Monday, April 7, 2008

Their love story unfolds "Out of the box"

Elizabeth Webber pleasantly surprises Jason Morgan upon his return
from more hand surgery in Seattle. The surgery went well, the prognosis looks good no permanent damage. Unable to contain themselves they

It seems situations has presented Elizabeth with food for thought she has been pondering this sacrifice she has asked of Jason Morgan..She is in love with him but has to stay away from him for safety. She speaks with Dr. Robin Scorpio they are growing closer and Robin explains her time with Jason as his lover and friend...she also confides to Elizabeth of her time growing up in danger; her parents are spies and are and has always been in constant danger but she only remembers the love. Jason speaks his point of view to Spinelli the young man he has taken under his wing he has turned into more, a confidante, a close friend which is unusal for Jason to speak his feelings he is a closed man of few words.

While at PH#2, Elizabeth is interrupted by a phone call goes to the hospital and has to parlay her discussion with Jason even further...she arrives for an emergency. A little boy in a bike accident. She observes the father and evolves more into the realization that she can no longer accept the sacrifice she has asked the father of her son to make....

she returns to PH2, twice in one day, to tell Jason Morgan she can no longer lie to her children, the world and herself. With her heart on her sleeve she tells him again, "I am in love with you' and want to be with you." He ask if she is sure; Elizabeth stands firm. Nothing is perfect she's had enough she doesn't backstroke, no more unrequited love. She wants him to part of his son life. She wants him to raise his son.

She ask if he still wants a life with her..and

again he says the words she longs to hear
"That is all, that is all I want. I want a life with you and I want a family, with you."

On the other side of town, at the docks in his warehouse, mob kingpin Michael 'Sonny' Corinthos takes his girlfriend Kate along with his son
Michael Corinthos, Jr. to his coffee import business so Michael can see first hand that he is a coffee importer.

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