Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Russian Bullets with Sincerity

Jason has tried his best to take care of mob business, even though he's surrounded by interference: Carly, Claudia, Spinelli, the list is endless. In the cross fire, after following his ex lover of over a decade ago to Pier 52 he manages to convince them to "shut up" immediately their bickering stops.....

Further investigating this new attempt on his life ..... a bloody, expensive war is something to avoid and before he makes a move he needs to know for certain what is a threat.

The next day he learns about a shipment...and prepares for survellience. His protegy wants to accompany him to prove what he can do. Jason ponders.

Elizabeth is on Spoon Island, speaking of love. "Its hard to let go of someone you love" she tells Nikolas, who is still in love with her best friend who died for his love...he is trying to move on. She leaves him with "be truthful to your feelings." She knows only to well she waited too late to realize her love for a man she refused to admit love for...she feels time lost. She hears,

With Jason?

Yes Nikolas, with Jason.....there she said it...out loud.

Elizabeth's next day is at the hospital with Drs. Matt Hunter, Robin and Patrick they prepare for their ultra sound..she answers their question, beforehand, did she know her children gender...she didn't want to know but she thought Cam and Jake to be boys both times. Elizabeth reminices.

Meanwhile, Jason soothes confidence by taking his ego wounded protege in the field but nixes his request for a fire arm reminding him he shot himself in the foot.

Fainting from heat on the car stake out..Jason picks him up and brings him to General Hospital, where the love he denies, personified is in attendance...Fair,

Elizabeth Webber....

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