Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Angst - What about us?

A distraught Jason goes through the blue doors. Elizabeth is aware of how much agony he'in but she is taken aback by "I just don't see how we can do this". A perplexed Elizabeth deciphers that Jason does not want to marry because he feels he can't keep her and the boys safe" Jason is defeated by the violence that he's surrounded himself by.

Elizabeth suggests moving away, another place, but Jason can't leave Carly and her son and Monica who rarely sees Michael over the years her only grandson shot and in the head he thinks of them..it seems he has always sacrificed his for hers even now he puts Carly's needs above the woman he loves and their son.

"Let me get this straight, you choose that way of life, the violence over me and the boys" Elizabeth retorts. Jason speaks of the choices he's made before he ever loved her.

A rarity, Elizabeth shouts back at Jason why is it always me?
"Because you have the most to lose" Elizabeth still not caving she offers why can't we meet at the safehouse, Jason says he will be there but for her to think of the situation Michael Corinthos is
in...a defeated Elizabeth who has always respected his wishes
reluctantly agrees.

"I've loved you longer than you've loved me, and I've tried really hard to stop, but I just can't. Even now"

Amidst this trying time for Elizabeth she continues to think of him and what she can do for him..."Is there anything I can do for you"

At the blue door he asks Elizabeth to pray for Michael and he leaves Elizabeth again.

Kiss after kiss after kiss their love story continues.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yes, say it again

"Will you marry me"

A long road towards this proposal, for a moment it was a happy time, but the phone calls are not good news while they are in exchanging words of love

A shot rang out aimed at mob lord Sonny Corinthos his son...Michael lies in a pool of blood...he has been shot
and Jason arrives at the hospital overwhelmed by profound disbelieve and is visably shattered over the child he raised for the first year of his life. Jason again is overwhelmed with grief unable to feel emotion because of a brain injury...he seems confused and unable to handle the duality of these conflicting emotions...his brain only works on and off. Right now he appears to be off and unable to deal with happiness one moment and sadness simultaneously. Jason Morgan is again in a pain he can not really feel.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Their love story unfolds "Out of the box"

Elizabeth Webber pleasantly surprises Jason Morgan upon his return
from more hand surgery in Seattle. The surgery went well, the prognosis looks good no permanent damage. Unable to contain themselves they

It seems situations has presented Elizabeth with food for thought she has been pondering this sacrifice she has asked of Jason Morgan..She is in love with him but has to stay away from him for safety. She speaks with Dr. Robin Scorpio they are growing closer and Robin explains her time with Jason as his lover and friend...she also confides to Elizabeth of her time growing up in danger; her parents are spies and are and has always been in constant danger but she only remembers the love. Jason speaks his point of view to Spinelli the young man he has taken under his wing he has turned into more, a confidante, a close friend which is unusal for Jason to speak his feelings he is a closed man of few words.

While at PH#2, Elizabeth is interrupted by a phone call goes to the hospital and has to parlay her discussion with Jason even further...she arrives for an emergency. A little boy in a bike accident. She observes the father and evolves more into the realization that she can no longer accept the sacrifice she has asked the father of her son to make....

she returns to PH2, twice in one day, to tell Jason Morgan she can no longer lie to her children, the world and herself. With her heart on her sleeve she tells him again, "I am in love with you' and want to be with you." He ask if she is sure; Elizabeth stands firm. Nothing is perfect she's had enough she doesn't backstroke, no more unrequited love. She wants him to part of his son life. She wants him to raise his son.

She ask if he still wants a life with her..and

again he says the words she longs to hear
"That is all, that is all I want. I want a life with you and I want a family, with you."

On the other side of town, at the docks in his warehouse, mob kingpin Michael 'Sonny' Corinthos takes his girlfriend Kate along with his son
Michael Corinthos, Jr. to his coffee import business so Michael can see first hand that he is a coffee importer.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Elizabeth Laments

Jason deep in the throes of mob business trying to avoid a mob war within the five major families and in comfort mode to Michael Corinthos who has returned and his mother because she has miscarried. Elizabeth goes on with her daily life. She has speaks with Dr.Robin Scorpio on motherhood its pitfalls....Robin speaks of Jason Morgan, she who was his early love understands him perhaps more than anyone in the years after the accident that claimed Jason Quartermaine.

Robin and Elizabeth are and have always been on friendly terms; they seem to be increasingly friendlier and have kicked back shots of tequila on their "girls night out" junkets...since Robin is pregnant there will not be another for some time to come.

Elizabeth ask Robin to watch over her children for a moment and when she returns she confides to Robin that she wants it all and is that so wrong of her....

Later on Elizabeth visits Dr. Monica Quartermaine just released and on trial for the HnR. Mob lawyer Diane Miller is her attorney who was hired by Jason Morgan. Monica and Jason' relationship has taken a tremendous blow due to the death of his sister Dr. Emily Quartermaine. Things are not the same.

Monica speaks of Emily and that she thought Elizabeth was her; Elizabeth speaks of what Emily would want of her after their embrace these two women strike another bond...Monica is not aware that Jake is her grandson. Jason feels this will help bring her joy but Elizabeth is reluctant to let anyone else know of Jake....the more who know of this secret...the more dangerous it will become.