Thursday, December 18, 2014


 Their story begins here:
Chapters: 1. Tonight , 2 Zero Thirty   

Elle makes a brief appearance in Chapter 13 Rain.

When Angela returns home  Elle is sitting outside her door Native American style in work clothes wearing ear buds. This is a hard time of the year for her.  So busy with work and Jamie she realizes how glad she is to see a friend.   She hugs her tightly as soon as she stands. 

"Whats that for," asks Elle.
"A long time no see hug, that's all. Why are you sitting out here why didn't you use your key?  Never mind, come on let's play catch up."  When they walk in there's piles of papers everywhere...   Elle is not a snooper she throws her coat on the sofa  heads straight to get glasses and a bottle of wine. Angie always keeps her favorite on hand, St. Emilion, she speaks in the rapid Spanish Angie taught her, "Looks like you've been busy." 

"This case, its driving me crazy.  I'm relying on one source, all my eggs in one basket, he's all I've got and its not going well.  Its up to me to find a way to break him."

"And you will. How are things with Medina and Saxe?"
"Pretty much the same .... those DEA bastards think I got lead investigator by laying on my back, not by working my ass off.  Its been weeks and there's  nothing new."  She sighs deeply, "so not looking forward going in tomorrow empty handed."

It doesn't slip by her that Angie just made a perfect blunder DEA but she doesn't draw attention to it.

"So, what about you?" 

"Today is a good day, so, I'm OK."

"No you're not."   

Elle looks up from the glass with sad green eyes, "I'm trying to be; I  thought by now it would be different, but its not, so far.  I can't seem to move from this woe is me shit. I just can't forget ..."  Sudden prisms of colors reflect off Angie's neck onto the wall and the crystal glasses they're drinking from become a color board.   "Where in the hell did you get that?"

She can't fool Elle she was raised amongst jewelry like this probably played dress up with Barbie dolls in this kind of stuff on the upper east side.  Unlike Nomar, she knows the real thing this can't be passed off as a fake.

"James St. Patrick."

Angie nods slowly, tops off their glasses, "I can't catch my breath, he's mesmerized me, taken us by storm just like in eighth grade.  He presses the right buttons."  She goes on in more detail about the last few days sequestering themselves naked to make love. 

She glances at the ever present piles of papers she  sifts through day in day out, "this case has to get gone pronto. All I've ever done is the right thing, school, job.  For once, I need this for myself; I want to spend time with him." 

"So Greg is history."
"He was never to be long term, you know that, he kept me from being lonely we had good times in the process.  I never lied to him he knew the deal going in then he tries to flip the script.  I never should have gotten involved with someone at work anyway, it was a bad move on my part.   Is it so wrong that I want it all, like..." she almost slipped .. like you and Preston.

"He makes me happy its only been a short time, I know... but....It wasn't just nostalgia when we were together .. its everything...  he treats me like I'm the most important thing in the world to him, and nothing else matters." 

"And?"  Elle touches the necklace,  "Angela, you do have some idea what something like this cost?"  

Angela shrugs, "No, its expensive?"  You oughta  know.   

Her sense of innocence in such a tough profession is an oxymoron Angie is basically a sweet girl.  "Yep, real expensive. .. he has exquisite taste, its absolutely stunning."

"I think he's really rich Elle." 

"How really rich?"

"Like you."

"Exactly what are you dealing with here?" 

Angie is suddenly on defense, "I don't know, and I don't care that has nothing to do it."

"Money always has something to do with it somewhere down the line."   She pats the necklace, "but, you're happy right now, that's all that matters." She grabs her coat, "come on, maybe we can find something to go with that beautiful necklace other than your birthday suit and this track whatever you call it, the stores are still open,  there's a dress out here that's got your name all over it.  Let's find us something to wear to that Vogue thing you keep trying to talk me into.  Her tone turns quite serious, 'Angie you gotta enjoy happiness when you can because it can be snatched away in the blink of an eye."  

This is new, Elle hasn't socialized in this month for three years, not only that, she hates shopping
....she's trying awfully hard...progress?  

In the next excerpt Chapter Tea and Sympathy,  Model Dave will call upon Angela to get her take on why Elle refuses go out with him.  She'll reveal more than she should.  The setting is New York City.

As you probably guessed by now my favorite romantic themes are repressed love, or/and unrequited love.  I'm also interested in men who are in love with the woman they are pursuing but not aggressive where it would be categorized as threatening stalkerish...  Again I can't emphasize enough this is not an Elizabeth Webber as in General Hospital.