Tuesday, March 25, 2008

~Trust Me~

Jason has exonerated Elizabeth they have shared sweet endearments upon his return...he says "I'll call you later" she says "I hope so." They are becoming more comfortable with their love...Elizabeth expresses relief that his surgery went well only to learn his mother is the HnR driver.

Jason goes to a bitter Monica who tells him like it is while drinking "you have put Sonny before, AJ, Alan, Me, and Emily...she orders him out. Jason goes to Elizabeth hinting at telling Monica the truth regarding Jakes paternity. To give her something to hold onto...Elizabeth questions with more and more people knowing about Jakes' paternity .... how can this secret be kept; how can he be kept safe? They are interrupted by a call, Jason returns to the hospital this time

Dr. Monica Quartermaine has been in an accident....again Monica drives drunk but this time she has been found out.

What is next for Liason?

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