Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Of profound importance, Talk to me...

She gazes and he in kind, as he speaks with Robin on her pregnancy. She thanks him because it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you. Elizabeth standing behind her station can't help but feel something when he presses his hand to feel her friends' baby ..looking at him she didn't feel jealousy. She knew instinctly that he needed her. She finds him the one place she knew he'd be. Even in the dark, his eyes are intense, there on the docks she saw his pain in them. Their hands did what their lips refused. "You shouldn't be here."

She implored him to need her, let her be there for him. It didn't take much prodding. She realized she was right to come to him. So he explains why he took over as mob lord for Carly...and how Sonny thinks he's turned against him. They speak again of Jake's safety and how he continues to do what is best for Sonny's son. "I miss him, I miss both you guys so much but its a choice I've made"...They speak about revenge...talk about Sonny's grief "Elizabeth, what do you think I should do?"

She advises him to swallow all pride, go speak to Sonny "so you know that you've done all you could."

Jason immediately heeds her advice and goes to Sonny about their situation. Sonny is open to discussion, he thinks he should have given him the benefit of the doubt to know nothing he's doing is to punish him. He should know why and its not for taking my children away. Jason listens intently the explanation of why he went to Karpove "to help you." The organizaton is running smoothly so why the need to protect me?

When Connie sees Jason in Sonny's parlor she immediately jumps to the conclusion that her fiancee' is taking over the organization and questions Jason. He tells her he's said what he's come to say and he won't be returning ever again.

Later that evening after meeting with his accountant and confidente, Jason decides to take Karpove out. Bernie suggests Cody Paul. But Jason insist on doing it himself. He finds Karpove on the docks speaking in his native dialect with his attorney Sasha. He carefully assembles his weapon and is all set to pull the trigger. With his target in sight, his high powered rifle aimed and ready as Karpove's young daughter runs into his arms....uncharacteristically he's shaken and aborts the hit. Jason remembers his nephew.

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