Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Stay With Me, Don't Stop"

Elizabeth Webber and Jason Morgan are becoming increasingly frustrated with the secret arrangement to share their love....After Jason heart wrenchingly divulge that he misses Elizabeth and Jake all the time...he thinks of what they are doing and wants to hold her be with them....Elizabeth still reeling from her unexpected visit from Jason's meddlesome ex-lover from over a decade ago...where she threatened to file for custody in behalf of Jason after learning of Jakes secret paternity from his recent ex-lover..Elizabeth wonders "Are you going to take Jake?" Jason doesn't know about this threat and wears his heart on his sleeve this night and tells Elizabeth how he feels and exactly what he wants...he seems to be waiting to hear something from her. He doesn't, Elizabeth although previously follows what they agreed upon...she says in heart she wants nothing more but her head tells her they made the right decision...she acknowledges the toll it has taken on Jason.

After staring at his beautiful little boy's picture, who has gotten deep into his heart a reflective gut wrenching moment it is clear where he wants to be.

Jason has a visit from his bosses new girlfriend. During their visit Carly who threatened Jake's custody to Elizabeth, barges in his office and immediately confronts her ex-husband's girlfriend, on several matters regarding her time spent with a missing Sonny Corinthos....during this confrontation an increasingly impatient Jason listens to her beratement ...After Kate leaves, Jason, uncharacteristically let's her have it lashing out in full force explaining his intepretation of her interference in other's lives including her obsession with Jacob. A displeased Jason Morgan tells her in no uncertain terms where he stands with her meddling, during this Jason says Me, Elizabeth, and Jake. She leaves in tears.

Jason visits the hospital he speaks with nurse Epiphany Johnson to learn Elizabeth is not fairing well she's recuperated however she is restless and can't sleep, besides that she is yearning to be with him

Elizabeth has dreams of the fire feeling she put Jake at risk she should have known better when Cam was playing with matches. Elizabeth unable to rest dreams of the fire she feels it is her fault she drifts off. Upon awakenig she finds a note with sketching supplies w/a note "Don't stop"

She smiles.

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