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The website trailer of Valent Chamber. Valent Chamber is an online fiction archive website that is dedicated to featuring stories of strong heroines of color and their journeys penned by writers of The
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    President Grant found out about Defiance just before an international crisis begins and it
Summary:  The Conqueror (Precedes Dominion) by WalkingPapers Rated: 17 and older Summary: Archilles Undurea known as the Pale assassin lived for the kill. He erased all that threatened the council's laws. He and his brother Josef kept them in power until she came.


Rated: 17 and older
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 Summary:  She was a spoil of war. He was the warrior that captured her. Treachery, deceit, and power will bring them closer together; and yet further apart. Which promise will he keep; the one he made to his king or the one to his heart?

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Its Written in the Wind

Actor / Director / Producer / Philanthropist / Race Car Driver
Paul Walker
September 12, 1973 – November 30, 2013
"Hey, let's go for a drive."

  Last Goodbye ~Paul Walker Tribute.
Remember Me Always

Main actress Zoe Saldana played as Eve Taylor Jackson and Main actor Paul Walker played as E-rik  guttonlely (interracial)   Eve T. Jackson is a girl who goes to almost a different club every Friday to sleep with the most sexiest men and leaves them before they can even wake up but this time she meets a hot German guy who woke up just in time and won't let her leave him. How is eve going to get out of this one!? And if you like my books cover then go to kenralove12 and she will hook you up.

One Shot  Girl who fell in love with Paul Walker
What do you do when the one person in your life you'd give up any and everything for suddenly hurts you in a way that you could never forgive?    And what do you do when the one person you've hurt the most, hurts you back?   Prologue

  • Paul Walker Stories
  • A 2006 story - Starting Over reviews  Brian goes to Miami for a fresh start. He falls for a girl but will she be able to be with him or will she let her past overtake her

Life in Glenmount, Alabama was never easy growing up for Mercy Stovall.  Especialy since her personal demon eventually grew up to be 6'4 and over 200 lbs.Then one night at a Halloween party, everything changed.  And it all started with one spanking.
 Rated: 17 and older    starstarstarstarstar 

 Black Dagger Brotherhood

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Jump out boys...

Season 3 - For every heart that beats, heart that beats, heart that beats ....Neyo
 Recommended 2013 Stories Author: Da Princes and Me's
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Joe Manganiello and David Gandy Wallpaper In My Dreams

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Old stories Eric Northman / New News

Season Six Stills
Rating: Adult for language and content

House of Cards by Telcontar Rulz 
Sookie Stackhouse is a telepathic New York socialite. When business and fate cause her to encounter one Eric Northman, cutthroat businessman and vampire, the world she knows comes tumbling down.
An unexpected twist by GabriellaBrigantStackhouse 
Eric Northman will be involved in a big deal... Can this Vampire Viking Sheriff dominate the blonde girl who saves his life? Will he overcome the forces of the enemies who never stop appearing? As for Sookie... Can she overcome her alter-ego, Susana, or will she be dominated by the worst of herself? 

Viking vs Vampire by AoifeNZ 
Inspired by DTTW, but the stranger Sookie picks up is a living Viking mysteriously transported through time and space. With Bill finally out of the picture, Eric now faces his toughest competition for Sookie yet - himself. Which Eric will Sookie choose? Possible spoilers for all books.
The Viking's Pet: The Full Story by Overwhelmed 
Concentrating on Eric after the Great Revelation. This begins before Dead Until Dark, before Eric meets Sookie. We are introduced to Eric's Pet who tells the story. Lots of Lemons and a little bit of a plot. Our Favourite Viking is in control! Enjoy!
Dead Certain by The Vikings Wife 
Sookie waits anxiously for the arrival of Eric Northman to her home following the events of Dead in the Family. She knows they are overdue for a discussion concerning a number of things, including their pledging by the knife. SPOILERS for Dead in the Family (and all Sookie Stackhouse novels to date)...
It Takes Two by TammyDevil666 
After breaking up with her boyfriend of two years, Sookie Stackhouse heads to New York on a much needed vacation. Once there, her world gets turned upside down by two little girls, along with their charming single father.  E/S
Two For The Blood by Doshy 
Things have quieted down. Eric is bored and still mourns the death of Godric as the months go by and still Sookie still has not given herself to him. But will everything change once someone new arrives in town? Will Eric be able to handle her? Will she be the one to finally be able to tame him?

More Fiction: @ 

She do it for the money by Ilikeit90 
Who knew paying for school would bring you something amazing? S/E pairing so this story
Washed Ashore by ellemoe
It's simple. Sookie washes up on the shore of a deserted island. She's hungry, tired and alone. Or so she thinks. Characters are to canon. Telepathic Sookie and Vampire Eric. Mostly Eric/Sookie with a mention of other characters.
Redneck Rapunzel by BlackDeadOrchids 
Example Piece for the Valentine's Fae Tales Contest. Eric is a prince searching for money, love and happiness. What happens when he finds it in an unlikely long-haired peasant?

|| Part of ||  

My Secret O  2010 Stories
         Southern Vampire Mysteries Sookie and Eric
Eric takes Sookie on vacation. Where are they going? Only he knows and she can't wait to find out. Rated M for lemons
Rated: M - English - Chapters: 4 -Published: 10-28-10 - Eric & Sookie
        2. Desperation reviews
What if Sookie came to her senses when finding Eric in her bed the first time chapter
 of Club Dead ? Well I think it would have been something like this, and that would be a whole lot of lemony goodness.  Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Reviews: 8 - Published: 10-27-10 - Eric & Sookie - Complete

When Eric is staying with Sookie in Dead to the World, she gets impatient for him to get up for the evening. Short and sweet. Smut, not much else. :
 Rated: M - English - Chapters: 1 -  Reviews: 9 - Published: 10-25-10 - - Complete
Set after Charlaine Harris' short story "Two Blondes," Sookie and Pam get home from their trip to Mississippi and they show Eric just what he missed during the girls' vacation. Big lust. 
Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 1   Reviews: 8 - Published: 10-11-10 - Complete
This is my smut-filled version of what happens when Eric is staying with Sookie in "Dead to the World" at the end of chapter 9
 Rated: M - English - Romance -   Reviews: 10 - Published: 10-8-10  Complete
Bite Me by Emma Sparrow
Addicted To Love, a fan-fiction by BonTempsBaby.
Eric Northman stories @Archive of Our Own

Fan stories @ Rendevous
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Sookie has some surprising news for Eric. Spoilers for books 1-8. Story contains explicit Adult/Mature content 

Loving True Blood in Dallas
Musings on the Southern Vampire Mysteries

Stories by Eros Ashima
- Sookie Stackhouse wins Eric Northman
- Sookie's Birthday Surprise
- Vampire Bill Compton Sees the Truth
-Archive of Our Own A Project for Reformative Works


Chapter 1 Innocence Lost

A Jason and Elizabeth Fan Fiction Story 2010Author: BornSoap Star

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Elizabeth chose to be with AJ despite her feelings for Nikolas. Will she finally admit her love for him before she gets in too deep with AJ? A Niz love story for Niz fans.
Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,402 - Reviews: 12 - Updated: 9-17-13 - Published: 9-13-13 - Elizabeth W. & Nikolas C. 

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