Friday, September 19, 2008

A matter of trust, loyalty and a new consiglierre

Jason thanks Diane for his release he wants to know her conversation with Sonny.

Again Sonny accusations, of not being realistic about the situation of his business, He wonders why Sonny keeps coming to him telling him this same thing surely he forgot who handled things prior to Michael's shooting when he was in New York then Benshonhurst wooing Kate. He listens to more of his accusations, not being strong enough to hold his territory... He thinks of Monica "You won't walk away from it."

Rick Lansing fills him in on Andre Karpove. While with Spinelli to find out information another knock on his door..Enters Claudia Zacchara "We need to talk." He learns more about Sonny's meeting. Jason wonders why she is telling him this since none of this concerns her and suggest she stays out of it.

Jason visits his mother to wish her well...she besieges him, "The mob is not a life sentence you can get out." She continues with hammering on his choice to be in and what it has cost him...She questions Sonny's honor and is he worthy?

Spinelli informs him of monies being transferred into Sonny's account. Later he asks his attorney why she hasn't informed him of Sonny's dalliances with the Russian mobster. Elizabeth spends family time with her exhusband. We have to talk Jason is at Sonny's house waiting when he arrives with his fiancee

Across town, Elizabeth goes to Nikolas to ask him to help Lucky and the woman who terriorized her,now his girlfriend. Nikolas questions why she wants to help is brother,

Because "they are good together"

Kate says he should have called ahead and he congratulates their engagement of he prompting. Sonny explans her behavior and why he is working with Karpove...I created you and the tools I gave you....Jason explains why he thinks Sonny's reasons and he isn't

Sonny gives him his word that his intentions are not to undermine him and its that he will never undermine his interests.

Jason isn't buying it and feels he should have been told the moment he was approached by the Russian mobster.

Cody Paul later meets in Jason's office with information he questions his loyalty. Cody answers Jason's skepticism. When asked if he could carry out a hit. He doesn't flinch instead he's offered a job in his organization as a driver for his accountant.

Cody has no problems with illegal. Cody leaves and
Jason looks at the picture of Karpove entering Sonny' home.

He speaks to Sonny's ex wife that he believes he is back in the business...she tells him he is working against Jason and should be eliminated. its an act of betrayal and he explains to Carly all details of Sonny's involvement with Karpove. If it comes to Sonny or you...Carly feels Jason should treat this as any business threat and he should make choices.

He asks Diane for a meet with Andre Karpov, she outlines the situation as she sees it and he meets with the Russian mobster and is introduced to his consul...Sasha

Alone with Karpov, he reiterates his position if any hostile action is taken against his organization. In the meantime they can coexist.

He dresses Carly down about getting involved with Karpove to help him because he doesn't want her help or her involvement in his business. Later they arrive at his office with Maxi and Spinelli in tow...Carly doesn't miss an opportunity to remind all of her station in his life. Finally he's left with Spinelli who is determinng what is on Karpove's PDa.

He heads towards Pier 52. And there stands Carly just as he suspected when she left his office. As they exchange reasons why she shouldn't be there Claudia arrives..


Unbeknownst to them, Jerry Jax is shooting at them,

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