Friday, March 21, 2008

Elizabeth stands her ground, Jason returns

A lot has been going on Liason is being boxed in a corner..The TMK murder solved, Lucky Spencer overheard endearments to Jason Morgan and Elizabeth's conversation re: the hit and run. Lucky has checked out her car and is sympathetic to Elizabeth's plight. However now it is the hit n run that is still unsolved and Elizabeth is all in it and Lucky puts himself back on the case

Elizabeth feeling increasingly more guilty confessed to Det Lucky Spencer that she may be the one. However her conversation is overheard and she is confronted in her home..Sam McCall hobbles through the blue doors.

La Liz goes toe to toe tit for tat..she is accused of destruction that a compassionate Elizabeth Webber is not known for...she gives as good as she gets and will counteract these false charges against her; Sam McCall says she will lie to say she actually saw Elizabeth hit her...

Liz checkmates with charges of her own she will lie as well to say she "saw" her kidnap Baby Jake....Elizabeth is nobody's victim.

On the other side of town Mob enforcer Jason Morgan returns from Seattle and a lot has been happening in his absence, the mob war with the Zacchara family and the shooting of Kate by Michael Corinthos,
Jason has not seen Elizabeth and has no idea of the events that has taken place because the mob war is escalating at rapid speed...he is all in it. Elizabeth sees him for the first time and runs in his arms they embrace and kiss she looks at his hands...she loves Jason Morgan....the speak of the Hit and Run he asks her to wait just a little longer....

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