Monday, February 11, 2013

Cult of Personality

The Irony of Life: A New Dramatic text-based Serial About the Lives of a Fictional Working Class Community

 Ember's Imagery - Coming Soon - New Reads


No Ordinary Love

Scandal Fan Fiction:

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Olivia is trying to adjust to a new change in her life when Mellie calls Olivia in the middle of night from the campaign trail needing her help. thanks to "jade is an iron man" @ caution 2.0 for the beautiful cover!

 Revenge - A crossover
In this story, Billy Chambers just learns about Olivia and Fitz's affair and did not learn of it during his final days at the White House.
Olivia Pope is a political fixer, working with President Fitzgerald Grant on a case where some murders of political members in Washington D.C, little does he know the woman accused of the murders is Olivia's new client

a riveting tale on Olivia Pope’s love life…(spoiler alert!) minus President Fitzgerald Grant. Oops, forget you read that! The outcome? A Juicy Dom Relationship!   A  Scandal fanfiction.

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