Thursday, February 14, 2008

"He didn't do it"

Elizabeth is busy at work as her shift begins many things are occupying her mind. Her duties include the Jason's ex-lover as her patient. She tries to find some information that will help determine if she was the driver. Unsuccessful her ex who is no longer with Jason ex shows up.. Guilt ridden she starts to tell him that she feels she is at fault for this HnR.

Lucky Spencer tells her she is not to blame that it was he who catapulted her out the door and Text Message Killer chasing her is what caused the accident. Elizabeth still trying to clear her growing conciousness was about to tell him when he said he suspects Jason because he was at the scene without reason...Elizabeth defends her lover....

Jason is also at the hospital to speak to his ex who is still bitter about Jake and his secret of not telling her about he fathered a child with Elizabeth..He ask questions but unfortunately she is still holding a grudge he gets nowhere fast and was interrupted by a Dr who defends her and questions is right to be in her room harassing her...Jason leaves and later he and Elizabeth meet on the roof of the hospital...she tells him that she was about to confess to ex. Jason seemed relieved because he has more clues and knows now there were four drivers on that road and Elizabeth may not have been the one. They embrace warmly.....

Jason arrives at Jakes the place where he and Elizabeth first met there is a mystery woman who beckons him to play pool. Jason who is preoccupied first agrees to a challenge but Spinelli hastens him away and he leaves Jakes on his mission to clear Elizabeth's name. Now he knows the Text Message Killer is still on the prowl. Jason appears more concerned than ever.

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