Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nirvana, Sonnets, the Crabby Commando, and a Russian Mobster

He isn't charged, this time; he takes off, arrives home to find his protege in a compromising position. Spinelli is making love with Maxi Jones.

Later the same night, Jason sneaks into his family's mansion to confront LuLu Spencer who lives there with her father, now married to Tracey Quartermaine. Jason thinks he can fix it. He knows LuLu murdered Logan Hayes in self defense and tells her so.

Next, he questions Maxi about what happened with Logan in Kate's office. She details the events as she knows them leading up, through, and after Logans' death. "I'm gonna try to fix this."

Unfortunately he arrives at the PCPD, at the exact time Johnny Zacharra is escaping from custody.

Again he's promptly re-arrested for aiding and abetting, obstruction of justice all because he deflected an aiming gun so he's charged as an accomplice to Johnny Zacchara's. He is questioned by Elizabeth's ex husband Lucky Spencer. Jason's attorney arrives, he explains himself to Diane Miller as best he can. Obstruction in the police attempt to capture an escaping murder suspect.

After his release, immediately another vistor. In his office,
Cody Paul tells him of happenings on Pier 17 and the business of a Russian mobster Andre Karpov. At first skeptical, Jason appreciates the tip and asks for any additional information that may deem helpful.

Jason gets a visit from a concerned brother his deceased sister's fiancee implores him, in Emily's name, to help find his sister. The gun was smuggled in by her for her lover Johnny Zacchara's escape which they could have planned. Jason advises Prince Nikolas Cassadine on her precarious situation. Jason is not done...he receives yet another visitor.

Jason as yet to catch his breath...

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