Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why the abyss?

Buttoning her blouse Elizabeth frowns she wants to make love with him and goes toe to toe with the mob lord. Not backing down, she pours out her heart for them to grab whatever happiness they can and be together however they can.

Her hopes and dreams have changed what she wants is him. Jason Morgan plain and simple, whenever and wherever she can for as long as she can. Those expectations have changed from hoping for a normal life and she has changed because of the path he's chosen those choices he made years ago before they met. Showing annoyance at an interruption at this crucial time of what is important to them...his cell rings again she now knows that he's expected somewhere else right away...He looks at her only to put up more defense.

"We won't be satisfied with what we've tried meeting in secret...Elizabeth still holds her ground. "I need you."

But needs to know if she's insane he assures her she is not...she wails "I need to know how you feel and its important" Jason again proclaims his love...he can't lie to her.

"I can not hurt you on purpose even its to set you free"

She thinks about the safehouse and when she could come to him. They'be held each other in this same place as they did nearly a decade before remembering times they shared and the moments they've lost missed she thinks of what the could have...and hopes he honors her request to let her decide what is best for her...He thinks about her falling asleep at the wheel. He won't risk her life he stands firm....

"You know I love you" Jason has more mob business to attend to
he grabs his jacket and leaves to meet Bernie there is a situation on the docks.

Elizabeth is alone.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I ache for you, I want us back

He's focused and doesn't respond to Maxi babbling about his personal business, he isn't answering not just because he's annoyed but in his profession this is what he has always done. With precision and speed, Jason Morgan is the best in the business. He tunes her out.

In the staff lounge Elizabeth is dispensing advice to Dr. Robin Scorpio, "Robin why do you really know it won't work out?" Dr. Scorpio is in love with Patrick and refuses to marry the dashing playboy. Robin is confused. Elizabeth sets her right,

"Go for it" Nothing is absolute, nothing is promised in this life, its a temporary assignment thinks Elizabeth...With her best surrounding her they urge Robin to take that leap. A stubborn Robin stands her ground and still is traumatized by last year's events when Patrick had a torrid affair with Nurse Leyla Mir. Elizabeth has already said her peace and excuses herself but Kelly and Lainey carry on..

Meanwhile, Dr. Drake is in discussion with his brother who believes his new patient had a reaction to bad medicine.

The next day, Jason returns to Port Charles, snd heads immediately to General Hospital after being summoned by Spinelli's friend. He learns his young protegee was hit by an unknown car, an unknown assailant. He leaves Spinelli to recuperate but this incident has only reinforced his beliefs that some things are not quite right

He rethinks the conversation. Spinilli was on to a shipment at his warehouse before he was hit and believes Karpove's attorney is some how involved. His nurse, Leyla, confirmed Sasha's visit his bedside. Why?

Elizabeth visits Spinelli and gives him a cactus. In return he gives her news that Elizabeth doesn't wish to hear and she reminds him of not discussing her lover Jason Morgan. Spinelli does not comply and tells Elizabeth "Jason is having an affair with Sasha." Elizabeth decides to go for it.

She request a meet with Jason at her art studio she puts her heart all out there....she is jealous of the time he can spend with Sasha without being concerned about safety issues.

Her answer to his protest,
"I have to decide my own risk...I'm walking through this life like a ghost. Unless you don't want to be with me and I won't stop you from leaving out this door" Just as she thought, Jason doesn't want to leave.

..unable to hold back Elizabeth kisses him once, twice and doesn't want to let go. She unbuttons his shirt, her blouse and they begin he's on top feverishly but he grabs her hands

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Little Trespasser, One Declaration of Love, Brothers

Spinelli arrives to hastily jump at a conclusion that Jason needs to explain himself...uncharacteristically, he does. After telling Sasha to leave and helping her back into a blouse he said she'd leave without; it only lends to Spinelli going on about her. Then he inevitably mentions the unmentionable.

..."Don't start talking about Elizabeth right now." Spinelli ignores him..

"Enough!" He needs him focoused to crack into Karpove's firewall not to waste efforts in his sea of mindless babble.

After a meet with Bernie, upon his return, his privacy has again been breeched despite his warnings. Spinelli must have waited less than a second before informing Maxi of Sasha in his PH. Again, she is privy to what she should not know anything of... "This is not amusing"

Increasingly more agitated than ever he realizes that having these two in his environment breaks a concentration on the international mob boss's next move to gain control of his territory. He can only assume "my personal life is off limits" has gone completely over Damian Spinelli's head, again. Jason remains unamused..

He's placed her in a part of him that he never allows himself or anyone else in without her presence. She is the only one who can get to him there. Now he can't help but to think of her in his here and now, something he has tried to avoid he says her name aloud "Fair Elizabeth."

At General Hospital, Elizabeth bears witness to the quite public proposal of her friend. With her hand on her heart, she watches as Patrick asks for Robin's hand in marriage. An overwhelmed Robin, refuses. Elizabeth silently agrees that it is indeed up to her friends to help her find her way to the love of her life. Elizabeth can only think of this irony of being in a so public display of love while the love she longs for is kept mostly private.

Jason is worried about LuLu Spencer and is at Shadybrook. He tries to convince her why its such a bad idea to help her in a break out to see her lover in jail for allegedly killing her other lover, the prosecutor's son. She pleads for her cause, explaining her mental state is all a jumble and seeing her dead lover. Jason still refuses. LuLu plays her trumph card; as Jason heads towards the door, he hears,

"If you had one chance to see Jake and Elizabeth if you had one chance to tell them that you love them, one memory that you would have to hold on for the rest of your life. Wouldn't you take it?"
He agrees,

and respects her choice. He made his choice to stay away from the loves of his life to keep them safe. So before she slips away into her world of hallucinations and catatonia, he managed her escape. On their way he felt the wind in a way he hadn't in a long time and for the first time today he is amused. He understands why he's helping her he pushes his motorcycle a little faster.

On his arrival at PCD he is confronted by Lucky Spencer and finds himself defending Johnny. He grabs Lucky's arm to halt his interrupting his sister with the son of the man who house he torched, after another heated exchange with the daughter of the man who house he torched.

Without being near she still with him, because for some reason this day is all about his unshakeable bond with Elizabeth.