Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dire Straits with a Ring

Maxi is asked what makes her "think" she can move in his house...he seems clearly annoyed but will put up with it for Spinelli. Not only has she planted herself in his space she brought a bell with her. Spinelli realizes she poses a security threat. Jason advises him on hoping for more.

Commissioner Mac Scorpio arrives to question Spinelli when his the woman he raised.

Maxie is staying in Jason's Pent House because of Spinelli pleading. Jason has more pressing matters.

He orders her to put her clothes on after she bounces down in a towel looking for a loofah...she refuses and Spinelli's bell is ringing.

At General, Elizabeth is speaking with her colleagues more of her with Dr. Kelly Lee speaking with Robin about Patrick interviewing her friends for her blog...why does she have to be married to raise a baby. Robin is pregnant...she feels she can handle it alone but Elizabeth hears overhears Mac tell Robin about Maxi living with the man she loves.

Now more people in his Penthouse a steady much for being too dangerous to be around...Robin shows up to speak with Maxi. Afterwards, they speak alone, she asks him about some blog of Patrick's which he has no idea of, he's just congratulating her on her pregnancy.

Jason is about to involved with the Russian mafia that is posing a threat to Port Charles he has little time for much else. He becomes even more perturbed when Maxi almost starts a mob war threatening Sasha. He stands there explaining mob business with a protege' that is clearly clueless to his dangerous life and a babbling tween that just doesn't get it either.

When he catches her snooping in his closet he realizes this whole thing is "a bad idea. She is checking to see if his gun had been fired don't touch my stuff...she's nosey she is babbling and the police commissioner's daughter compromises me having you in my house. He questions her thoroughly about lying to him of why she is in his belongings.

"He tells you things you should not know"...she goes through her babble...He warns her "you need to stop." She explains Spinelli's fixation of trying to be like him. He is not impressed. The seriousness of the life he leads is totally missed on these two.

"People can be killed." He sets it right where he wants it. "OK you can stay but do not touch my stuff." As she skips up the steps like a happy 6 year old he goes to his closet retrieves his weapon and checks the clip. Jason has to go out.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Underneath it all / Better than Me

Jason is still upset with the short attention span of Damien Spinelli. He repeats (again) to not put him in a position to hurt Elizabeth.

The next day, Carly carries groceries into his PH but he can't help but wonder why she is more concerned about him and Spinelli instead of her husband...she goes on about her ex and his fiancee...

Right mow, Elizabeth is with Maxi while Spinelli is being discharged and subjected to the babbling of Spinelli speaking on Jason and this slavic seductress. Elizabeth urges her to be civil but she gets in her last dig which Elizabeth ignores.

Jason back at his PH takes care of his protege after being hit by a car Spinelli still doesn't get it. "What part of my life do you want...I use fear and intimidation on a daily basis." Jason again tries to make him see realize that his actions are not only stupid but could get him killed. "I can't be with people I love."

They are interrupted by a knock on the door there stands Maxi Jones barging in to move into the Penthouse of a Mob Lord.