Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Circle of Friends" "From the Shadows"

Earlier Elizabeth learned her friend Dr. Robin Scorpio's good news . After Robin addressed her concern in her inability to sleep; Robin who was a past lover of Jason's is now pregnant by an ex-lover. For the first time Robin smiled. He does not want children so she ask Elizabeth her opinion on keeping the paternity a secret. She responds concluding with "the truth has a way of coming out any way"

Elizabeth sketches in the waiting area where she speaks with her friend, Dr. Elaine Winters, Psychiatrist about the fire... Lainey explains its post traumatic and it is expected she speaks positively on Elizabeth' event of rescuing her son and to give it time. The are later joined by Dr. Kelly Lee. They notice a man approaching the front desk overhears his his name "Dr. Ian Devlin"

Elizabeth calls her ex-husband to check on the boys and hears him welcoming a visitor upon hearing the name; Elizabeth later arrives at the Spencer house letting herself in with a key she stands face to face with her arch enemy, holding Jake.

Meanwhile Jason has his hands full when he walks in Sonny' office to find Michael rambling in the bottom drawer to take a gun...Jason gives him a stern lecture and warns him of all its dangers. He wants revenge for the murder of his nanny since birth Leticia and Jason's sister Dr. Emily Quartermaine. After talking with him, Jason thinks he got through.
Michael returns later to break into the drawer. He abruptly stops mid way about to force the drawer open and leaves...Stepping from the shadows after he emerges after hearing his thirteen year old nephew close the door.

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