Tuesday, March 25, 2008

~Trust Me~

Jason has exonerated Elizabeth they have shared sweet endearments upon his return...he says "I'll call you later" she says "I hope so." They are becoming more comfortable with their love...Elizabeth expresses relief that his surgery went well only to learn his mother is the HnR driver.

Jason goes to a bitter Monica who tells him like it is while drinking "you have put Sonny before, AJ, Alan, Me, and Emily...she orders him out. Jason goes to Elizabeth hinting at telling Monica the truth regarding Jakes paternity. To give her something to hold onto...Elizabeth questions with more and more people knowing about Jakes' paternity .... how can this secret be kept; how can he be kept safe? They are interrupted by a call, Jason returns to the hospital this time

Dr. Monica Quartermaine has been in an accident....again Monica drives drunk but this time she has been found out.

What is next for Liason?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Elizabeth stands her ground, Jason returns

A lot has been going on Liason is being boxed in a corner..The TMK murder solved, Lucky Spencer overheard endearments to Jason Morgan and Elizabeth's conversation re: the hit and run. Lucky has checked out her car and is sympathetic to Elizabeth's plight. However now it is the hit n run that is still unsolved and Elizabeth is all in it and Lucky puts himself back on the case

Elizabeth feeling increasingly more guilty confessed to Det Lucky Spencer that she may be the one. However her conversation is overheard and she is confronted in her home..Sam McCall hobbles through the blue doors.

La Liz goes toe to toe tit for tat..she is accused of destruction that a compassionate Elizabeth Webber is not known for...she gives as good as she gets and will counteract these false charges against her; Sam McCall says she will lie to say she actually saw Elizabeth hit her...

Liz checkmates with charges of her own she will lie as well to say she "saw" her kidnap Baby Jake....Elizabeth is nobody's victim.

On the other side of town Mob enforcer Jason Morgan returns from Seattle and a lot has been happening in his absence, the mob war with the Zacchara family and the shooting of Kate by Michael Corinthos,
Jason has not seen Elizabeth and has no idea of the events that has taken place because the mob war is escalating at rapid speed...he is all in it. Elizabeth sees him for the first time and runs in his arms they embrace and kiss she looks at his hands...she loves Jason Morgan....the speak of the Hit and Run he asks her to wait just a little longer....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

~There is nothing I wouldn't do for you~

Jason after surgery ordeal is escalating unable to use his hands he is rendered helpless not knowing the outcome of the surgery he remains his usual self...Elizabeth worried and unable to hide or concern has visited him several times....each time more revealing...she continues on with her life but spends more time in Jason's room...

After her confrontation with mob lord Sonny Corinthos who is unsupporting of Jason's condition says he is useless to him in this condition and that he should not have gone after the man who killed his sister but Jason too is growing as impatient with an unsympathetic Sonny Corinthos...

Elizabeth says to Sonny that Jason is healing from a delicate and serious hand surgery and can not go back to work now.. Sonny Corinthos is not willing to listen to Elizabeth's voice.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Grim News - When can I go back to work...?

Unable to stay away from his side Elizabeth is with him a sedated Jason he hears the results that his hands are severely injured with nerve and muscle damage, one finger hangs by a tendril. Jason requires hand surgery and some of the top hand surgeons will be called in via satallite to assist. Jason can see that Elizabeth feels guilty because he knows her....she feels because he saved her life this happened....She is also distraught and is visible shaken....but with a cool exterior...

He answers questions from a Detective and gives him advice on where to find the killer. A killer he won't be able to catch.....In serious pain from his injuries, Jason tells her that she doesn't need to stay....Elizabeth says I can explain that you saved my life....their love is showing for all to see, including Dr. Patrick Drake....

Jason is again vulnerable..

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Jason hears Elizabeth he stops suddenly from his pursuit of Diego Alcazar she climbs out of the top of the car as Diego scurries away. Elizabeth runs to the man she now loves as a friend and confidente Det. Lucky Spencer who is down with a bullet.

Jason tries to save the woman he no longer loves and no longer is friend but the car henged on the rail over a rushing river moves and he is thrown.... Elizabeth and her ex-husband watch as the car plunges over...

Elizabeth looks back and there he is again in the snow hurt....she races to she realizes then
her lover, his hands are severely cut....

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Desparation on Hangman's Bridge.

Elizabeth comes face to face with the a killer of four. A struggle pursues and Elizabeth awakens handcuffed inside a car....she learns the identity of the man who murdered her best friend, Dr. Emily Quartermaine, Diego Alcazar....she asks why and "because she is Jason Morgan's sister in revenge for him killing his father." Notorius international crime lord Lorenzo Alcazar.

Elizabeth retaliates by striking him they crash through barriers and the car hangs in balance over the rushing cold river. Elizabeth takes advantage of Diego's unconciousness successfully retrieving the keys to unlock her...the car teetering on edge she about to escape but muffled noises from the trunk startles her; as an enraged Diego pulls her back in she then realizes her arch enemy is in the trunk...

Lucky Spencer is driving on the bridge sees the teetering car, calls it in and steps out, he is immediately shot....

Jason Morgan is appraised of this situation after finding a cell phone with the recording Sam McCall being taken and his top Lt Max call to him murmuring only "Elizabeth."

Prince Nikolas Cassidine informs him after his death seizure in order to remember who the TMK from the Black and White Ball informs Jason that it is Diego Alcazar...A killer is in hunt of his prey, the killer of his beloved sister. Jason Morgan is on the move.