Monday, February 11, 2008

I want to spend one more time with you

After being plagued by a recurring dream the night before their wonderful morning together Elizabeth and Jason return to their safe house after learning his ex was ran over by a car. Elizabeth visited the woman who terriorized her and her children at the hospital, put two and two together and realize she could have been the one who did it. She returns Jason's previous call they meet at their cabin in the woods to tell him unknowing that he already knows.

The lovers meet and Elizabeth wishes to step forward because of "so much animosity between us" but Jason after going to the scene wants more evidence to be sure it was her car. Jason uses his vast resources to know more information. He quickly learns of others who were on the same road one car is being repaired, one was abandoned, and another was stolen...
Jason remains convinced there are other possibilities...

Later accosted by Elizabeth's ex Detective Lucky Spencer after finding out he was on the scene, "what do you know about the hit and run? Startled Jason responds with his trademark chilling stare within a sea of blue.

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