Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why the abyss?

Buttoning her blouse Elizabeth frowns she wants to make love with him and goes toe to toe with the mob lord. Not backing down, she pours out her heart for them to grab whatever happiness they can and be together however they can.

Her hopes and dreams have changed what she wants is him. Jason Morgan plain and simple, whenever and wherever she can for as long as she can. Those expectations have changed from hoping for a normal life and she has changed because of the path he's chosen those choices he made years ago before they met. Showing annoyance at an interruption at this crucial time of what is important to them...his cell rings again she now knows that he's expected somewhere else right away...He looks at her only to put up more defense.

"We won't be satisfied with what we've tried meeting in secret...Elizabeth still holds her ground. "I need you."

But needs to know if she's insane he assures her she is not...she wails "I need to know how you feel and its important" Jason again proclaims his love...he can't lie to her.

"I can not hurt you on purpose even its to set you free"

She thinks about the safehouse and when she could come to him. They'be held each other in this same place as they did nearly a decade before remembering times they shared and the moments they've lost missed she thinks of what the could have...and hopes he honors her request to let her decide what is best for her...He thinks about her falling asleep at the wheel. He won't risk her life he stands firm....

"You know I love you" Jason has more mob business to attend to
he grabs his jacket and leaves to meet Bernie there is a situation on the docks.

Elizabeth is alone.

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