in the throes of mob business trying to avoid a mob war within the five major families and in comfort mode to Michael Corinthos who has returned and his mother because she has miscarried. Elizabeth goes on with her daily life. She has speaks with Dr.Robin Scorpio on motherhood its pitfalls....Robin speaks of Jason Morgan, she who was his early love understands him perhaps more than anyone in the years after the accident that claimed Jason Quartermaine.

Robin and Elizabeth are and have always been on friendly terms; they seem to be increasingly friendlier and have kicked back shots of tequila on their "girls night out" junkets...since Robin is pregnant there will not be another for some time to come.

Elizabeth ask Robin to watch over her children for a moment and when she returns she confides to Robin that she wants it all and is that so wrong of her....

Later on Elizabeth visits Dr. Monica Quartermaine just released and on trial for the HnR. Mob lawyer Diane Miller is her attorney who was hired by Jason Morgan. Monica and Jason' relationship has taken a tremendous blow due to the death of his sister Dr. Emily Quartermaine. Things are not the same.

Monica speaks of Emily and that she thought Elizabeth was her; Elizabeth speaks of what Emily would want of her after their embrace these two women strike another bond...Monica is not aware that Jake is her grandson. Jason feels this will help bring her joy but Elizabeth is reluctant to let anyone else know of Jake....the more who know of this secret...the more dangerous it will become.

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