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Some Christmas Stories

 Safe Temptation  
Updated 2011 

Rating: R If it’s going to be higher I will rate that chapter differently.This is my first fan fic ever. I’ve been an avid reader and decided to try one myself! I want to thank my beta Beth!! Without you I couldn’t or wouldn’t of done this!  ~Sarah

Elizabeth Webber-Spencer had another sleepless night. It’s been nearly two months since she found out the results of her paternity test. She only knew the actual results. Jason Morgan was going to be a father and he had no idea. Jason Morgan was the man that she had a magnetic pull with for last eight years and who unwillingly held her heart. But he was also Jason Morgan alleged mob enforcer. He was under the impression that Elizabeth’s husband Lucky was the father as was the whole town.

It’s been nearly five months since Elizabeth had a good night’s sleep. And pregnancy was not to be blamed for Elizabeth’s insomnia. No it was guilt and loss that kept her awake at night. Guilt that she was depriving the man she loves his child. Guilt for lying to her husband. Not only about her amazing night with Jason, but about the paternity of her baby. Lucky had stopped using pills and entered rehab just because Elizabeth was pregnant with “his” child. And loss, loss that she would never again feel the arms or the lips of the man that she loved. He was trying to make his relationship work with Sam. And everyone thought it was better that Lucky was the baby’s father. Well everyone except Elizabeth. The last time that Elizabeth slept soundly was that fateful night ion August.

The dreams started the same night that she went to the penthouse to tell Jason the results of the paternity test. It turned out that he already knew the results. Well at least he thought he did. Carly had told him that Lucky was the father and according to Jason that was better for everyone. The fact that Carly told him all on the assumption the Elizabeth hadn’t quit her job really aggravated Elizabeth.

The dreams started off innocent enough. She would dream about what the baby would like or if the baby was going to be a girl or a boy. Then the dreams started to play out like her own personal movie. Sometimes she would dream about the Morgan Family. Jason, Cam, the baby and herself would be doing normal everyday things together. Like reading a bedtime story or celebrating Christmas. After those dreams Elizabeth would wake up disappointed to see who was lying in the bed next to her.

Other times she would dream of the Spencer Family. These dreams were different. She usually dreamt of herself, Cam and the baby. Lucky was rarely in them. But they always took place in the Spencer House. There was never any joy in those dreams. Just a feeling of emptiness.

Now it was Christmas and she was miserable. And for a self-proclaimed Christmas freak this was horrible. But once again Elizabeth would plaster a fake smile on her face and show the world that she was okay. Cameron deserved to a wonderful holiday no matter what. Her son had a tough year and Elizabeth decided she was going to make this the best Christmas ever.

Cameron never knew his father, Sander Smith. He died shortly after Cameron was conceived. Elizabeth had worked hard to make a life for her son. She became a nurse because she couldn’t support them on her salary from Kelly’s. Then she rekindled her relationship with Lucky, in part to give Cam a positive male role model. But that didn’t turn out the way Elizabeth wanted she was forced to send Cam to live with her Gram this summer when Lucky’s drug abuse got out of hand.

Zander Smith sat in heaven and looked down on his son and Elizabeth. At first he couldn’t believe he was actually in heaven because of all the horrible things he did when he was alive. But it was explained to him that he made it to heaven because of Cameron. He was to be his son’s own private guardian angel. He was also to keep an eye on Elizabeth since his son needed his remaining parent to be alright. Up until this summer he had never seen a problem in his son’s life. He was proud on Elizabeth. She had made a life for herself and their son. Then Lucky started abusing pills. Lucky did so much damage that he drove Elizabeth into the arms of another man. Zander knew it was time for him to step in and take care of his family. And however clich├ęd it sounded holiday dreams do come true. He was going to make sure of it.  ~One:

Beautiful Memoirs Holiday Theme

Elizabeth Webber picks up a stranded Jason Morgan from the side of the road and takes him home to her family at Christmas. 

Secret Santa
When Edward Quartermaine offers a $50,000 reward for the identity of Port Charles' Secret Santa, Elizabeth Webber sets out to unmask the famed gift giver, but finds something worth a lot more than that.    Read more: 

How the Internet Saved Christmas  by Sterryvit   
Jacob Martin Webber knew his years of visits from Santa were numbered. Both his brother and mother said that once you turned 10 Santa stopped coming because there were always more children that he needed to visit. Since he had only two more visits from the jolly fat man he was going to make them count.   Rated: K+   Part 1  Part 2  Part 3   Part 4 


All I want for Christmas

Christmas Angel  by Swish

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Beautiful Dream Award Winners

by Soapgeek

New York City…2 years ago

It’s not every day that you have to question whether you’ll live through the night.   As a matter of fact, when you’re an actress, that doesn't usually top your list of concerns. Usually your focused on your current job, career longevity, and who your biggest competition in the industry may be. 

With that in mind, Elizabeth Webber felt completely out of her comfort zone today. While she was an actress - and a good one at that, she had never thought she would be using those skills while not before an audience or camera.

Tonight was Opening Night for Romeo and Juliet on Broadway and Elizabeth Webber had landed the lead. Unfortunately the average person working on the show, or coming to sit in the audience, or even strolling by the theater had no idea how dangerous it was to be there. Sure they told her that she was safe, they had it under control; but did they really? Who exactly were they anyway? 

As if living through the night wasn’t enough stress, the success or failure of the show was also looming over Elizabeth, putting further weight on her already over burdened shoulders. You never saw a Shakespeare play done on Broadway these days; it wasn’t considered a big draw. Shakespeare was done in the park during the summer, or in small local theaters. The average tourist coming to New York wanted to see singing witches or dancing Disney characters;at least that is what the cast and crew of this show had been told over and over since the first read through. 

All joking aside, and despite the fact he wanted to know the answer to Taggart’s question, Jason needed to get down to business. 

“Whatever asshole, just listen. I know this might sound a bit crazy but I just have a gut feeling this is all wrong. I don’t think there is a bomb here. I think we are looking in the wrong place, it’s too obvious. We know there is nothing in the building right now, or around its perimeter. None of the people working here are carrying anything either. I know that doesn’t rule out audience members which is why we have the right security in place, but something just doesn’t feel right.” 

Taggert immediately sobered at Jason’s words. If there was one thing he knew it was to trust Jason’s gut instincts. Doing just that had saved their lives more times then he wanted to count through the years. There wasn’t a single operative in the world that Taggert - or any other member of their private security firm - trusted more than Jason. 

“You know damn well I never doubt your gut instinct. What do you think we should do?”
Just as Taggert finished that thought, Jason’s phone rang. 

Jason flipped it open after checking the id, “All clear, go ahead.” 

Taggert watched as Jason’s listened to the caller and his posture took on that edge of action. They would be moving out, and they would be doing it in mere minutes. 

“Shit, that’s exactly what I was afraid of,” Jason was clearly receiving disturbing information; he did a quick watch check. “Okay, we’ll be out of here in 10 minutes and on the next flight.” 

Jason closed his phone and turned to Taggert. “Let the producers know their show is in the clear. The office just got a call from the FBI, the extremists sent them a video message. They’ve kidnapped 4 dignitaries and thanked us for our gullibility. While we wasted all our effort here, they were half way around the world executing their real plan.”

“Son of bitch,” Taggert began to ready himself. 

It was that moment that Elizabeth arrived at her dressing room door and took in the clipped precision of the men’s movements. 

Jason and Taggert were keenly aware of her arrival but continued their actions. Taggert was flipping his previous multicolored vest inside out only to reveal its actual function. His multipurpose vest looked remarkably military like and the pockets held items Elizabeth couldn’t even identify, other than knowing they weren’t for hair and makeup and were clearly of a deadly nature. Marcus’ mannerisms were also markedly different. 

Jason was taking the clip out of his gun and looking at her as if she was a problem he wasn’t sure how to handle. It took Elizabeth about 2 seconds before she got a clear picture of what was happening. The only confusing part was that the men were disarming themselves like they were packing up shop.

Marcus was the first to break the strained silence and he at least had the wherewithal to use his regular voice, “I am sorry for any deception Ms. Webber, but it was necessary.” Jason and Marcus were clearly poised to leave immediately, there was an urgency hanging thick in the air, “You should be a hundred percent safe at this point. “
Elizabeth nodded at the clear purpose and conviction in Marcus’ tone and both his and Jason’s stance. Then she remembered she was angry. 

“So do I get to know anything? I have been lied to for weeks apparently,” she gave Taggert a look of contempt, “and lived on edge for days thinking they may be my last. All to help you uncover a threat that you are now saying is miraculously gone?” 

It was crystal clear to Elizabeth that it was Jason in charge so she stepped within inches of his face before finishing, “What the hell is going on and how the hell do I know that my friends are safe? You both are clearly liars, so how do I know what you are saying is true?”
While Jason felt slightly bad that he couldn’t stand around and explain things, he also knew that wasn’t his job. Priority one was always the job. 

He gave an upward nod to Taggert in a silent message to take off and let the producers know their show was safe, they’d meet up later. Taggert immediately complied and quickly but silently exited the room, only pausing briefly to touch Elizabeth’s shoulder in an attempt to reassure her. He tossed Jason his vest and then Marcus was gone. 

Jason looked back at her with his piercing blue eyes that gave nothing away. “You don’t ma’am. All I can do is swear to you that you and your friends are safe, this bomb threat was all a decoy.” 

The two were only inches away from each other; their breaths both shallow and rapid. The unspoken question of trust permeated the silence. In the distance the clear sounds of normalcy backstage continued on despite the highly abnormal situation. In a few short seconds Jason and any of his team that had been here would disappear, and it was clear that Elizabeth could say nothing. She had to pretend none of this happened and once again the proverbial show must go on. 

“Fine, I will trust you. That is not something I do easily Mr. Moorehouse, so don’t make me regret that.”

Something about Elizabeth made Jason want to show her that her trust was warranted. It was an odd and wholly disconcerting feeling, he never cared what others thought but something made him say it. He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled it before saying the words he hadn’t said to anyone outside his inner circle in years. 

“It’s Morgan, Elizabeth, my name is Jason Morgan.” 

Elizabeth knew in that moment that he had taken a huge risk in telling her something he rarely told others. It was a show of good faith, he trusted her. He deserved the same in return. “Thanks for telling me that. I think you know I won’t tell anyone that information.”
He nodded knowingly. 

She smiled slightly before continuing, “Now get out of here and go do whatever it is you really do. Tell Marcus - or whatever his name is - when you all get back from wherever you are going, he owes me big time.”

Jason’s only response was a quick nod before taking one last soul searching look into Elizabeth’s eyes. It looked like he was about to say something but then in what seemed like a blink, he rushed by her and out her door. All Elizabeth felt was the tiniest hint of a breeze gloss over her skin in his wake. It left a trail of goose bumps. 

The bomb threat was gone, she should be happy her life would be back to normal. Yet, something told her life was never going to be the same again.  

2010 Winners

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"Deserted Island sympathically decides to help give you a sense of intimacy.  You have 3 choices 1: A flying fish hovers next to your ear and gently nibbles the lobe. 2. A palm tree bends over and gently caresses your back with its stalks. 3. A mist forms in front of your face and a breeze gently blows the mist on ...your lips feeling like a kiss. For me, 1. I dig flying fish and my ears are ultra sensitive."

Christopher R.  Coppola @Facebook

Responded:  "Can I use this in my fanfiction? I'll give you credit and royalties its so beautiful."

Mr. Coppola: " Sure, Ms. Liason, but what the heck is fanfiction?"

let the words flow

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Tara's Tales: Page 2

 Tara and Eric.
»Author: jj82
 So wrong, it must be right
Rated: M - Chapters: 15

  Starting over  sequel to, So Wrong it must be right. When Eric loses his memory, will he lose Tara in the process? While Tara tries to help him, someone else tries to win her over.


Rutina Wesley Appreciation Thread @FanForum

Rated: Mature Content  

 [Story / Reviews ]  
BACKSTORY:  This is an Alternate Universe True Blood fan fiction. One where in which Bill and Sookie are engaged, but other events have come into to play...

Ruby Jean Reynolds suddenly stopped being crazy and married the Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington! Lafayette doesn’t know WTF to think, when Ruby Jean invites him to live in the mansion Russell owns in Bon Temps AND seems totally accepting of his relationship with nurse Jesus Velazquez.

But there is trouble waiting in the wings, that begins upon the death of Tara’s mother, Lettie Mae Thornton...

The One Who Walks With Wolves by katherinemadison
Summary:  Tara moved to San Francisco to start a new life, she had no idea it would start with a wolf! Kane never thought he would find his mate at a law firm with a beautiful woman that was so different in every aspect.

Rated: 17 and older
Classification: Supernatural
Genre: Action-Adventure , Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Suspense
Warnings: Adult Situations, Character Death, Extreme Language, Graphic Violence, Original Characters, Racism, Sexual Content , Strong Sexual Content ,  Updated: 11/23/10

Never Too Late by FatJan
Remember back in season 1, episode 7 when Tara popped by Sam's trailer the morning after she'd left him alone in the flea-bag motel? Well, what if her phone hadn't gone off?
Classification: Alternate Universe
Genre: Romance  Warnings: Adult Situations, Extreme Language, Strong Sexual Content   Chapters: 11 Completed: No

Forget Me Not by wisedec4u Rated: 17 and older
Summary: After Bill's true motives for pursuing Sookie are revealed, he is cut completely out her life. He want to make amends for the pain he has caused, but ends up finding redemption from an unlikely source.
Pairing: Bill/Tara
Classification: Alternate Universe, Supernatural   Genre: Erotica, Romance
Warnings: Extreme Language, Strong Sexual Content  
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Completed:  Updated: 11/23/10

A Hold over me
Author:  FranklinsMuse

Tara is glamored and forced, by the mysterious Franklin Mott. Under his mind control she gives him information on her friend Sookie. This is an extended chapter of what happened when Franklin glamors his way into Sookie's house. 

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Red Light Specials: Lainey heated...


The Court Has Ordered Franco To Therapy Sessions With Dr. Lainey Winters. As She Tries To Understand Him, She Allows Him To Consume Her Mind And Connects With Him Both Mentally And Physically.

Genre: Erotica, Suspense
Warnings: Dark Fic, Strong Sexual Content , Un-betaed
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Completed:

Published: 03/11/10

by bellamafia08 Rated: 17 and older

Lainey Winters thought that the past would stay in the past. She was wrong. After a string of murders hits Port Charles Lucky finds out a secret from Lainey's past and must protect her from becoming the next victim.

Categories: Daytime Television, General Hospital
Characters: Lainey Winters
Classification: Alternate Universe
Genre: Drama, Family, Friendship, Romance, Suspense
Warnings: Adult Situations, Character Death, Drugs/Drug Use, Extreme Language, Graphic Violence, Sexual Content , Strong Sexual Content , Work in Progress
Chapters: 5 Table of Contents Completed: No

Published: Updated: 09/06/09
Annapolis 2: Article 89© by SparkApCider Rated: 17 and older

Warnings: Extreme Language,  Strong Sexual Content

Dr. Elaine 'Lainey' Winters, aka Navy Reserve Captain Winters, usually serves her compliance of one week per month at the Annapolis Hospital, in Maryland. What happens when she is called as a witness in a case that hits pretty close to home and suddenly finds that she could possibly face a violation of the Navy’s strict no fraternization policy?

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of SparkApCider. The original characters belong to their respective entities,  No copyright infringement is intended.

Is there a doctor in the House? by Minx Rated: 17 and older starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 25]

Hello, sick people and their loved ones! In the interest of saving time and avoiding a lot of boring chitchat later, I'm Doctor Gregory House; you can call me "Greg." I'm one of three doctors staffing this clinic this morning. This ray of sunshine here…is Doctor Lainey Winters. Doctor Winters here thinks I have issues, she has no clue. I am a board certified diagnostician with a double specialty of infectious disease and nephrology. I am also the only doctor employed at this hospital who is forced to be here against his will.

That is true, isn't it?

But not to worry, because for most of you, this job could be done by a monkey with a bottle of Motrin. Speaking of which, if you are particularly annoying, you may see me reach for this: this is Vicodin. It's mine! You can't have any. And no, I do not have a pain management problem, I have a pain problem... but who knows? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm too stoned to tell. So, who wants to see me first? – Dr. Gregory House M.D.

January Readers Choice Challenge: HersheyKisses special request for House/Lainey Winters fic Warning: plenty of naughty!
Genre: Comedy Erotica, Adult situations, extreme language, Strong Sexual Content
Challenges: Reader's Choice Challenge
Chapters: 2 Table of Contents Completed: Yes

New Fall Stories:

Anthology by OliviaDuBelle Mature Content
Jocelyn "Joss" Marshall is the youngest professor at a rural university.  A promising meeting at a faculty/student mixer results in problems when she realizes her would-be suitor is a student, not another professor. She can't jeopardize her position and career for a student, even if...
Strength by Candy Caine Mature Content
A year and a half has past, things have changed for Kambree.*New Concept!*Sequel to "What The Heart Wants."
Only Temporary by Renee Banks Mature Content
Advertising tycoon Alandra Meyer wants a child. The only problem is she doesn’t have any prospects, nor does she really want them. She’d rather cut off her left arm than rely on a man to do a damn thing for her. Men equal distractions and distractions just aren’t an option in her world...
En Passant by TheSouthernScribe Mature Content
Never allow your queen to be reduced to a pawn.
Big Girls Won't Cry by Suprina Frazier 17 and older
They messed with the wrong woman this time! FBI agent Subrina Rayelle is on a mission to take down the people that forced her best friend Leesha into prostitution and then beat her to death when she tried to escape. Refusing to even cry one tear of grief for Leesha until all guilty parties are brought...

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The mark of  a  great film was a successful marriage between plot and chemistry. One could not sustain itself without the other and neither would survive without a precisely blended and beautifully talented cast. Despite the genius script and the massive amounts of money already being pledged by the studio, casting was the most painstaking and occasionally fatal part of the creative process.

“We’ve got the right story but we’ve got nothing without the right people.”

“Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber,” Francis Corelli countered without hesitation.

“You’re kidding right?” Sonny Corinthos asked his producer incredulously.

“I'm completely serious,” he replied firmly, “We’ve got the budget for it. You want to make a blockbuster, they’re your people.”

Sonny continued to look at him like he had two heads. Francis ignored the looks the director shot his way and plummeted into his proposal, panning his hands across the space before him as if to draw Sonny a picture, “Just think; Hollywood’s Bad Boy and America’s Sweetheart…unlikely? Sure. Never done? Not until now. Everyone flocks to their movies separately, imagine the crowds we’d draw by bringing them together. This has box office written all over it.”

“Yeah and it spells trouble,” Sonny groaned, “Elizabeth Webber... definitely. But Jason Morgan? They don’t call him the bad boy for nothing, Francis. Just ask Spielberg or Redford, Morgan’s difficult. Jesus, he made Russell Crowe cry…aggravation I don’t need.”

“The incident with Russell and the pool cue was completely blown out of proportion by the media,” the producer reasoned, “Plus from what I’ve heard Elizabeth is a gem, so it balances out. Everyone works with difficult actors, Sonny.”

“You think he’s that right for the part?” he questioned, already knowing the answer.

“Without a doubt. I've already run it by the casting director,” Francis nodded.

“Then offer it to him before anyone else. If he agrees,” Sonny sighed before continuing, “Go ahead and schedule a screen test and he can read in front of the executives.”

“And Elizabeth?”

“I’d be stupid not to cast her,” Sonny laughed, “Give her agent a call. See if she’s willing to test.”

“Okay,” Francis answered as he walked toward the door.

“Oh and Francis?”

“Yeah?” he turned back toward the director.

“Don’t tell her that Morgan might play opposite her,” Sonny replied.

“Why not?” the producer asked in a confused tone.

“Because we want to her to show up,” Sonny answered with a flash of his infamous dimples.


Elizabeth Webber lowered the visor of her baseball cap as she continued her run through the park. She quickened her pace as she neared the end of her run, grateful that she had been able to enjoy her workout without being interrupted. Elizabeth couldn’t remember the last time she had gone for a run, gone shopping or gone to dinner without exposing herself to the world for scrutiny. But today she had been lucky, first an uneventful breakfast with her mother and now a nice peaceful run, free of paparazzi and gawking fans. As much as she loved her work, the lack of privacy was sometimes overwhelming.

The shrill ring emitted from her cell phone broke through her thoughts. She slowed her pace and stopped at a nearby park bench as she pulled the cell phone off of its clip on her black jogging pants to answer it.

“Hello?” she answered breathlessly.

“Liz, great news.”

“Hey Caroline, what’s up?” Elizabeth questioned her agent as she fiddled with a brown lock of hair that had fallen from her ponytail.

“Francis Corelli called me,” Caroline gushed, “He wants you for the new Corinthos directed film.”

“Corelli and Corinthos want me?” she asked as if the idea were preposterous,


“Gee, I don’t know,” her agent answered in a sarcastic tone, “It’s not like you’re the most sought after actress in Hollywood or anything.”

“That would be Julia,” Elizabeth corrected.

“Not since she became Mrs. Moder, it hasn’t,” Caroline retorted, “So that makes you the IT girl, like it or not.”

“Whatever,” the petite brunette rolled her cobalt blue eyes as if her agent could see her.

“Anyway, back to my original thought…Corinthos and Corelli want you as the female lead in their movie. They want you to screen test tomorrow.”

“Wait, Carly,” Elizabeth interrupted, calling her by her nickname, “Does this movie have a script…a title?”

“Dangerous Liaisons,” Caroline replied in an excited tone.

“What?” the actress shrieked, “Oh my God! Really? Dangerous Liaisons?”

“Uh huh,” she confirmed in an amused voice, “Only the most anticipated make this year.”

“That script was amazing…I couldn’t believe it when I read it,” Elizabeth said as she sat down on the bench to steady her nerves, “That was almost a year ago, I thought they had already started production.”

“Francis said that he hadn’t found the right director or actors,” Caroline explained, “He was willing to wait for the right time and people. Anyway, we need to be at the airport in three hours so we can fly you out tonight. I want you well rested for the screen test, I mean it is just a technicality but…”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll go home and pack right now,” she cut her off,

“Oh, Caroline?”


“Who’s up for the male lead?” Liz asked curiously.

“You know what? I have no idea…he didn’t mention it, come to think of it. I guess we’ll have to be surprised.”

“I guess so,” Elizabeth agreed before hanging up the phone and heading back down the running trail to the side street where her fiery red convertible sat parked.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~


Johnny O’Brien looked up from his desk at the sound of the actor’s voice. True to his reputation, Jason Morgan stood clad in a leather jacket, jeans, blonde spikes and a scowl.

“Hey yourself,” Johnny nodded with a half smile.

“You called?” Jason asked his agent.

“Yeah, I called. Have a seat,” the slightly older man gestured to one of the two black leather chairs that sat in his office.

Jason sat wordlessly and waited for Johnny to explain. His agent was well aware that Jason didn’t like to be interrupted on what little time off he had, so someone had either died or they had gotten a really good movie offer. Either way Jason would rather have been riding down the Pacific Coast highway on his motorcycle.

“Remember the script you read a while back? Dangerous Liaisons?” his agent asked, locating the script from a file drawer before handing it to Jason.

Glancing at the cover page, Jason thought for a minute before answering, “A mob enforcer and the don’s daughter getting together during a mob war?”

“That’s the one,” Johnny nodded with a pleased smile, Jason always remembered the scripts he liked, “What’d you think of it?”

“Good development, nice story, great action…I liked it,” he replied with a shrug, “Didn’t they start producing that a while back?”

“No, they held off, Corelli couldn’t find the right director,” the older man explained.

“Francis Corelli, the producer from New York?” Jason asked, “This is his project?”

“Uh huh,” Johnny confirmed, “Anyway, he called me today. He thinks you’d be perfect for the role.”

“Who’s directing?”

“Sonny Corinthos,” he replied with a chuckle, “A new face for you to torture.”

“Torture?” Jason’s face darkened at the implication, “I do my job, if directors can’t handle it, that’s not my problem.”

“And what about Russell?” Johnny countered, remembering the incident with the cue stick all too well. A public relations nightmare.

“He got in the way of a perfectly good shot,” the blonde said nonchalantly of his former costar as he stood from his seat, “Eight ball, corner pocket.”

“Right,” Johnny rolled his brown eyes at the retreating figure, “Well you need to get out of here and pack, they want you there for the screen test tomorrow afternoon, we need to be at Los Angeles International in about three hours.”

“I’ll be there.”

Read more: Memories in the Making 
                   Author: Joy

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~Storyville: Jason and Elizabeth ~

The No Name
  A/N: This Fic does not follow current storyline. It takes place after Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber part company permanently at the courthouse in December 2008. Elizabeth did not pursue a relationship with Lucky Spencer or Nikolas Cassadine. Jason did not pursue any other relationship.

 “I want to show you the light is different in Italy than anywhere else in the world.”

Jason’s words played over and over again in her head. The hunk of red glass glistening in the sun light, as it streamed in the small paned window.

“The only thing is when I imagine seeing Italy, I imagine I’m with you.”

When Elizabeth spoke those words, She’d imagined that so many times. Only she wasn’t going to see Italy with him, she wasn’t even sure if she would ever see it, now.

Holding the glass up in the sunlight again, she sighed heavily. She would treasure it always. It was the last thing he ever gave her and it would be her only link to the life she could have had, if she’d only taken his hand that April day in the park.

She would never know what his lips on hers felt like. And she shouldn’t even be thinking of that. But on today of all days, she couldn’t help herself. It was silly really, to think of today as their anniversary, but to her it was. It was three years ago today, that he changed her life, and became her friend. Eventually, her more than friend.

A sad smile crossed her face at the thought of more than friends. He never really told her what that meant. Actually she still wasn’t sure what he really felt for her when he left.

“Don’t you know what you are to me?”

“No,” she whispered, “I wish I did.”

“Wish you did what?” Startled by Emily’s voice, Elizabeth quickly hid the small piece of glass in her bra, and tied her robe tighter. Turning to face her best friend, she tried to look happy, “Oh, hey Em. I was just thinking I wish I had done something different for Lucky’s gift. That’s all.”

Closing the door, Em swooshed in, already dressed in her violet-colored maid of honor gown. She looked beautiful, and Elizabeth was sure she’d get Nicholas’ attention tonight.

“Oh, well, Lucky will like whatever you got him. He’ll love it, because it’s from you, and besides,” she nearly squealed, “it’s your wedding day. We’ve dreamed of this day forever. You and Lucky are perfect together,” Emily finished dreamily.

“Yes, perfect,” Elizabeth said to herself.

“Just think about it Elizabeth, the two of you are free to do whatever you want, for the rest of your lives together,” Emily’s happy voice sang out in the small room that brides used at Queen of Angels.

“I don’t want to be free, I want to be with Lucky.”
Now that’s exactly where she was. And those words were haunting


“I don’t want to be free, I want to be with Lucky.”
I want to be with Lucky.

He could still hear her voice saying that very thing, it haunted him, and he hated that it did.

Jason sat back closing his eyes as he listened to the whine of the jet engines as the plane prepared for take off. He had been on many planes over the last year. Taking him to far off places and for the first time since he boarded a plan he wasn’t too pleased with his destination.

She had made her decision that April, why did he think it would be any different over a year later. Sure things can change, but he didn’t think her feelings for Lucky had. So why was he going back? Why was he going to put himself through the hurt of her rejecting him again?
He knew the answer. It was because he couldn’t get her out of his mind. It didn’t matter what he did or how he tried, she was always there. Whatever dive bar he went into, or museum, or winding road he sped around she was always there. That’s why he was keeping his promise. Why he was going to let her break his heart, again.

“Just please be happy, ’cause that’s all I really want.”

He had to know... if she was happy. If she didn’t show then he would know that she was truly happy with Lucky. Something he didn’t want to believe, but it would finally allow him to let her go for good.

He should’ve never made that promise that day in the park. He should’ve just left and never looked back, because he’d been living in limbo ever since.

She blinked a few times, trying to rid her mind of that day. She could still hear Emily going on about how perfect her and Lucky’s life was going to be, “Oh, you are going to have so many firsts. Your first Thanksgiving together. Oh, and your first Christmas. It’s going to be so great.”

Elizabeth heard first Christmas, and she was back in her studio with Jason decorating the poor little tree she rescued.

“Are you going to help me?”

“With what?”

“Well, decorating the tree, of course.”

I still remember his face when I asked him to help me decorate the tree. Oh, he so didn’t want to help me, “How are you with paper and glue?” He grimaced when he answered, “Forget it,” but it was too late. I was already helping him with his jacket.

He was such a brat, but an adorable brat, and when he said, “Angels are supposed to watch over things,” I knew he was right. He was my Angel, he was the one that watched over me.

She really had to stop thinking about him. She was going to ruin her makeup, if she didn’t stop.

One April afternoon she left him shattered in the park. He left Port Charles. She pledged herself to Lucky. What happens when Elizabeth has a change of heart and Jason is nowhere to be found?


Jason tried to keep his focus as her words collided with those of Carlos, “I thought we were friends, Jason,” he could see the fear in Carlos’ eyes as he stared down the barrel of Jason’s gun.

Francis stood behind Jason, his hand on his gun ready to draw if anyone else in the room did. He wasn’t sure what had gotten into Jason. What had caused him to draw his gun on one of their associates, but he was ready to back him up, whatever the reason.

Jason narrowed his eyes giving Carlos an icy stare. His voice was calm, but there was no mistaking the tone. It was lethal, “I’m not your friend Carlos. You work for me and Sonny, don’t you forget that. If I have to come down here again, it will be
“More than friends is ok. That’s how I feel about you.”dry, as he tried to swallow, “Crystal clear, Mr. Morgan,” he was able to get out.

Jason brought his arm down, putting the safety on as he slipped his gun back in the waist of his jeans, “It would be in your best interest that I don’t come back, Carlos,” were his parting words as he left the room at the casino. His pace quickenedthe last time I see you. Is that clear?”

Carlos’ mouth had gone completely  walking through the lobby. I need to get off this island. If I don’t leave soon I’m never going to make it. Dammit!

“Want to tell me what that was all about?” Francis questioned as he caught up with Jason.

“I’m tired of dealing with him. I just wanted to get out of here,” Jason replied getting into the waiting car, “Airport,” he told the driver.

Francis knew there was more to it. He wasn’t sure though if he should push it, but Jason had been off his game since they stepped foot on the island yesterday, “Want to tell me what’s really going on?”

Jason gave him one of his death glares, “I already told you, so drop it Francis.”

“No, I’m not dropping it, Jason! Something’s been eating you since I met you yesterday. You’ve never lost your patience in a business meeting. You’ve never pulled your gun like that on Carlos. So what the hell is going on with you?”

Jason locked Francis in one of his icy glares. He was exasperated, but he could see Francis wasn’t going to buy it. They’d worked together too long. He pinched the bridge of his nose, and finally decided he needed to tell him something. How much was the question. Sighing, he said tiredly, “I made a promise to someone, but I don’t really know why I’m going to keep it.”

Francis wasn’t sure how to respond to that. That doesn’t sound like the Jason I know. He’s a man of his word, and he always keeps it. Period.

“Did something else happen between you and Sonny?” Francis asked, a little worried for his friend.

“No,” Jason responded looking out the car window.

“Carly, then?” Francis hoped Carly hadn’t done something stupid that Jason was going to have to get her out of.

“No,” Jason said a little more irritated this time.

Francis was at a loss. It wasn’t unusual that Jason didn’t really want to talk about it. But this promise was weighing heavily and Jason needed to come to terms with it or it could get them killed.

“Jason, look,” Francis finally said, “you don’t talk about your personal life or problems. I respect that. But, keeping your word? It’s what you do. It’s what you’ve always done.” He considered his boss and friend, “It’s obvious, though, to anyone who knows you that this promise has you tied up in knots. You’re unfocused on your job. And that can get us killed,” Francis locked his eyes to Jason’s, “so spill.”

Jason leaned forward draping his arms over his legs and clasping his hands together, “She won’t be there, but I need to know. I need to know that she’s truly happy with her choice.”

“What choice is that?” Francis asked, wanting to keep him talking.


If only that word was just a replacement for ‘fortunate’ and not a name. Francis now knew the players in this little passion play. Suddenly, Jason’s behavior became clear. He and Johnny were probably the only people on the planet who knew Jason was in love with Elizabeth. Hell, they knew before he did. But, she chose Lucky and it was killing Jason.

“You don’t know that she’s still with him, Jase,” Francis said quietly knowing how sore a subject this was for the Enforcer. “Anything could have happened.”

Francis watched as Jason clenched and unclenched his fists, a rare sign of stress for the Enforcer. He saw the pain Jason tried to hide, but this was too raw even for the man who always presented a cool mask.

Jason sucked in a deep breath and expelled it slowly, “You’re right. I won’t go back on my word. But, I already know what to expect, Francis. And, yeah, it hurts and yeah, I’m not handling it well.”

Jason sighed as he sat back, “I won’t get us killed. You have my word. I’m going home to find out once and for all that she’s happy with Lucky. I’ll learn to be happy for her.” He made another small sigh, “I don’t deserve her anyway.”


“Don’t, don’t be sorry. Just make up your mind.”

“Make up my mind, he said. Well I sure did that, didn’t I?” She huffed. “He offered me the world. And I, oh God!” She plopped down on the couch. I told him I would be happy. That I was clear on what was in my heart, and he gave that to me.

“I lied. I lied,” she muttered to no one. He’s the one that has always been in my heart, and I threw it all away.

“For what?” What I thought was love, for what everyone else wanted me to do?

She removed the small piece of glass from her bra and stared at it. Remembering the day he gave it to her, as the tears started to fall. “He was so sweet. Giving me something that was important to him,” she stifled fresh tears, “and I broke it. Like I broke us.”

I was so enthralled when he explained about the glass blowers, “I saw these glass blowers, and they made all kinds of stuff. Some of it was pretty junky – lots of gold and paint all over it. But the color of the glass was so intense. I brought back a piece to remind me. Look, it’s – kind of like a stained-glass window.”

Holding up the red glass to the light again, she let a small chuckle escape when she heard his voice tell her, “It’s not a ruby. It’s a hunk of glass. ” Looking down at the ring Lucky had given her, she wondered what a ruby ring would look like on her finger.

“This so stupid!” She shouted to the empty room. I made my choice, and now I have to live with it. He’s gone, and it’s because of me. Some of the things I said to him. I was – mean. I didn’t believe him. “He never lied to me.”

I jerked him around so much. Why did he even want me to go with him?

Elizabeth sat motionless in the quiet room. She gazed into the flickering light of the three candles that sat on the table she was using for a vanity, as images of their time together came flooding back.

That first night at Jake’s
“Do you know what nothing feels like?”

“Yeah. That's pretty much where I live.”

“You want to go for a ride?”



She swiped at the tear that ran down her cheek, as the memory of their first ride whipped through her thoughts, as if she was on the back of his bike. The memories kept coming as she thought about all their meetings on the docks. All the times he’d just listen to her. A small smile came when she saw a few coins on the
table.“Wait, wait. Hold on. What about my quarter?”

“This? This isn’t a quarter. It’s a good luck charm.”

“And I’m keeping it.”

Her small smile faded, when she thought about the first time he left.“Do you know how hard it is to lose the only person who believes I can figure out my own life?”

“You’re not losing me. I’m just going away.”

“Thank you for telling me. I mean that.”

Then he kissed me on the forehead. The only time I’ve ever felt his lips on me. Then he told me, “Good-bye,” but I couldn’t accept that, “No. I’ll see you later,” and then he was gone from my life for awhile. Then he came back and I missed him so much, but Lucky was alive. When he left again it was hard, but I was so wrapped up in Lucky being back.

“He must’ve thought I didn’t care. He probably still thinks that.” He must hate me after everything I’ve put him through.

Her own words played in her head.
“I shouldn’t be doing this,” silence filled her tiny studio.

“Let you hold me and being glad you’re here.”

“Jason, you used to be my escape.”

“I – but this – Jason, this can’t happen anymore.”

Then I accused him of being a liar, of not telling the truth about Lucky. He wanted more from me, and I couldn’t allow that. She touched her lips as she thought about their almost kiss. He was going to kiss me, and I pushed him away. I told him I didn’t want that to happen again, when all I wanted was that.

Resting her elbows on the table, her head in her hands, she let a few more tears escape. I was such a fool.

“I’m trying to paint the wind.”

The colors in the sky from the setting sun, as he watched from the window of the plane on its descent into Port Charles, brought a picture to his mind of her bright smiling face as she explained to him how she saw the wind from the back of his bike.

I listened to her impassioned explanation of what it felt like, and how the wind was trying to carry her, and take her away.

“If I let go, I could almost fly,” she told me.

I could have shown her the wind anywhere in the world. I hope I still can.

The plane touching down brought him out of his thoughts. Looking at his watch he still had two hours before he was to meet her. He had enough time for a ride and a visit with his Grandmother. Now he just had to get his bike out of storage.

Thirty minutes later he was on his bike riding the cliff road. Her screams and laughter following him as he sped around every curve. He could hear her asking him, “Guess what I want to do?”


“Make it right for yourself.”

“I wanted to make it right for you Jason, and I failed. Miserably,” she whispered to the empty room, as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. The demure Alencon lace covered ball gown was beautiful. Only she didn’t feel beautiful in it.

“No! No! This is all wrong,” she shouted, as she frantically tried to get out of the dress.

Emily heard her shout and came quickly into the room. She stood there for a moment in stunned silence, as her best friend seemed in a panic.

Elizabeth saw Emily and her panic seemed to increase, “Get it off! Get it off!” She plead, turning her back to Emily to unbutton the white contraption that had her feeling trapped, “I have to be free Em, I can’t do this.”

Emily was really worried for her friend. She had never seen Elizabeth like this before, “Okay, okay. Elizabeth it’s going to be okay,” she didn’t know what else to say.

“No it’s not! I’ve hurt him so badly. I’ll never be able to make it right,” her voice quaked with the buildup of her tears.

“Elizabeth, what are you talking about? How did you hurt Lucky?” Emily was confused.

Elizabeth sighed, “Not Lucky. Jason.”

“My brother? What does Jason have to do with this?” Emily was now even more confused.

“Everything,” Elizabeth whispered, “Em, please hurry.”

“I’m trying. This button is stuck on a string.”

“Oh my God,” Elizabeth gasped, “How could I have forgotten?”

“Forgotten? Forgotten what?” Emily’s question went unanswered as Elizabeth was transported back to that April day in the park.

I was trying so hard not to cry when I walked away. Then he said my name in that soft voice of his that made me shutter.


He was trying to hide it, but I could hear the hurt, “I’ll make you a promise. I’ll come back in a year. You name the date and time, and I’ll be here,” I could hear him swallow his pain, “If you’re not happy with Lucky, then I’ll take you where ever you want to go. No strings.”

A small smile graced my lips as I turned to look at him one last time. He always thought about what I needed. I just took him in for a moment before I answered, and then said the first thing that came to my mind, “August 27th, Jake’s. Seven o’clock,” then I turned and practically ran.

“Elizabeth. Elizabeth! Are you alright?” Emily’s voice shook her from her thoughts. She could feel the dress loosen, as Emily finished with the last few buttons.

“What time is it?” Elizabeth asked hurriedly

Looking around for a clock, Emily noticed one on the wall, “Um… seven. Why?”

“Oh, God! Hurry Em, I have to get out of here.”

“Elizabeth, what do you mean? You are supposed to be marrying Lucky in thirty minutes,” Emily still hadn’t figured out what was going on with her best friend.

Elizabeth felt the panic rise again at Emily’s words, “I can’t marry Lucky. I don’t love him. I mean I love him, but I’m just not in love with him anymore. And if I don’t hurry, he’s going to be gone.”

Emily was trying to keep up, but was having a hard time. “Elizabeth, what are you talking about? What do you mean you’re not in love with Lucky? And who’s going to be gone?”

“Jason. He’s waiting for me at Jake’s and I’m not going to make it and he’ll be gone,” the tears were coming now.

Then it dawned on Emily, “Wait a minute,” she shook off her confusion, “you’re in love with Jason. All this time you’ve been in love with him. Haven’t you?”

Elizabeth let the dress fall as Emily let go moving away from her. Stepping out of the gown, she looked at her stunned friend, “Em, I promise, I’ll tell you all about it. But later, I have to go.”

She moved around quickly taking off all her wedding garb and throwing on her jeans, blouse, and with no time to spare the white open toe pumps she just took off. Throwing open the door, she called back to Em, “Tell Lucky I’m sorry.”

“Wait!” Emily called out running to the door trying to catch her best friend, “Where are you going?”

Elizabeth paused quickly, ignoring all the looks from the guests, “To see the light in Italy.”


“What if I sketch you playing pool?”

The memory of his arms wrapped around her as he taught her how to play pool assaulted him.

“This wasn’t a very bright idea,” he mumbled to himself. But he needed something to do as he waited, and drinking was out of the question. He could have tossed several back in the fifteen minutes that he’d been here.

Being half way to drunk wasn’t a good idea.

He’d been right, she wasn’t coming. But he’d wait all night if he had to just to make sure he didn’t miss her. Just to make sure she didn’t haunt his waking dreams anymore.

He bent over to take his next shot, when he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. It meant only one thing, she was here.

She rushed inside, so sure that she’d missed him. So sure that he came and saw that she wasn’t here and left. But she was wrong and she’d never been happier in her life to be so. She just stood and watched him, not being able to move, not really believing that he was real.

Jason made his shot, then placed his pool cue on the table. Coming around the table he leaned against it, hands on his hips, and locked eyes with her. He felt as if the wind had been knocked out of him in that moment. She was beautiful, and sad, and hopeful, and all he wanted to do was wrap her up in his arms.

She couldn’t look away from those gorgeous blue eyes she’d missed so much. They mesmerized her as she slowly made her way to him. Then, as if she had no control over her body, she was practically running as she threw herself into him. She felt his strong arms wrap around her, as he lifted her off the floor.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered, “I knew you’d be here, and I almost wasn’t. Forgive me.”

Setting her down, he ran his hands through her hair, his voice hushed, “There’s nothing to forgive.”

She dropped her head. She couldn’t look at him, “There’s so much. I treated you so horribly the last time you where home. I was mean, and I jerked you around, and called you a liar,” her eyes brimming with tears, “why did you come back?”

He lifted her chin, and she gasped at what she saw in his eyes. She saw all the love she felt for him reflected back at her. Then she felt her spine tingle at the sound of his voice, “Elizabeth, I think you know the answer to that,” his hands cupping her face. Brushing away an errant tear.

“No, Jason, I don’t,” she said somberly, then she started to giggle.

Jason quirked a sandy brow at her as she calmed.

Composing herself, she answered his silent inquiry, “I just realized you’re never going to tell me what I mean to you, and I’m okay with that, as long as we’re together.”

Giving her one of his half smiles, he leaned in. His lips mere inches from hers. His warm breath tingling her lips, “Everything, Elizabeth, you’re everything to me.”

She melted into him when she felt his lips for the very first time on hers. Gently his soft lips caressed her plump ones. Moaning she opened her mouth for him to take more, and he did as his tongue slowly explored hers drinking all of her in. The kiss became all consuming, and she clung to him wanting more. The need for air soon broke them

Breathing heavily, their foreheads resting together she tried to speak, “Jason,” she got out breathlessly.

“Hm,” he replied looking into her eyes.
A smile graced her face, “You know what I want to do?”

He smiled back when he answered, “Go nowhere?”

She shook her head, “No, I want to go everywhere.”


“Mm-hmm, with you, always with you,” she said softly.

He stepped back and held out his hand, “Come with me?”

Her small hand fit perfectly.

“Don’t you see what’s right in front of you?”

I couldn’t. Not then, and now it’s too late. She’s told herself that day, that she was doing the right thing. She was doing what her heart wanted, and now it was too late to change it. Would I, if I could? If Jason walked through that door, would I leave Lucky? Would I take that chance?

“Oh, Elizabeth, the whole world is waiting for you,” Emily’s sweet voice startled her.

She had forgotten she wasn’t alone, and as Emily’s words registered her eyes began to moisten.

Emily was puzzled by Elizabeth reaction, and it worried her, “Elizabeth? Are you ok? Did I say something wrong?” She couldn’t believe she was causing her friend to cry on her wedding day.

Dabbing at her eyes, Elizabeth turned giving her best friend a small smile, “Em, I’m ok. Really,” she smiled brighter even though it was forced, “It’s just...,” how did she tell Em, her best friend, that her brother offered to take her to see the world.

She didn’t have to, thankfully. Emily apologized for making her cry, then went about telling her how excited she was for her and Lucky. How everyone was so excited for them. It was meant to be.

Only Elizabeth wasn’t listening. Her thoughts drifted back to the blond haired, blue eye Enforcer that had stolen a piece of her heart.

She’d thought about the first time she’d meet him in the box car. Well, it was the second time she’d actually met him, and she couldn’t help but stare, as he talked to Lucky. And then she made a fool out of herself and he was so nice about it. Thinking about the box car, her thoughts drifted to that cold December day she found him in the snow.

I was so scared he was going to die on me. I would have been so lost without him.
“Go nowhere?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Fast,” was her reply to me with that bright smile of hers. She has such a beautiful smile. It always came out when we went for a ride. I think she was the happiest when she was on the back of my bike. I’d give anything to see her smile like that again. To have her on the back of my bike, screaming with the wind.

Trying to outrace her image, he sped down the road heading to see his Grandmother. Standing outside the French doors leading into the den at the Quartermaine Estate he blew out a breath as he slowly opened them. He made enough noise to avoid startling his Grandmother before he spoke, “Hello, Grandmother.”

“Jason, dear,” her eyes sparkled with happiness. “It’s so good to see you.”

Kneeling down next to her wheel chair, he gave her a kiss on her cheek, “It’s good to see you, too.”

Lila could see the tension roll off of him. Taking Jason’s hand in hers she looked lovingly at him, “Now tell me, dear. What’s bothering you?”

Smirking, he rubbed his free hand over the back of his neck. She always knows how to get to the point. He hesitated a moment, “I um... made a promise to someone, and now I’m wishing I didn’t.”

Lila patted his hand, “And why is that dear? This promise, is it hard to keep?”

He shook his head ‘no’, but his words said the opposite, “It’s just that I know the outcome. She won’t be there.”

Lila’s smile grew brighter, and her eyes sparkled, “And you know this for sure?”

Jason’s shoulders slumped, as he quietly answered, “No.”

Lila could see the torment he was causing himself over this promise, “You love her? This girl, don’t you,” Jason didn’t answer and Lila didn’t need one. She saw it in his eyes when he looked up at her.

“Would you like my advice, dear?”

He nodded ‘yes’, so she continued, “I know this is difficult for you, but you have never broken a promise, and if you start now, and she is there, and you aren’t – the possibility of ‘what if’, will always be with you. You have to find out one way or the other, Jason,” she smiled at him, “now go. I have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.”

Jason gave his Grandmother’s hand a light squeeze. Standing he smiled down at her, “Thank you,” he said softly.

Taking a Chance  @The No Name

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The Nut Hut Archive "Love Shack"

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Storyville: Eric Northman and Pam Ravenscroft

PBT Fan Fiction Menu

Seasons:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7



It was the summer evening of 1882 and I was 24 years old. It had been a warm summer with very little rain. The grass on the estate was reaching a dry crunchy appearance and the crops were even in the worst shape. It was the middle of summer in the English countryside and the flowers were in full bloom . The ones outside my window were wilting from all the heat we were having. It was the end of the month of July and only a few days until my wedding day. I was anything but excited about my upcoming nuptials. The thought about running away and leaving my life forever was all to tempting to me.

My name is Pam Ravenscroft and I was born into a life of privilege and money.

Viking Vampire God Series
+ Other True Blood Fan Fiction 

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Eric & Pam Fic. Bored, Eric and Pam play a game through the thrill of text messaging. This fanfic was taken from the speculation on who Eric was messaging on his SideKick during the 1x07 episode of true Blood.
True Blood - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 -- Published: 10-23-08
3. 100 Years, One Separation & a Lifetime of Blood by Treesh Aradia reviews
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What are we going to go about this? Eric and Pam discuss Longshadow's murder. Spoilers for the book "Dead and Gone".
Rated: K - Chapters: 1 -- Published: 6-3-09

The Eternal Dilemna  - A collection of more  Eric/Pam stories