Cross Over Fiction

'Her Attention'  by nikitangel
The Fast and the Furious/Buffyverse crossover, Letty, Mia, Faith, PG13

Rated: 17 and older
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Bonnie and Dereks
Damaged souls are the same everywhere, be it in Mystic Falls or Beacon Hills. Bonnie and Derek are about to realize that witches and werewolves are not that different after all. Bonnie/Derek.
Crossover AU.
Heat of the Moment: A Sookie Stackhouse / Supernatural Cross Over FanFiction
Brooke in need of money has gotten a job at the Camilla Hotel, she meets Godric and falls for him instantly, but will he let himself feel the same way or will he continue punishing himself for his past actions?
Author: PiscesChikk PM
This is a Crossover Fic with ABC's Scandal & CBS's Person Of Interest. What Olivia learned about Thorngate was just the tip of the iceberg. Someone is after her because of it and only John Reese can stop them before it's too late. Contains characters from both shows.
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Crossover of Scandal and Revenge

Unbeing dead isn't being alive


Sam and Dean are called to investigate mysterious
disappearances in a small town called Mystic Falls
but not all is what it seems. 

After the unexpected death of her father, family secrets leads Bonnie Bennett to the doorstep of the sheriff of Area Five. Rated: T - Supernatural/Drama
Published: 9-12-10 - Eric N. & Bonnie B.

Vengeance Isn't Pretty » by darkorangecat 

Sam and Dean are on just another hunt. Jason Morgan is on just another mission for Sonny. Claudia, well, she's a ghost bent on seeking revenge for her death. AU, drabble series

Jason Morgan was a man of action, plain and simple. When he knew what needed to be done, he did it, no questions asked. They were unnecessary. The end result changed very little no matter what the answer to the question might be anyway.

But as he leveled his shot this time, there was an onslaught of questions in his mind. Who were these two men? What did they want with the late Claudia Corinthos' bones? What the hell were they doing with salt and matches? How'd they been able to find the grave even after Franco had moved it?
  Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Drama - Chapters: 10 - Reviews: 14 - Updated: 2-25-10 - Published: 2-13-10 - Jason M. & Dean W. - Complete
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