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"Imperilment" Author Swish


Elizabeth Carter thought she led the perfect life. She had a husband who she thought loved her with all of his heart even though at times they had problems and great friends. She had caught her husband having an affair with his secretary. She was so torn up inside that she drove around for hours until she found herself parked outside a rundown bar in Little Havana. She knew she was asking for trouble when she opened the door and a billow of smoke poured out. Every fiber in her body was screaming at her to leave the dinky bar, but when she saw a 5ft 11’, blonde hair, the purest blue eyes she had ever laid her own dark blue orbs on she couldn’t turn away.

The mysterious man took a long pull from his beer and placed it along the oak wood of the pool table. He drew his pool stick back lining up his next shot. The muscles in his arms contracted as the cue ball hit the targeted stripe ball sending it across the green felt in the corner pocket.

Elizabeth stood motionless watching the gorgeous man in front of her. She had been in a daze for so long that she hadn't even realized the man she had been watching had approached her.

“Ma’am are you ok?” he asked concerned.

“Oh my… I’m sorry it’s been a long day. I didn’t mean to stare.” she hesitantly responded.

“It’s ok, we have all had long days before. I’m Jason and you are?" he asked extending his hand.

“Elizabeth.” she answered shaking his offered hand.

“Nice to meet you Elizabeth, would you like a drink from the bar?” Jason boyishly smiled at her.

“I would love one.” Elizabeth answered. She felt so at peace while she was in the presence of this man.

They talked and drank for hours, Jason wanted to teach her how to play pool, but she had other things on her mind at the time. By sunrise Elizabeth found herself in his strong arms. The night was a slight blur, but she knew from her state of undress what had transpired. She no longer wanted to feel the pain, and she wanted the image of Richard fucking his secretary out of her mind.

Jason had repeatedly asked if she was sure not wanting to take advantage of her. Elizabeth reassured him that she knew exactly what she was doing. That was all he needed to hear as he drove himself deeply inside her.

Elizabeth quietly gathered her discarded clothes, dressing quickly as possible without waking Jason. She took one last glance at him and closed the door behind her. She never noticed the brunette hair woman standing off in the shadows.

Four Years Later

Richard Carter had become one of the top lawyers in Miami, Florida. He had made partner quicker than any other lawyer in the firm, but he was hiding a horrible addiction. He had gotten himself into quite a predicament when he had bet his life savings on a sure thing.

The Miami Herald had predicted that Big Brown would win the Kentucky Derby that year, but he had an insider that told him Big Brown had an injured hoof. He bet against everyone to bring in a higher payout. Unfortunately for him, Big Brown healed quicker than anyone thought and won the race.

The loan sharks he had placed the bet with were breathing down his neck and demanding payment or he would not like the outcome. He had devised a plan to get the money and start a new life for himself.

He truly did love his wife and tried his best to remain faithful when he found out his wife was pregnant with his child, but Elizabeth’s best friend Samantha McCall had other plans. The brunette, brown eye vixen wanted him for herself, she hated that her high school friend got everything she felt like she herself deserved. She wanted it all; the money, the family name and Elizabeth's son.

Sam was also a partner at the law firm; she had promised Elizabeth that she would keep a watchful eye out for her. She even went so far as firing Richard’s secretary and hiring a male employee. This had put Elizabeth’s mind at ease; if there was one thing she knew, he wasn’t gay.

Richard’s father Trevor and his close friend Anthony Zacchara had always told him that women were not to be trusted, use them if it gets you what you want or out of a bad situation. Trevor did however have a soft spot for Elizabeth.

Richard did as well, he always believed that Elizabeth was the exception to that theory. He was proud that he had found a woman that loved him unconditionally after everything he had done. Things he most certainly wasn’t proud of, but he felt he had no other choice. He was determined to keep his secrets in the dark. Unlike him, he knew Elizabeth would never cheat or lie to him.

Samantha McCall had boded her time; she knew that Richard was in financial trouble. She also knew his trophy wife was hiding secrets, one of those secrets would shatter his world and make him putty in her hands. She just needed to wait a little bit longer and she would have everything she deemed was hers.

Chapter 1 – Carter Landing

“Wow, Jake that’s a big fish.” Elizabeth exclaimed, ruffling her little boy’s hair.

Elizabeth loved spending one on one time with her little boy. He was so adventurous and somewhat of a danger junkie. She knew she had a wild side to her, but he didn’t seem to be afraid of anything.

Jake loved the water and feeling the fresh air blow across his tiny face. He looked so at peace, when he was surrounded by nothingness.

As Elizabeth stared at her son flinging his Handy Mandy fishing pole into the water, she remembered his first outing in the swimming pool.

Richard was supposed to join them, but her friend Sam had stopped by unannounced and told him there was an emergency at the firm. Some conference call needed to take place or they risked losing millions of dollars.

It was no surprise to Elizabeth when Sam asked Richard for help. As high school classmates, she was always coming to her for help with her homework. ‘Guess some things never change…must have had someone helping her with her studies in Law School or sleeping her way to the top.’ Elizabeth thought to herself.

Richard gave Elizabeth an apologetic look and waved at his son goodbye. As he walked away she noticed Sam tangling herself around his arm, having a smug look on her face.

Elizabeth looked down at Jake who didn’t seem to be bothered by his father’s absence. If she thought back on it, Jake wasn’t really attached to his father at all. He was rather distant at times. Hell they barely looked like one another.

As Elizabeth was lost in her thoughts, Jake had taken the opportunity to jump into the deep end of the pool. Elizabeth panicked as she dived in after him. When she pulled him out of the pool, he busted out in a fit of laughter. Meanwhile, her heart was racing a mile of minute.

“If Richard knew what just happened, he would never let me hear the end of it.” Elizabeth mumbled against the side of her child’s head.

“Mommy, Mommy!” Jake yelled, jumping up and down. “I got another fishy!”

Elizabeth snapped back to present time and hugged her son tightly. She helped him unhook the fish and place it back in the ocean.

“Come on Jake, time to clean up and get ready for dinner.” Elizabeth said clasping his small hand inside of hers, leading them back to the house.

Across Town

“Richie Poo.” Sam oozed into his ear as she climbed over his chair armrest and sat on his lap. “You must not have heard me, because you are still sitting there staring at that damn computer screen.”

“Sam, not now! I don’t know if you haven’t been paying attention, but I’m in a money crisis.” Richard shouted, attempting to move her from his lap. Every time he told himself that this would be the last time he cheated on his wife, but he was weak and lying to himself. He just couldn’t turn Sam away.

“Well if you would do what I suggested, you wouldn’t have to worry about money anymore. That bitch of a wife of yours would be out of the way and I could fuck you whenever I pleased.” Sam snapped back, as she sucked his earlobe between her lips. “And Richie Poo, I want to fuck you right now!”

Richard leaned back in his office chair closing his eyes. He could barely wrap his head around what she was suggesting. He loved his wife; well at least he thought he did. He was always second guessing himself, when Sam was around. Was he in love with her instead? His member always stiffened at the mere sight of her. Elizabeth used to get him just as hard, but ever since she had gotten pregnant and had the baby, she became distant. Whenever they did have sex, she seemed unpleased and ready for him to roll off of her. He wasn’t sure what had changed, but he began to secretly detest her for it.

He had given her everything; prestige, money, several homes, cars, his child. When he laid eyes on her after so many years, she was lighting up a cigarette as she rushed out of her Gram’s home, running right into him. She was hanging out with some street trash named Zander Smith. He was glad he was no longer in the picture. He had taught her the proper way to be a lady, the classic trophy wife. Now all she cared about was that brat. He bought every toy in the world for Jake, but he received no appreciation or admiration in return. He just played with this old ratty toy motorcycle that used to light up and make revving sounds, but died out over time. He hated that toy, he hated motorcycles. He hated people that rode them, for all intense purposes he saw them as thugs.

Sam inwardly smiled to herself; as she witnessed Richard soften to her plan. It was so easy for her to manipulate him. The only reason she wanted him was because Elizabeth had him and marrying a Carter, even a broke one meant respect. Her family didn’t carry the prestige his did and she was determined to get all the perks the world offered the chosen ones.

“Now that’s more like it Richie.” Sam purred as she felt his erection through his pants poking into her exposed thigh.

“I’m in.” Richard responded as his eyelids opened.

“Not quite baby.” Sam replied removing his manhood from his pants and placing him inside of her.

Richard’s eyes rolled back into his head as Sam rode him to ecstasy. He couldn’t wait to get rid of his burden. No one would think anything of it; they had the appearance of a perfect marriage. They had taken life insurance policies out on each other about six months ago. The plan was perfect, but all he could concentrate on for the moment was the woman riding him and not giving a damn about the woman waiting for him to arrive for dinner.

Carter Landing

“Mommy, I’m hungry.” Jake pouted.

Elizabeth deeply sighed as she looked at her son. Richard said he would be home for dinner around 6pm and it was fast approaching 7:30.

She shouldn’t have been so upset; it wasn’t like he had come home on time other evenings. She couldn’t stand the look of disappoint on her child’s face. His disrespect for her and their son was getting old.

Elizabeth knew she should take Jake and leave him, but she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to support the two of them. She only had a high school diploma with a few college courses to her name. Richard had put an end to her college hopes and dreams on becoming a Nurse. He said no wife of his would be cleaning and looking after sick people.

“Mommy, will make your plate. Guess something came up with Daddy.”

“Daddy never here anymore.” The boy spoke before stuffing a chicken nugget into his tiny mouth.

Her son’s words hit her in the gut. Even her son realized something was off. Right then and there she vowed to make things better, she would try to make an effort when it came to her marriage and try her best to get the man that haunted her dreams for the past four years out of her mind. That would be impossible though, for every time she looked into the eyes of her son…she saw him. 

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Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst  as Elizabeth Webber was let go  from the soap opera General Hospital January 21, 2011 after her legacy character debuted in 1997 in  what I will always believe to be the politics involving two of the most popular characters in daytime.  

The Powers did not want Liason together and did everything to dismantle them, their history and now eliminating the competition".  But Elizabeth I. Webber  will forever be in our fan fiction writing.  I thank Becky for her many years of loyalty to General Hospital and her fans...You'll never be forgotten. Here's to seeing you again on my screen soon some place where you're "appreciated."

The NoName fiction writer challenge
Write a One-shot -- a one part one shot -- writing Elizabeth off the show from any point in the time of her history with Jason. 

We can write her off with or without Jason.
We each agreed to choose a song as our inspiration but this doesn't have to be a song fic.
We will endeavor to keep it to 5,000 words or less.

Twelve Stories: 

      This story takes place in March of 2000. Jason had left on January 17th after recuperating at Elizabeth's studio. I hope you enjoy!

    The timeframe:  October 2006, shortly after the Night of Passion. Here’s my
    Last Night's Kiss
    take on how Elizabeth Webber could have been written off the show during that point in her history. I went way over the 5000 words set for this little challenge, but I think everyone will forgive me.

    To give you a little background, I changed a little of the history here. Lucky did go into rehab almost immediately after being caught by Elizabeth with Maxie. During the timeframe of the story he has since gotten out. Jason did take back Sam, sort of, but she doesn’t factor much into the story. Hopefully everything else will be explained within the story; however, as always, if you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading,   .

    It Is You:  
    Background: This is set just after the courthouse break-up (Dec 12, 2009) when Jason was using the punching bag. However instead of Carly showing up Elizabeth does.

    2.  It ain't over until » by Channilover 

    Set after the final breakup between Liz and Jason how it should have been... first fan fic.. be honest... m for later chapters.  Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 2 - Updated: 2-3-11   

    3. Heartbeats » by OyHumbug reviews

    With one order, Anthony set in motion a chain of events that would, 5 years later, change an entire town's history & future. Jason, Elizabeth, Robin, Patrick, Maxie, Spinelli, Nadine, Nikolas, Johnny, Anthony, Alexis, Sonny, Carly, Jax, Claudia, & Diane.  Rated: T - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 18 -  Reviews: 70 - Updated: 2-3-11 : 4- Published-12-09  M.

    4. Harry Potter Goes To America » by jonsmom14.

    Jason Morgan rescues and adopts Harry Potter from the Dursleys. Harry changes his new father's life.  Rated: T - English - Chapters: 15 - Words: 73,289 - Reviews: 174 - Updated: 1-22-11 - Published: 12-15-08 - Jason M. & Elizabeth W.

    5. Finding Your Way » by EpsiLone 

    On one side a deranged and controlling ex boyfriend on the other a kind hearted mob enforcer. Can Elizabeth find her way through the mess that has become her life? Liason, AH.  Rated: T - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 29 -  Reviews: 141 - Updated: 1-16-11 - Published: 6-3-09 

    Stories by jasonismyfreepass   6. Everything's gonna be alright'

    Elizabeth is in for a surprise. Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Reviews: 5 - Published: 1-7-11

    7. Welcome Home Daddy!