Monday, August 25, 2008

The plot thickens in lock up and its about a blond...

Anthony Zacchara's employee Ric Lansing pays him a visit. Another Elizabeth ex husband, he tells this ex, if you want to help, get out....Next Anthony Zacchara pays the man who burned his house down a visit. After he threatens to kill him he's rolled away.

....Another guest, Claudia, comes with yet another request, this time, can she use his protegee's computer skills and reminds him of his promise to help her. Jason says no.

The escape of Johnny Zacchara and its best case scenario. His attorney explains that helping Johnny escape makes LuLu an accessory...Jason wants nothing told to the cops. It will remain as it is; she is a hostage, that's it, end of story. He'll cover for the people he cares about....

Jason meets with his attorney, again, who is trying to get his charges dropped. He learns of Sonny's meet with a woman at the Metro Ct..and Anthony Zacchara Diane feels these actions make little sense because of his Micheal's shooting ..

Meanwhile, Elizabeth learns of LuLu's predicament from Lucky Spencer, he knows his sister trusts her because of her situation with Jason. Elizabeth tries to comfort Lucky.

Later she visits the woman in behalf of the ex-husband she taunted to take away while still married to her. Now she goes to plead his case; overcoming their affair to champion their relationship. Lucky needs someone to help him during this time, while his sister is on the run...Elizabeth surprises herself in being there defending the relationship of a woman who terriorized her while with her children.

Jason has yet another visit from Claudia she has heard from her brother.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nirvana, Sonnets, the Crabby Commando, and a Russian Mobster

He isn't charged, this time; he takes off, arrives home to find his protege in a compromising position. Spinelli is making love with Maxi Jones.

Later the same night, Jason sneaks into his family's mansion to confront LuLu Spencer who lives there with her father, now married to Tracey Quartermaine. Jason thinks he can fix it. He knows LuLu murdered Logan Hayes in self defense and tells her so.

Next, he questions Maxi about what happened with Logan in Kate's office. She details the events as she knows them leading up, through, and after Logans' death. "I'm gonna try to fix this."

Unfortunately he arrives at the PCPD, at the exact time Johnny Zacharra is escaping from custody.

Again he's promptly re-arrested for aiding and abetting, obstruction of justice all because he deflected an aiming gun so he's charged as an accomplice to Johnny Zacchara's. He is questioned by Elizabeth's ex husband Lucky Spencer. Jason's attorney arrives, he explains himself to Diane Miller as best he can. Obstruction in the police attempt to capture an escaping murder suspect.

After his release, immediately another vistor. In his office,
Cody Paul tells him of happenings on Pier 17 and the business of a Russian mobster Andre Karpov. At first skeptical, Jason appreciates the tip and asks for any additional information that may deem helpful.

Jason gets a visit from a concerned brother his deceased sister's fiancee implores him, in Emily's name, to help find his sister. The gun was smuggled in by her for her lover Johnny Zacchara's escape which they could have planned. Jason advises Prince Nikolas Cassadine on her precarious situation. Jason is not done...he receives yet another visitor.

Jason as yet to catch his breath...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Nebulous Interruption

Jason continues to do best for those he loves no matter the cost. He excuses himself with a longing look to Elizabeth She then speaks to Robin about being in love with someone who can't give you a future and advises that "now is all we have."

Jason returns home to find Carly perched and ready with more ongoing drama, this time, on the worst night of her life. Jason can only respond, "What are you doing here?"

In his office with Spinelli; Diane later informs him of a murder. Logan Hayes who has a history of violence with Jason Morgan's organization is dead. Jason is promptly held for 24 hours and appears in a line up.

Again more Carly marital woes tells Jason her quest to humiliate the fiancee of her ex husband. Jason dismisses her then ask Spinelli for footage of the area in front of Nikolas's clinic; where Logan's body was dumped. Again Maxi is there and is asked to leave; Jason finds her busybody ways unsettling. He has an idea who murdered Logan. While investigating her car; Claudia Zacchara arrives pointng a gun at him...within moments he is re-arrested by the PCPD.

"I have nothing to say without my attorney."

Another 48 hrs, Claudia asks him to recommend her a lawyer.

He finds himself again sequestered with the woman who has been instructed to kill him.

Elizabeth can't forget his piercing stare, pale blue eyes on a moonlit night.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Perchance, Every Word

Jason buries himself in work. Now, its his organization, his "certificates of operations." But finds himself reflecting to whirlwind events. He realizes he has become all things to all people. Sonny, who offers his advice on shipments his help is refused. When asked repeatedly "do you want the business back?" No. I am only a coffee importer.

Spinelli's love infatuation has become a fixture in his usually serene penthouse. But its Carly's endless issues of a personal nature that concerns him the least. Whom she has sex with is not a conversation of a mob kingpin fending off rival forces in the midst of trying to co-exist. Her latest escapade is more than he has time for. Another "who is her baby's daddy dramas". She leans on him more than her husband; even Jason has limits. He tells her to take her preganancy test, reluctantly looks at her results after her insistence but issues a warning.

"Next time leave me out of your tangle web." As usual his words fall on deaf ears, his request is not respected, she only runs out of his penthouse skipping like a giddy school girl. Of course Sonny pays him a visit, questioning if he is the father of his ex-wife's..child. He learns he is more than resentful of his doing in signing over his rights of Morgan Corinthos.

No, I am not the father; I have a child so I haven't the time or the inclination to play daddy when I haven't to Jacob. This isn't twelve years ago. Like a bad penny, she only turns up again, this time, with Kate paranoia and her engagement to Sonny Corinthos.

What does she want him to do?

It seems these events relate to Michael in some way. He thinks of his nephew who he kept from his brother; his life, in a place far away he lies in a permanent coma.

Claudia, an ominpresent threat. wants a meet. She insists he thank her for helping him during his quarantine; he thanks her for helping Spinelli and walks away.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is with her colleagues and friends at work doing what she does best, refereeing, comforting.

Stilling Robin's doubts; her pregnancy could involve complications with her HIV status. Suppose she dies, what about her child? The irony of her friend's situation is not lost on Elizabeth. The father of Robin's child suing for parental rights. Elizabeth reassures to not dwell on her fears.

Later that evening, Jason encounters Robin Scorpio sitting in front of Kelly's Diner. His old friend, ex-lover. The one who introduced him to Sonny Corinthos and this life he leads. He listens, gives advice on impending fatherhood. He speaks of changes, being afraid of not being able to predict the outcome because people change.

Jason finds himself telling his own story then there she is

Fair Elizabeth.