Angela Valdes and James St. Patrick

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Power Playlist - Season 1 

The Fan fiction world of James and Angela 

"Jamie and Angie Five Years Later" by Troylynn

This story is about their life five years
after they moved to Miami, it deals with
them as a blended family.

"Jamela The Younger Years" by Evonne Daniel-Watkins

Part 1 -The First Time"
Jamie and Angela are caught as they make love for the
first time.

Part 2 -  "Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow"
Angela's father forces her to leave for college early after
finding out about that she made love with Jamie.
Angela decides not to tell Jamie  but sneaks out of
the house to see him one last time.

Part 3 -  "Back Together Again"
Angela completes her recollection of the time prior to leaving
for college.

"The Lives of Angela Valdes and James St Patrick" by Pai Harris
Angela Valdes is just a regular woman, taking one day at a time and enjoy life, a night at Truth nightclub, changes Angela's life forever when she ran into Jamie, the man who heart she broke eighteen years ago. Jamela Untold (FanFiction)

"I Want To Be With You."  by Liason Finally

This is a series beginning with Season 1 "I Want To be with You;
how Jamela "could" have been written. Its the same but a little bit different.

This (Season 1) story will leave off after the S1 finale then continue
after S2 has been aired. It will be written during the S2 (hopefully) S3 hiatus.
Whatever happens during S2 will be rewritten "for" Jamela with a positive focus.
So until the end of each season. I won't be able to spin the TV version "for"

I Want To Be With You.. Chapters 1-4
I Want To Be With You.. Chapters 5-8

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