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The Romantic Fantasy of Jason Morgan and Elizabeth I. Webber

2008 -The Liason Love Story "Secrets - Their cabin in the woods"

Because he is a top mob cappo and is a dangerous enforcer the best in the country; Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber have decided to meet in private Because of thier growing intimacy and passion. However the safety of Elizabeth, Cameron, and Jacob, Jason has set up a rendevous safe one needs to know...


Elizabeth is overjoyed and thanked him "You've thought of everything, you don't know what this means to me"
Jason Morgan, "I had to be with you"
Their New Year's eve plans to be together were thwarted. Their rendevous was arranged and Elizabeth planned a romantic evening unfortunately because of a brewing mob war Jason cancelled to leave for New York....A disappointed Elizabeth surprised and overjoyed at his present of an easel and art supplies, begins to paint however, she abruptly stops, leaves...


Elizabeth's co-worker and friend Head nurse Epiphany is trying desparately to reach her son. She hasn't heard from him in quite sometime no calls during the holidays. Elizabeth listens in while during her long awaited conversation; it suddenly ends unsucessfully After an interruption in their phone conversation Epip is frantic. Elizabeth calls the police then chirps Jason Morgan.
and their love story continues...


A distraught Epiphany is inconsolable and is perplexed after listening to her son die...Elizabeth accompanies her to the coffee house to speak with the one person who can give her answers Jason Morgan...when they arrive they find Carly and Spinelli in attendance..Epiphany ask Jason to help find the murderer of her son because his world is out of her reach...Jason explains he hasn't heard from Stan and he stopped working for him awhile back..further perplexed Epip asks him to help her...Elizabeth vouches for Jason still in grief over the strangulation of his beloved sister Emily he silently agrees...during this exchange Carly is noticing their amazing chemistry she can see their love which they are still trying to hide for the safety of Elizabeth Cam and their son Jake
~Their Love Story Continues ~


It was touch and go lots of phone tag but Jason went to Elizabeth at the hospital to see her for the New Year and apologized for NYE. Elizabeth understood and said the champagn is still there...making arrangements for a sitter Elizabeth turns from her phone conversation to see Jason' bitter fatal attraction ex girlfriend who is romantically linked to Elizabeth ex-husband to plot revenge in "taking all that Elizabeth has" in another long series of stalking events and after her harassement. Jason arrives at the safehouse to find a sketch of their son and is touched...
Elizabeth arrives at the SafeHouse "You made it." She asks if he would sit for her to solve the problem of no one holding baby Jake in the sketch...later while sitting Jason says he' hungry...he runs over to sneak a peaka atthe sketch but Elizabeth quickly covers it "no peaking" He moves her hair away and nibbles i his feast of love.....he' famished...


Later at the safehhouse Elizabeth prepares to say goodbye to Jason they speak again of trying to keep Jake out of harms way...She says she is happiest when she is there with him and that she will come alone to paint...Elizabeth feels that Jason should be a part of son's life while showing him pictures she says "you should be seeing this part of Jakes life so maybe it wasn't a good idea to bring the pictures." He assures her that he is glad she did. Jason has been extremely affectionate with Elizabeth...always touching her. A last embrace they leave unbeknownst to them a picture of Jake fell to the floor.
Upon returning home Elizabeth readys her children for bed...Carly Corinthos arrives a woman from Jason' past who married Jason' mob boss (several times) now married to wealthy fiancier Jasper Jax..she had a visit from another enemy of hers and Elizabeth, Sam McCall, who spilled the beans re: Jason' being Jake' father. Carly confronts Elizabeth about the paternity of their son look and Carly says, its true...a heated exchange and a slap later Carly arrives at the office of her ex-husband to find Jason Morgan alone where she asks about Jacob Martin....
Their sexy love continues...and no one needs to know...
1.09.08Carly an old lover of a decade ago secretly is in love with Jason Morgan she expressed in the past she wanted to have his child....standing in front of Jason, Carly is supposedly very hurt that her now supposedly best friendship did not confide in her...his secret of his chld
Their conversation escalates into a heated exchange where Jason Morgan screams "this is exactly the reason why I didn't want you to know" more words however nevers satisfied she storms out of his office vowing to expose that Jacob is Jason's son so that he can share custody... despite his vehement disapproval....never respecting his wishes she storms back to Elizabeth's house for another ranting round where Elizabeth holds her own...understandably upset Elizabeth heads to the apartment of Samantha McCall where she lays it out and tells Lucky Spencer her ex-husband who has now been snared by Sam in her plot of revenge...That Sam has told Carly Jakes paternity..
Lucky takes up for Sam being attacked by Carly Sam lies explaining she was stressed out and accidently blurted it out...Elizabeth does not buy her explanation to Lucky who ask Sam can you explain it to me...Samantha plays victim but because her son' safety is in danger Elizabeth is not accepting Sams explanation.
After Lucky is called on police business Elizabeth remains to get some things straight with ex live-in lover...Samantha McCall.
Jacobs paternity is now known to one more threat Carly Jax the ex ho that won't go away.


Cameron Webber plays learned to play with matches from his friend...Elizabeth scolds him but he strikes a match Elizabeth commented that if you slam the door it sticks....Cameron strikes a match unknowingly he threw a lighted match in the trash...Elizabeth runs after Cameron after he runs out the door, the door slams.. Jake is upstairs napping and the house is filling fire and smoke, Cameron and Elizabeth is locked outside and the fire begins to spread...Elizabeth screams for Jake on the other side of the Blue Door...
The Lovers are becoming more exposed as their love grows ... they become more dangerously in love.


Jason learns of the fire and runs to Elizabeth's house at 145 and sees Cameron to learn Elizabeth has rushed their son to the hospital. She rushed to take Jake to GH only to enter a hostage situation. With her son' life at stake she pleads with a bomber who has explosives strapped to his body to let a doctor care for Jake...Sam her arch enemy who hasppens to be in the hospital assist...Elizabeth's son Jacob is attended.

Unbeknownst to Elizabeth she is bleeding profusely from a gash on her she collaspes from lack of blood Elizabeth request is "save Jake" drifting in and out of conciousness...Epiphany tells her Jason is here .Jacob Martin fights for his new life.

The bomber ask why is Jason concerned what does this mean to you. Hostages include his family, Elizabeth's colleagues are noticing the presence of Jason Morgan with quizzical expressions may be wondering the same thing....The secret lovers are becoming more exposed

"Liason on Fire"

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