Friday, October 31, 2008

PreEmptive Strike and the Path Chosen

A knock shakes Jason from his mantle looking at his nephew's photograph; he opens his door to Bernie who akcknowledges his state, "it looks as if you haven't slept all night." Jason recounts the events that put him in a situation exactly like his nephews with a child in the middle of his hit on Karpove.

He heeds the warning that in the long run not immediately dealing with Karpove may come back to haunt him. Bernie explains Karpove's pattern of taking out his competition. That it may only be a matter of time....Bernie advises him to make his move before Karpove gets a stronghold in Port Charles. Jason and Bernie goes back and forth he reminds him that "this is what Sonny would do"...Jason feels he can't establish himself as he did in Europe because he's not in the same position. Bernie reveals his findings on Karpove and urges Jason to strike because its only a matter of time before he gets in a position to take him down. It should be now because Karpove will start a civil war and its up to Jason to protect his syndicate.

Across town, Elizabeth follows up on the wounds of the woman who vowed her destruction, stalked her with her children and endangered them with thugs. She finds herself in the position of offering relationship advice...In the end, her ex asks her to stick around to be sure her patient stays put. She does and is thanked for her help, yet again. Elizabeth again champions Lucky because that is how she is, even to a sworn enemy who is now grateful of her awesome medical attention.

Back at Jason's Penthouse, Cody Paul answers a summons to begin a new assignment using his special skills to shadow Karpove and inform him of all his findings especially when he is most vulnerable.

Another knock interrupts them and brings in Karpove's attorney who states her client's case regarding his first expansion in the United States. Jason responds by asking why the big push since she is only repeating what he's already been told by Karpove.

She goes on about their truce that they can co-exist. Karpove is avoiding tension, especially after his defunct association with Sonny Corinthos. Jason repeats his position quickly, leave me alone, there won't be a problem.

He excuses himself turns his back to answer a call he learns his last two shipments arrived and that he needs to meet personally with his partners. Sasha believes they can mutually benefit each other outside of Karpove's expansion.

He turns around, she offers him a drink then removes her Russian red blouse.

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