Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ruthless "I Will Protect what is mine"

But its all over her face,
not being with him, missing his touch, their words, "As soon as we get close something happens to tear us apart and you go away. I am in this life without you in it and its killing me."

What is she to do with this love? She asks not to make her love him even more when she can't be with him. She implores, "Don't do this." Elizabeth will do whatever he asks of her. So she continues her life without him in it, with her children, his son. As he without her.

Elizabeth visits her best friend Prince Nikolas Cassadine they speak of his beloved Emily. He has not fully accepted her murder and stuggles to find life without her. From the Black and White Ball, till now, Nikolas is not fairing well. His recovery from a life threatening brain tumor still he is not at peace. He can no longer envision her; he now misses her, even moreso. Once it was removed, he could on longer hallucinate her presence.

Eizabeth misses her too, her best friend gone. Jason gone. They speak of how to cope with their tremendous loss. She offers him a solace she can not find for herself.

Across town, in his office, Jason finds himself knee deep in the mob business. Sonny issues orders; Jason retorts. "I am in charge." Sonny dealing with his diminished power; as he watches on the sidelines as Jason becomes more powerful. Jason defends his protege Spinelli after Sonny antagonizes him. Sonny Corinthos continues his verbal attacks. Jason stone faced says time and time again, "this is what your wanted."

Jason visited his mother, who begged him to release hisself of all that is mobster in his life. He tells her he is head of one of the most important crime families in the country. Monica Quartermaine is devastated and not pleased until flashing her brilliant mind she assumes somewhat correctly the why of it all. He is doing everything to keep Sonny's life safe, in a word Morgan her grandson. Monica does not know about Jacob Martin.

He has killed Ian Develin and has delivered a personal retaliation to Anthony Zacchara. Elizabeth has yet to realize she is in love with a lethal mob lord.

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