Monday, February 11, 2008

"Good" Elizabeth honor's his wishes...

Jason convinced that Elizabeth was not the only driver on the road finds more proof that it is possible she was not responsible and is putting in all efforts to clear her. He misses a top level meeting with the five families and leaves it up to his top henchman and mob lord Sonny Corinthos for the meet.

Elizabeth returns home with her children after being informed the damage has been repaired after the fire and is pleased in that everything is the same all the damage was repaired. She spends time with her children when she receives a surprise visit from one of the remaining Musketeers and ex brother-in-law Prince Nikolas Cassidine. Fiancee of her recently deceased best friend and still in shock and grief he needed to see her as she is the closest he can get to Emily (Jason's sister).

They speak on his medical condition and Elizabeth is surprised that he has not had his operation nor has he scheduled it. She advises him strongly to get the operation to save his life for the sake of his son and questions his reluctancy. She says he is lucky to be able to be with Spencer.

He does not confide to her he can see, hear, touch and speak to her friend, that the removal of his tumor will also remove his visions and this ability to be withi Emily...Elizabeth urges him for the sake of his son to get treatment.

Jason called to speak to Elizabeth during this visit and she of course could not however he managed to tell her ex suspects him of the hit and run....Later he informs her of his findings and asks that she still wait before turning herself in. Elizabeth tells Jason, that Nikolas told her he to was on the same road during the time of the accident and he blacked out and couldn't remember anything.. Jason believes now more than ever that it is a possibility she was not involved in this accident.

She confides her fears of losing, her children and him...he suggest to pick up Jake and tell him how much he is loved.

they have become closer and more intimate as secret lovers

~Their Love Story continues~

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