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Obscure Attraction is a sequel of sorts to The Path of Love" " and takes place after he walks away at the court house Liason's final scene.  You don't have to read it, but if you have, it will layer this story. Jason appears minutely in Obscure Attraction. These are the featured players in "The Path of Love" 

Sorry but this is "NOT" a Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber focused story. This is what I would have written for her after he goes back to forgive a woman that wanted his son dead.  As always, its loosely based on GH events just follow the story and I'll try to lead your way...As my stories are media heavy this is more of a quotes/music/picture/walk in the life of Elizabeth, Cameron, Camille and Jacob post Jason Morgan.  

All The World
I'll break you down
I'll take you down, down
Fill you with sadness
Make your life madness

I'm having a hard time
I'm making you do the hard time, too
I'm stuck in a bad way
And I'm gonna make you pay for it

Give me a mile
I'll take a hundred miles
Such a mistake
Sorry you made

I know you're here
I know you're gone
I never asked you to stay
I'm waking up baby, now tell me
Are you okay?

“It's one thing to fall in love,
But quite another to make it last.”
Astorre Gregorii Marcello

(A Thousand Caresses) 

Svegliati amore mio
Che la notte è già passata
Svegliati vieni qua fra le mie mani
Nasce il sole
Wake up my love
The night’s already over
Wake up come here in my arms
The sun is rising

Non pensare al passato
Quanta nebbia c’è là
Stringimi e parlami ancora
E vedrai si rivivrà
Don’t think of the past
All the mists that lie there
Hold me tight and talk to me again
And you’ll see we’ll live again
Legami con i capelli il cuore
Tu mia onda scendi dentro me
Stringimi che ormai noi siamo il mare
Questo brivido ti scioglierà
Bind my heart with your hair
You’re my wave breaking inside me
Hold me tight for now we are the
feel the thrill right through

Parlami, Abbraciami, Scivola,
Azzurra luna
Talk to me, Hold me, Glide,
 Blue moon

Foglie e il vento ci porta
Siamo ali verso il blu
Stringimi e lasciati andare
Il mio vento ora sei tu
Leaves and the wind carries
heading skywards 
Hug me and let yourself  go
Now, you are the wind

E le notti fuggono
Scivolo baciandoti
Mille lune mille onde
che attraversano il nostro mare
And the nights slip by
I glide kissing you
A thousand moons a thousand waves
that cross our sea
Legami con i capelli il cuore
Questo brivido ti scioglierà
Bind my heart with your hair
You’ll feel the thrill right through


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