Sunday, June 1, 2008

After the Rain "The Transfer of Power"

Jason Morgan is not only entrenched in an accelerated mob war. He is embroiled in it. As Elizabeth continues tending to her day to day with the circumstances of "bad medicine." Jason has been strained by a juggling act, and trying to keep peace between Carly Jax who places blame on Sonny for her son's condition she takes all the money from her hotel's safe...and plans to run. To prevent this an agreement with Sonny Corinthos to take over as King Pin of Port Charles is struck. Jason cunningly tells Sonny "if you sign over your his nephew; I will become mob lord." Jason hasn't had time to gather his wits not even to acknowlege "his son's" birthday in a meaningful way. He gives up any hope of claiming his son for taking on as being the head of one of the five mob families in the country.

All because of the tragic event of Sonny's life. His inability to keep his children safe he has asked Jason to give up all he holds dear to facilitate the life he chose as mob lord. Jason relinquishes Elizabeth and the boys to protect Sonny's life with a stroke of a pen.

It begins with a conference from his accountant Bernie, with a phone call to Diane Miller mob lawyer fashionista; she enters his office to present papers that will change his life. Despite her forewarnings, the papers are signed and Jason Morgan is the head of the Corinthos crime family. Its not like he hasn't done this before he' taken over but this time its different with Sonny wanting out.

But before the ink is dry; Jason is faced with his first challenge. In his now office, doing paper work, he learns from his henchman Max that his cargo has been hijacked by the Zaccharra crime family, an organization planning a take over of Port Charles. The shipment is burning in the harbor. Jason Morgan is not pleased.

After discussing the serious pitfalls of having Jason as top mob lord of the Corinthos organization with his consigiliere, and their sons, his inner circle; Anthony Zaccharra finds himself in his palatial estate alone returning to his sitting room, where he finds it smoking. His foot soldiers are nowhere to be found. As he calls out frantically a wheel chair bound Anthony Zaccharra finds his sitting room ablaze. He's wheeled outside, frantic, shouting about his home and his Maria's beloved rose garden. Slowly he turns his head to find Jason Morgan standing there.

This night, without a word, Jason has answered in his characteristic voice of silence the mob war is on!
Anthony Zaccharra watches 40 years burn into flames.

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