Monday, January 21, 2008

Jason Interrupted

As he desparately seeks to gain entry into Elizabeth' hospital room Jason is interrupted by his Lt Max of a situation regarding the underworld activities of a top crime lord who is trying to take the Corinthos organization down, with Sonny out of down he must attend to the business of day to day operations; still , he comes back to Elizabeth' hospital room to find her w/Dr. Julian, so again, can not gain access visibly disappointed Jason backs away sighs and holds his head against the wall.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth suddenly responds to the door opening in her hospital room; perchance it is Jason Morgan the man she loves she knows he came to her however it is her doctor. Dr. Julian informs Elizabeth that she must stay in the hospital. He commends her on her bravery in saving her son's life
but informs her of the importance of not re-opening a wound that almost caused her to bleed excellent nurse she realizes he is correct and is concerned about who will take care of Cameron and Jacob during her recuperation.

Lucky her ex-husband who agreed to maintain her secret of paternity to keep Jake safe brings in Jake to see her who is fully recovered from his life threatening injury of smoke inhalation. She ask if he would take care of Jake and Cameron he agreed to take off a few extra days and care for the boys.

In the meantime, Jason "again" tries to gain entry but he is again stopped by Spinelli who tells him informtion regarding the kidnapping of Lulu Spencer, forced to leave visibly torn he longingly looks at the hospital door. Jason must leave to attend to the situation of a dire and quite serious nature.

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