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Fan Fiction World: I heard it all before.....I heard it all before.....

One Shots via Stolen Moments
One's Dangerous, Two are Deadly   By Ecompassion   Rated R

[image]       Heart in Hand     
Puzzled By lovemyqtkids   


BY Crispy  Chapter 115

Someone Like You By kermitklein   

Will Alicia Romance

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PrimeTime Fan Fiction: Rookie Blue

Courage & Instincts 
by Kinz18  Andy/Sam OneShot
It takes place right after 2x04 “Heart and Sparks” 

Sam was watching a hockey game—not completely paying attention when a loud banging came from his front door.

“ Coming!” he yelled, hoping it would stop the loud banging. That however, was not the case. He jogged toward the door, not bothering to throw on a shirt. He figured the incessant banging meant whoever it was would not be happy to wait. He pulled open the front door and was completely surprised to see Andy pushing past him into his house.

“She’s a stupid home wrecking slut!” she yelled angrily as she turned back toward him, now in his living room. He had swung his front door shut and tried to catch up with her.

“Who?” Sam asked—thoroughly confused by her outburst. He couldn’t help but smile, though, at the way she felt comfortable enough to just walk into his house.

“Jo!” Andy stated as she looked at Sam suddenly noticing his bare chest and the way his sweatpants hung low on his hips exposing the waistband of his boxer briefs.

“What happened?” Sam asked, now fully smirking at her—partly because he loved seeing her so fired up, but also because he noticed her downward glance at his attire.

“I went back to the hospital to visit Luke. I got this dumb plant because he says he’s sick of flowers.” Andy began to explain. When she left the hospital she had felt very inadequate and was sulking in her own self-pity. On the way over to Sam’s though, her sadness had turned into anger. “So I get to his room and Jo’s in there…”

“Okaaay…” Sam urged her to continue, not seeing the connection from her accusations to her story.

“She was popping all the balloons and throwing away his flowers. He was laughing—LAUGHING!! I’ve been trying to make him happy and nothing has worked, but apparently all he needed was Jo’s presence to make him happy.” With her last statement, Sam could feel Andy losing the fight in herself and slipping back into the sadness.

“C’mon McNally, I’m sure it’s nothing.” Sam tried to assure her.

“It’s more than that Sam. She made some snide commet at me earlier today when we were discussing the case. I said something about Mr. Hannah loving his wife so, what? He set her free? Her reply was ‘not me, I hold it in a death grip and never let it go.’ Like that’s what I was doing to Luke. It was really awkward, Sam.” Andy explained. A silence fell between them for a few moments between them. “They used to date—she knows him better than I do. She made him laugh, Sam.” He repeated. She couldn’t help as the tears slid down her face.

“McNally,” Sam took a few steps toward her and placed his hands on her shoulders. By instinct he wanted to pull her into his arms and comfort her, but like every other day of his life he held himself back. Earlier today when she was pulled from the building, all he wanted to do was hug her, but he couldn’t. He had to hold himself back. Except for the day she had gotten shot—that had been his breaking point.

“I’m sorry.” She took the last step toward him and buried her head in his chest and wrapped her arms around his waist. It took him completely by surprise—once again—as he stood their awkwardly not knowing where to place his hands. For once he let himself do what he wanted and set them on her back to comfort her.

He felt her tears hit his bare chest which triggered his automatic response to make her happy. “Hey McNally,” he placed his hands on either side of her face and pulled her head back to meet his eyes. She easily complied and moved her arms from being locked around his waist to either side of his hips. He swiped his thumbs under eyes wiping away her tears. “You’re not giving up that easily, are you?”

“Huh?” She asked with a sniff of her now runny nose.

“You’ve got more fight in you than that.” Sam smirked. “My rookie is more determined than that. You don’t just give up when things don’t go your way—and let’s be honest sweetheart, things don’t often go your way.”

“Yeah…” Andy trailed off. Sam got distracted by the way Andy’s fingers nervously played with the waistband of his sweatpants on his hip. “Why do you always do that, Sam?”

“Do what?” Sam asked after clearing his throat to regain his focus. Her tears had dried up and so his hands fell from her face to his sides, and her arms fell to her own side.

“Push me toward Luke.” Andy asked furrowing her brow in sudden frustration. Her emotions were a wreck today.

“You’re dating him, you don’t need much pushing.” Sam replied.

“That’s not what I mean, Sam.” Andy sighed. “You always defend him and his intentions when I doubt them, but when I’m team Luke you take shots at him.”

“Like I said, Andy.” Sam bit his lip and took a deep breath. His instinct was to make a joke about it and call her McNally, but she deserved his honesty. “You’re dating the guy and he obviously makes you happy. You have your own moments of doubt, but I’m not going to take advantage and put more doubt in your mind. You’re a smart girl, Andy. If you had serious doubts and were unhappy, you would ignore my encouragement and do what makes you happy. Since day one, Andy, that’s all you’ve done as a Rookie. You might be scared to death, but you always find the courage to do what’s right.”

She smiled at him almost sadly. “So you just want me to be happy?” Andy asked.

“Yup.” He smirked. “But when you’re team Luke, I get the opportunity to take shots.” He winked.

“What about you, Sam? What makes you happy?” She asked.

He smiled for a moment. “That’s a loaded question.” He finally replied.

“Well, why don’t you take your own advice? Go after what makes you happy.” Andy asked.

“Because I’m not Jo. I don’t take what’s not mine to take.” Sam smiled again, like every time he joked in a serious moment. Andy rolled her eyes at the mention of Jo. “I’ll be patient and wait for what I want to come around.”

“But what if what you want just needs some reassurance that you really want it?” Andy asked, taking steps into dangerous territory where she wasn’t sure she was making the right assumptions.

“Like I said, I’ll be patient and she’ll just have to have the courage to take the risk and get what she wants.” Sam spoke honestly. He too knew he was in dangerous territory hinting at his earlier assessment of her. “So you wanna watch a movie?” Sam asked trying to lighten the mood.

Andy just looked stunned for a moment, but then shook her head no.

“K, you want a drink?” Sam suggested, but again she just shook her head.

“Watch the game?” he motioned almost desperately toward the TV. Yet again she shook her head, but this time she started giggling nervously as Sam looked on a little scared.”

“Would you shut up already?” Andy smiled as she walked toward him determinedly. Before he knew what was going on, her hand was on the back of his neck pulling his lips toward hers.

It wasn’t one of those slow to start kisses, it was intense right away—it was so much pent up emotion since their kiss during the blackout. Though Sam was surprised by the kiss his lips reacted immediately to hers. It seemed like all to soon they were pulling away from each other.

“That was going to be my next suggestion.” Sam said with a smile that matched Andy’s. Andy shook her head and hit him playfully. “Told you my Rookie was determined and courageous.”

“Yeah, well I guess I just needed the pep talk from someone who believed that.” Andy stated. “You really know me pretty well.”

“Hmm well I wouldn’t mind knowing you even better.” Sam said cheesily as he pulled her back to him in another kiss and stumbled toward the bedroom to do just that.


1. Through the Dark...Andy & Sam
All stories centered around the budding friendship/romance of Andy McNally and Sam Swarek, because we all know Luke Callaghan just isn't the right man for the job. All ratings, oneshots and multi-chaps.
2. Traci and Jerry
Stories about Traci/Jerry, since they seem to be lost in the shuffle of all of the Andy/Sam stories and they're a cute couple.
3. The Lion Hearted Girl and The City Boy
Dedicated to the inevitable pairing which is Andy/Sam
4. The Best of Sam/Andy The best Sam and Andy stories ever created. Includes crossovers

 Dov Epstein

Gail Peck

Andy McNally

Traci Nash

Det. Luke Callaghan

Andy McNally and Sam Swarek Forum Fiction


Rookie Blue Channel @UTube
Tracey/Jerry scenes Season 1

Page 3 PrimeTime Fan Fiction
The Good Wife

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Shorts and Sweets

What if they wrote "for" Jason and Elizabeth instead of "against" them?
fyi the fabric Elizabeth is wrapped in is from another Liason scene in 2008 in her art studio.

What if Elizabeth Webber met International super model David Gandy?
fyi: considered the most handsomest man in the world (2011)


Parlami d'amore Mariù   Speak to me of love, Mariù

English Translation

How beautiful you are, 
more than ever this evening, Mariù!
A smile is twinkling 
like a star in your blue eyes.
Even if the fates 
should be contrary tomorrow,
today I am with you; 
why be sad?
Do not think about it!

Speak to me of love, Mariù!
I live only for you!
Your lovely eyes shine brightly,
they flash with a dreaming fire!
Tell me that this is no illusion;
tell me that you are all mine!
Here in your arms I suffer no more:
Speak to me of love, Mariù!

Your lovely eyes shine brightly, etc.
 Light Blue/Dolce & Gabbana

Add caption
What if  Elizabeth Webber met Italian film legend Alessandro Gassman?
or Chuck Bass?

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Bonnie and Damon Fan Fiction Page 3

Presented by: 
Bonnie/Damon @Tumbler,  KiWi Ficland of Wonder, Valents The Chamber,   Bonnie/Damon ( Semper Mia)
by TheSouthernScribe

Three best friends jump at the chance for a night out in the hopes of repairing their friendship. Tired of the supernatural interruptions that have put a strain on their childhood bond, they leave behind boyfriends and lovers for a little fun. When the girls meet three mysterious strangers everything that follows is filled with danger and romance.

Characters: Bonnie Bennett  Classifications: Classification: Alternate Universe, Off Cannon , Supernatural  Genre: Action-Adventure , Drama, Friendship, Romance
Pairings: None
Cast Photos:

Warnings: Adult Situations, Extreme Language, Graphic Violence, Original Characters, Sexual Content

Series: The Surfer Dude, The Cheerleader, and A Kiss on Friday Night, Chapters: 7

@Valents The Chamber


 Reclaiming the one that got away. A Vampire Diaries fanfic loosely inspired by Adele's Rolling in the Deep.

Characters: Bonnie Bennett  Classifications: Classification: Alternate Universe, Off Cannon  Genre: Drama, Friendship, Romance  Pairings: Damon/Bonnie (Vampire Diaries)  Warnings: Adult Situations, Extreme Language, Sexual Content ,
 Series: Darker My Love  Chapters: 4

Valent Chambers
KiWi Ficland Wonder

Friends, Lovers, and Hunters by TheSouthernScribe
Rated: Mature Content [Reviews - 5] Summary:

Bonnie Bennett took on Klaus, why couldn't she handle a battle with the Grim Reaper too? It's the end of the world as she knows it.

Characters: Bonnie Bennett  Classifications: Classification: Alternate Universe, Off Cannon , Supernatural   Genre: Action-Adventure , Drama, Erotica, Friendship, Romance
Pairings: Damon/Bonnie (Vampire Diaries)
Warnings: Adult Situations, Extreme Language, Sexual Content

Chapters: 5 Table of Contents

Author: djkiwi2576   Fandom: SPNxTVD
Characters/Pairings: Damon Salvatore, Dean Winchester, mentions of Bonnie, and a reaper
Rating: PG - 13  Spoilers: General Series Spoilers for both shows
Warnings: AU, definitely off canon, some language, implied sexual content, mentions of violence
Summary: It's the end of their world as they know it

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I just do this when I'm bored out of my ever-loving mind.

Crossover story  Sleeping With Ghosts by BlackDove13
Rating: Mature R   Pairing: Bonnie/Dean/Damon

Summary : Leaving Mystic Falls and the memories of a normal life behind Bonnie finds her calling on the road helping others. When Elena and Stefan tie the knot she's forced to return and face her demons head on, with a little help from Dean Winchester

Need to Know
In this universe there is no doppelganger effect. Katherine was killed and the supernatural mayhem ceased for the most part. Poor Tyler was still caught as a wolf. They went to Bonnie for a little magic that makes him cognate enough to recognize friend from foe when he's in wolf form. Yes Miss Bennett is truly that powerful now

In this universe there is no doppelganger effect. Katherine was killed and the supernatural mayhem ceased for the most part. Poor Tyler was still caught as a wolf. They went to Bonnie for a little magic that makes him cognate enough to recognize friend from foe when he's in wolf form. Yes Miss Bennett is truly that powerful now

DisClaimer: I do not own any of the characters used in this story.  (Though i wish i did.) and no money is being made.

The Mystery Of Bonnie Bennett: Lockwood House @Tyler ›

Bonnie paused as she got to the door hearing Tyler, “Well as nobody seems to want my help. I thought I could be useless somewhere else” She sighed as she slowly turned to face him. She listened to him, with a small frown on her face. “Fine I will stay, but you have to be honest with me and tell me everything” She looked him in the eyes, and then put her coat and the DVDs back down. “Don’t tell anybody?…” She paused as she thought for a few seconds, with a sigh she started to speak again. “Fine, I wont tell anyone”
Tyler sighed, “Can we at least watch a chick flick first? I’m in the mood for something soppy.” He grinned and limped into the sitting area, collapsing into the chair. “You can’t, only talk to people who know, me, Katherine, Damon, I think Jeremy knows too.” He crinkled his nose.
“Oh, I thought you didn’t like those type of movies” Bonnie raised a eyebrow at him with a small smirk. The first DVD she picked up was Mean Girls, “This one I think” She chuckled as she followed Tyler into the living room. She sighed as she turned to face him, “What if someone asks me what is going on? You know how much I suck at lying” She bit her lower lip with a frown.

Fan Fiction Recommendations:
Bamon Lover-4ever 

It's Not a Dream, if it's a Nightmare 

A Day at the Beach 
The Power of Three

Bonnie and Damon Fan Page Recommendations:


So the storyline is simple Bonnie tries to resist Damon 
and deny that they have anything going on.
Damon tell her he loves her and they have an awesome kiss!

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Bonnie and Damon Fan Fiction Page 3

So the storyline is simple Bonnie tries to resist Damon 
and deny that they have anything going on.
Damon tell her he loves her and they have an awesome kiss!

Fan Fiction Recommendations:
Bamon Lover-4ever 

It's Not a Dream, if it's a Nightmare 
A Day at the Beach 
The Power of Three

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FanFiction: Angst





Gaol, Dilseachd, Cairdeas GDC has moved

Basira's Stories

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…
(Ecclesiastes 3:1 KJV)

November 21, 2003
10:13 PM

It was a picture perfect winter wonderland.

The vast clear night sky stretched out over them, each snow flake falling to its demise at the mercy of the wind shield wipers. The steady swish of the wipes the only noise penetrating the silence cloaking the silver Mercedes Benz gliding through route#81.

Shifting in her seat, she glanced up at the man steering the car. Cheek resting against the warm leather of the head rest, she watched the lights of passing cars flicker across his olive complexion as he concentrated on the road.

It was part of their ritual, dinner, a stroll through a gallery or a movie, and then a relaxing drive home as the children slept peacefully at home. For the four hours they had to themselves, they were able to pretend they were an ordinary married couple with a family. It made it possible to ignore the presence of the silent shadows that followed them from a safe distance or the twin SUVs that guided and trailed them.

“What the hell is Carlos doing?” he cursed, changing lanes as the SUV before them suddenly shifted to the left. “This isn’t the Indy 500.”

A corner of her lips quirked up in amusement.

Without hesitation, she reached across the console and rubbed his thigh to calm him down.

“I know, I know,” he repeated, capturing her hand in his as he sharply shifted the car to the right.

“They’ll get us home soon,” she promised him, weaving her fingers through his.


Characters: Jason Morgan, Elizabeth Webber, Lucky Spencer
Rating: R/NC-17(where noted)
Synopsis:fi Lucky returns from the dead to find his love involved with another man. What happens when he out that Elizabeth has changed more than he ever imagined?
Time Frame: 2000

  • Jason did not leave in January as on the show.
  • Some Transcripts have been used and modified to fit my every whim.
  • Lucky's return is a little different than portrayed on the show.

Sham's Stories

Christy's Stories

Strangers on a Train Author: GemBlue89  

Scene Gallery 

FanFiction Authors are also published @Stolen Moments

A Damon and Elena Fiction  just tonight 
Author : Gwenhwyfar Rose, Delve Into My Mind

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Series, Sequels and Songs

 Elizabeth Webber in Obscure Attraction


My Immortal  
Series by kaydimz
This is present time, Jake is not dead, Aiden does not exist and well Elizabeth is still in therapy with a better shrink than Lainey. 

A 'What if' song fic to Janet Jackson's song 'If'. It starts after Elizabeth walked out on Jason in 2002.

This is the second part this picks up a couple of weeks later

 Rolling in the Deep


Author:  Inthemoment 

the comfort series

It started with a look--the look of utter devastation on Jason's face October 6, 1999. He was on the docks watching AJ show Michael the ELQ crane. Elizabeth found him there and they talked. My series goes on from there. Lucky has really died in the fire over the motorcyle shop and Elizabeth is trying to come to terms with that. Jason has just lost Michael to AJ and Carly has just slept with Sonny.

There are weddings and deaths, there's action and romance, various bad guys, some original characters and a dog. Of course, there's a whole lot of angst, too.

the not so lost series 

this starts when Carly was in the hospital with her head injury. Elizabeth and Ric are split up, she's slept with Zander.  Jason and Courtney have just split up. Jason and Elizabeth find their way back to friendship.


 Rating:  PG-13... part 3 may hint NC-17

::  I Need You Now (c) ::



It begins with a promise for forever….

The dress was perfect, the words were heartfelt, everyone was crying as the couple kissed. It was a long time coming Elizabeth Webber was marring her first love Lucky Spencer in the ballroom at Wyndemere. As the guests looked on they spoke of love and growing old together. That day everything was perfect there were no problems just love, happiness and the promise of forever.

What happens when forever ends....

Part 1

Tara and Eric.
»Author: jj82
 So wrong, it must be right
Rated: M - Chapters: 15

  Starting over  sequel to, So Wrong it must be right. When Eric loses his memory, will he lose Tara in the process? While Tara tries to help him, someone else tries to win her over.

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Page 2 Eric Northman Stories

    Eric Northman  and Godric  Stories

STORY SUMMARY: When a scientist approaches Eric and claims that he has unlocked the key to a formula that will vaccinate vampires from the ill-effects that sunlight brings upon them, Sookie is called upon to put her telepathy to the test to see if the man is genuine. Will he really be able to give the vampires the ability to walk through daylight unharmed? Or should this scientific avenue be left unexplored?

TIME LINE: This story is set sometime after book 4 rather then any episode of the show.    Generate Pdf

Tags:horror, vampires, true, vampire, science, blood, fangs, eric, southern, mysteries, sookie

by Sarah Prescott


Addicted To Love by BonTempsBaby